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  1. airborne spoon

    RHD in USA

    So i said years ago if I ever buy a new car it will be RHD because its more fun to drive a RHD car in a LHD country. I've had my 14 P85D for a few years now and was thinking maybe i can get a new S custom made and i reached out to the tesla chat people who were excessively less than helpful...
  2. AlternateFlux

    Vendor Luxury RHD Floor Mats - Second batch now being produced!

    Hi All, You may know me by my previous username of @PistonsDead. In my previous life a quest for a premium set of right-hand-drive floor mats for my SR+ resulted in me producing my own and then a few sets for members of this forum. That foray into floor mat manufacturing has now turned into...
  3. drewpost

    Model 3 - Upgrade to FSD AFTER Purchase

    Has anyone in a Model 3 who did not buy FSD at the point of purchase been able to upgrade after the fact? I asked in a Service Centre and they said that it's initiated from your Tesla account online however I do not have any option to do this (or even see the price of doing this). They are...
  4. S

    UK Model 3 Delivery Issues

    Hi all, Just reviewing my delivery checklist for when i get my car (hopefully in August) and wanted to know if any of the folks who received their Model 3 in June had any delivery issues with the first round of the RHD Model 3's?
  5. B

    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    Moderator comment - for 2021 facelift vehicles, see UK 2021 Refresh RHD Model 3 Accessories [megathread] Like (probably) all of you, I've been watching every Tesla 3 video out there, including wraps, accessories, chargers... anyway, there are some great bits out there. But... the RHD market is...
  6. B

    SR+ UK Owners - Anyone received theirs?

    Yesterday I placed an order for a SR+ (non reservation holder), and wondering if anyone here has done the same and received theirs? Are there any SR+'s in the UK yet? Delivery estimate says August, but on the phone they said September.
  7. E

    My first Model 3 SR+ LHD

    Hi guys! I am from Macau and new to the Tesla family, and I am looking forward and exciting for my model 3. I have my order agreement on 6/11, and the car status turned to “prepare for delivery” and no further update. However, the “edit design” is still here today and I am worry about if the...
  8. N

    New VIN Registrations Reveal RHD Model 3 Is Coming

    New VIN Registrations Reveal That The RHD Tesla Model 3 Is Coming! | CleanTechnica
  9. carinalarsen76

    Vendor Carina's Teslatray for S/X

    Hi, I'm a new vendor here at TMC, but my product isn't new. I make drawers for the cubby shelf by hand and my Teslatray is the original from 2015. Over the years I have handmade over 1000 trays for customers in 27 countries. I make both LHD and RHD versions. Many of you here at TMC have my...
  10. B

    UK Reservations - Wait time?

    Hi all, Seeing that there seem to be a lot of US orders being delivered with no reservation - within a month (please keep me honest if I’m wrong!)... what do we think the realistic delivery date will be for the UK? Conscious Top Gear mentioned a “2 year wait” recently - yet my delivery...
  11. raynewman

    Problem with RHD accelerator position.

    In the Right Hand Drive Model S there is a hard piece of trim next to the accelerator (see photo). When one floors the accelerator wearing shoes with an "edge", that edge will get stuck under the trim (see photo 2). and one will head for the horizon at a great speed - BEWARE!