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  1. E

    My experience on my 2023 MY RWD (Australia, Giga Shanghai)

    Hi Everyone, Sharing my experience a few weeks in after the delivery of MY RWD with EAP . This is more for those who are lurking to get one like I was sometimes ago. I feel that a lot of concerns I had in the past was over exaggerated, due to an overwhelming information out there. So here I am...
  2. Mjezzi

    Review: Hankook iON evo AS vs Pirelli AS+ Elect vs Michelin PS 4S vs Michelin PS AS 4

    I tested all these tires back to back on either a Tesla Model 3 or Y. I have both a Model 3 and a Model Y (wife’s). My goal was to have a great handling tire (makes me happy) that can handle the occasional snow, is quiet, and has good range. For context, I have the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S...
  3. R

    Model Y Review by a Hater

    Only partly clickbait. I wouldn’t say I’m a hater but pretty cynical and hard to please. This could also be read as uncompromising or a refusal to lower my standards. Either way, I think I’m a pretty fair person. So here’s my review of my first month of Model Y/LR ownership. I’m coming from...
  4. RNHurt

    Just installed Cross Climate 2

    My 2020 MY just got it's first new set of tires; 20" Cross Climate 2. So far, I like them. I don't do a lot of highway miles and I work from home and don't have a set route that I take every day, so I'll probably never know if they affect my range at all. Most days I never get below 60%...
  5. Skyeforge

    Model Y Performance ownership after a year top 5

    Hi fam, been a bit. This forum was so helpful while I was ordering and waiting for my MYP and I want to continue to return the favor to new and would be new owners. As such, I've made a full video on my top 5 good, bad and ugly after owning my MYP for a year. It hasn't been perfect, there's more...
  6. refusedmd

    1 week review (M3LR).

    I wanted to give a brief review of my 1 week experience. for context, i have come from driving audis exclusively for ~20 years and i tend to keep them for a long time. 2000 audi s4 2.7L twin turbo (retired after 180k) 2010 audi q5 s-line premium plus 3.2L (retired after 180k) 2012 audi q5...
  7. AutomaticMan

    New M3 LR owner - what has surprised me so far

    Thought I'd post some impressions of my first week and a bit of Tesla M3 LR ownership, particularly some of the things I've been surprised by. This will include both good surprises and not so good surprises. Therefore, I want to give the bottom line up front - I bloomin' love this car!! 😍 I know...
  8. P

    Model S Plaid MSM Journal

    Hey guys, I figured I would start a thread to document my journey with this insane speed demon. I’ve had the car for 2 days now. So I was set on the LR version, but after some discussion and thinking I decided to go for the Plaid. It’s a lot of money for a mere 1 second, but frankly I just...
  9. D

    My 1 week review with the M3LR, compared to the BMW M135i

    So I’ve had my Model 3 LR for a week now and I’ve done a few miles in it, so I thought I'd share my initial thoughts compared to my F40 BMW M135i that I part-ex’d. Just to note, this is the first Tesla I've ever owned. So yeah, those are my early thoughts on the car. Will see how I get on...
  10. T

    Wow! A nice review of the Model Y in a Canadian newpaper (Globe and Mail)

    Unusual these days to see a positive review of a Tesla from the G&M. Taking the new Tesla Model Y SUV for a spin on Turo Nice to see it, although I'm expecting some harsh comments forthcoming given the general attitude of the commenters.
  11. Zeronet

    Model 3 2019 reviews

    Tesla Model 3 – 2 years experience I purchased a 2019 Tesla Model 3 with All Wheel Drive, Long Range Battery, and the Enhanced Autopilot in August of 2019. I sometimes read of Tesla problems, fixes, complaints, geeky tech stuff, and TSLA stock on the Tesla Motor Club weekly posts. I thought...
  12. dfwatt

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Review – At 2 Years and Counting! Are We Two Years into a Revolution?

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Review – At 2 Years and Counting! Are We Two Years into a Revolution? It's hard to believe that it's been a full two years since we plunked down what seemed like just a staggering chunk of money for the first of our two Performance dual motor Model 3s in July of 2018...
  13. DanCar

    Strong positive review of Model Y and Tesla from Edmunds

    We've come along ways in the EV industry. Just a few years ago, these guys were more likely to pooh pooh EVs.
  14. M

    Taptes Roof Rack Review

    Hi all: Saw a previous thread on slow or shady experiences with Taptes. With my new account here I can't reply there so I figured I'd put together of my newly received Taptes Roof Rack. Will follow up as I hear more from Taptes. Summary: ✧✧✧✧✧ 0 Stars! I've been looking for a roof rack I can...
  15. D

    TapTes Leather Seat Covers - Experience

    Did a lot of research on these before placing the order yesterday and there were not too many posts or pictures showing and reviewing the seat covers, other than from users who were banned. Creating this as a real user review for anyone who would like to understand if buying a used Tesla with...
  16. J

    Costa Mesa Service Center SoCal Review

    SO DISAPPOINTED! Let me start off by saying I am a Tesla fan. I was one of the first to reserve a Model 3, I have Tesla Solar and a Powerwall, and I have accepted all the bugs and build quality issues of my Model 3 as long as Tesla is willing to fix them. Bringing my car into Tesla Service...
  17. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Model 3 Reviewed As ‘Coolest Car of 2017’

    Automotive journalist Doug DeMuro, who attracts millions to his auto reviews on YouTube, has posted a thorough overview of the Tesla Model 3. He says the Model 3 is “the coolest car of the year.” Among the observations in DeMuro’s column on the Model 3: Acceleration – DeMuro drove the...
  18. L

    Is Autopilot Safe?

    Yesterday's edition of the Wall Street Journal said that automatic braking systems may be dangerous because they may apply brakes when there is no evidence of danger. In other cases, automatic brakes don't stop when there is danger. My SO agrees. She never uses Autopilot because of numerous...
  19. Kwang0429

    Unplugged Performance Customer Service.

    I am one of the first 2000 model 3 owners and when I first got my ride, I knew that I want to lower the ride, soon after I found the moderate spring from unplugged performance and without any hesitation, I placed an order and soon had it installed. it has been a year on the new spring...
  20. S

    Sandy Munro is at it again saying how great Model 3 is

    Saw this Teslarati article tonight on Sandy Munro and Mark Ellis' (Munro & Associates) Model 3 motor review and it's comparison to the Chevy Bolt, BMW i3 and Jaguar I-Pace. The report is not released yet but quite the glowing summary of it so far, at least as far as the Model 3 goes. Apparently...
  21. S

    John McElroy (Autoline) borrows a Model 3 for a week -- 4/27/19 video

    So John McElroy from Autoline (where Sandy Munro has appeared a number of times) borrowed a friend's 12/2018 Model 3 for a week while he was on vacation. Short video (about 11 min.) Examines the fit and finish, interior comfort, and uses AutoPilot on the road. The car software version the car is...
  22. ICE2EVGuy

    Model 3 - The Amazing, the not-so-amazing and the ugly!

    I have read countless Model 3 reviews with similar details, so I will try to make this as distinct as possible! Background I am coming from a Mercedes CLA 250 that I drove for 5.5 years/ 67k miles. My wife drives a 2017 Mazda 3 - which we both like for the incredible value for money it is! We...
  23. S

    A very long and picky Model 3 review [from 2018, of a 2018 Model 3]

    The feeling waiting for my Model 3 to be delivered is hard to explain. I was excited to receive my first new car, much less a Tesla, but also a little nervous. With only an EV to get around, a lifestyle change was required. So with a mixture of trepidation and sheer joy, I read and watched...
  24. F

    Review of RWD M3 and Delivery today in Fremont

    After reading and learning a ton from this forum, I told myself I'd write a review regardless of how today's delivery went. I.e. I wanted to de-bias my review and not only write one if something bad happened. Delivery TLDR: Delivery went well, with a couple minor items, but was easy and fun...
  25. P

    New Ownership Impressions and Advice

    I love the car, it's faster than expected. Solidly built. Intuitive, if you play with the menu screen while it's parked first. Definitely needs a home charging station installed (at least a 240V plug). Here's a detailed review after picking up the 2018 Model 3, and the first 300 miles driven...
  26. D

    TM3 falls short of CR recommendations due to worst emergency braking

    Tesla Model 3 Falls Short of a CR Recommendation
  27. R

    My Delivery and Initial Performance Thoughts

    I got a lot of info from these forums and I felt I should share my experience w/ the M3. Delivery Sign up: 3/31/16? - line waiter first day Config: 4/15 ISA / VIN: 5/11 Delivery: 5/19 Location: San Diego Black Premium Long Range ISA experience - The guy was nice, but I did not get the final...
  28. nvx1977

    Model 3 impressions continued....

    I picked up my Model 3 a week ago and shared my first impressions here: Model 3 - 1st impressions (for real this time) Now a week later, I've put on another 300 miles and had a chance to familiarize myself with the car in some other ways. I've also been able to test out Enhanced AutoPilot...
  29. Kenriko

    Tesla Model 3 Review | Part One | Driving Performance

    TLDW 1) Yes! 20in Turbines 2) 5.1s 0-60 is conservative, lighter wheels and better tires can improve this. 3) The stock all-season tires perform as you would expect from all-season tires. Understeer bias. UHP tires are an improvement for warm weather driving and balance the performance of the...
  30. nvx1977

    Model 3 - 1st impressions (for real this time)

    There's no such thing as a perfect car, but hands down this is the best car I've ever driven. Sorry this is kinda long. It comes with the good and the bad, but for me, it's mostly good. I'll start out with some common usability gripes. Wiper Operation Coming from a Model S, I couldn't see...
  31. P

    Model S Review

    Just posted a new Model S video!! Please let me know what you think of it! Thanks!
  32. Haxster

    This Guy Loves his Model S

    Celebrity Drive: Drew Scott of HGTV’s “Property Brothers” http://www.motortrend.com/news/celebrity-drive-drew-scott-hgtv-property-brothers/?wc_mid=4035:10846&wc_rid=4035:1683826&_wcsid=492BBCBD268EF74C126522EAB2C8C7A92E3F8FD0E6A20BD5
  33. RayK

    Tesla Model 3 Renter's Review - Jan 2018

    I am a Model 3 reservation holder (online 3/31/16). I live in San Jose, CA and neither work for Tesla or already own one. So basically the only thing going for me to get one ASAP is that I'm local to the factory. I recently had the chance to sit inside one at the Stanford Shopping Center in...
  34. mrdoubleb

    End of March meet-up in Miam or Orlando?

    Any of you living in the Miami or Orlando area and expecting delivery by end of March: would you mind helping a small EV site do a quick review of your car? Besides being a TMC member and posting here since 2013, I've recently started contributing to a local (Hungarian) EV enthusiast site. I`d...
  35. S

    Andrew Collins (Jalopnik) drives and reviews Model 3 -- I see his Grin

    OK so the other day Andrew Collins posted a request to anyone with a Model 3 to loan it to him to drive and review their car for Jalopnik and offered the person a lunch for their troubles to anyone who stepped up. Well he got his chance already and posted his video/review thanks to Mason McLead...
  36. EV-Tech Exp

    A review of Tesla's battery technology

    I'm currently creating a video series to review Tesla's battery technology in detail; the first video is all about the cell and it's format, size and chemistry. I've been lurking on these boards for some time but thought it was about time I signed up, starting posting and hopefully this...
  37. kgroschi

    Petrolhead's Owners review of the Model S - Autobahn included

    Hi guys, some of you might now that I have a YouTube channel and occaisonally get to test cars. This time I made a video about my own car the 2016 Model S. I am a true petrolhead, love (good) ICEs, but definitely like the Tesla very much as well as you can see in my video.
  38. FredTMC

    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    WSJ is reporting tonight... To be revealed Monday at NAIAS. WSJ: GM to release the $30,000 Chevy Bolt electric vehicle in 2017 finally, the auto industry will produce a competitor to tesla and Model 3!
  39. B

    Destination Charger review – The Inn at Pamlico Sound (Outer Banks)

    Disclaimer: I don’t have a Tesla yet, but have a couple of Model 3 reservations and read quite a bit. This is the only destination charger on the island. Charger was sent to them by Tesla They have a nice Café. A bit spending but very good. Nice landscaping – They grow a good deal of...
  40. Alketi

    Idiot reviews 270mile P90DL, heroically runs it dead in 117 miles ...

    ... with family watching. Pardon the title. :) So, if anyone uses Yahoo Quotes to look at TSLA and also reads the news section, you know that Business Insider comes up frequently in the articles list. And, you also know that Matthew DeBord happens to be the Business Insider transportation...
  41. S

    Integrated Console Review/Comparison

    So way back when for Tesla #1 in 2014, I recall filling out my customer satisfaction survey and lamenting the fact that the Tesla had this gaping opening between the front seats. Anything you put there would shoot forward and backward like professional hockey players on freshly zambonied ice...
  42. C

    My thoughts on Ultra High Fidelity Sound

    After driving my S70D for a few days, I think I finally have enough experience to talk about the UHF sound package. It was one of the hardest decisions I had during my MS ordering process, and I hope this information helps someone pondering this in the future... First of all: That German...
  43. D

    Key fob case?

    I picked up my X on Tuesday! I'll give my initial impressions below, but first, the point of this post: I understand the key fob for the X is slightly different than the S. I want to get some kind of case or holder to protect it - but I've searched all over online and can only find a case or...
  44. Yukan

    The Superchargers Review

    Hi All, For those of you who live or travel through the Netherlands, I have made a short review of the Tesla Superchargers and facilities near by. Hope this information would be helpful. Here is the link: Charger Review
  45. Haxster

    Another Audio System Review

    One of the few benefits of crossing the half century mark on your biodometer is that you can save money on high-end sound systems. Elderly ears just can't get those high frequencies anymore, and your bio-signal processing just doesn't seem to work as well as when you were in your 20s. (For...
  46. omarsultan

    Experience with Ultra High Fidelity Sound

    So, I finally got a chance to do some critical listening to the UHFS upgrade in our MX, so I thought I would share some thoughts. Background: I am an audio-enthusiast (never liked the term audiophile). My main audio rig is an Spectral/Avalon Acoustics set-up, which is sadly crated in the...
  47. A

    My Tesla CPO Buying Experience

    This forum was incredibly helpful in helping me decide to go with a Tesla CPO. I wanted to detail my experience so others could learn from it. I have previously bought BMW and Audi CPO’s so that is my reference point in this review. I also am coming from driving a 2013 Nissan LEAF for the past...
  48. DITB

    Tesla Owner and EV enthusiast tries out BMW i3 for 4 days

    In the Hong Kong Drive Electric week 2015 final event at Tamarind, I won third prize. This gave me the possibility to choose the prize of testing a BMW i3 for a weekend. Since it turned out to be Thursday to Monday, it was 4 days of testing, just over 300 km. Two adults and two kids under 2...
  49. R

    One month review and some pics

    It’s been almost a month that I took delivery of my red 70D. It’s an exceptional car and exceeds all my expectations. I am kicking myself for not jumping into it a lot earlier. So to all those folks waiting, do take the plunge and you will not regret it one bit. This is the costliest car I have...
  50. Lump

    Car & Driver hates Trip Planner

    We've been saying it more months! Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tesla Model S P85D Road Trip – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

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