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ride height

  1. J

    Suspension Settings

    Im a new model x owner. I was curious about which setting is best for the most comfortable ride--Comfort or Advanced (with driving dynamics and handling set to soft). I really can't tell the difference
  2. DC813

    Larger tires to fill gap without lowering the car? 2022 M3P - Vossens HF-2

    As the title says, I want to reuse my Vossen wheels without lowering the car but want larger ties to fill the gap... I'm TERRIBLE with tire size calculations. I had the below setup on my 2020 stealth and had all KINDS of suspension issues when I lowered the car. Now, I have a 2022 MP3 and I...
  3. S

    2021-2022 Model S Plaid/refresh ride heights with different rims/tires

    Looking to see if I can get some other opinions on the matter. I currently have 19" rims and tires and I'm wondering what's the ride height of the 21" arachnids. Very-high 30" top of wheel well 7 1/2 Front lip High 29 1/2" top of wheel well 7 Front lip Medium 28 1/2" top of wheel well 6 3/4...
  4. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP 1.75″ Model Y Suspension Lift Kit

    Increase your Tesla Model Y’s ground clearance 1.75″ increase in ground clearance to clear snow, speedbumps, rough terrain, steep driveways etc. Compatible with all models, including cars equipped with lowering springs or coilovers. CNC Aluminum Spacers anodized to resist the elements and look...
  5. B

    Model 3 road noise - AWD vs. P3 - Owners Thoughts & Comparisons

    I have had my 18" aero P3- for a week now. The biggest thing I researched prior to buying was about the cabin experience - noise and ride quality etc. especially on motorways/long journeys. I originally ordered the 20" P3+ but after a 10 minute test drive I ultimately decided to change to an...
  6. M3noob

    Lift kit experience?

    My finca in Catalonia has an unpaved road access. I'm considering using a lift kit for my Model 3 to get more safety margin. How much range am I going to lose exposing 1.75 additional tyre frontal area and letting more air under the car? As I may be driving from the UK this could be a...
  7. S

    Raising model 3 performance to model 3 AWD height?

    I'm loving my new 3p, except it's too low. I was visiting a park and heard a sickening thump as I went over a speed bump at 2 mph or so. Seems like the extra 10-15 mm would really help clearing curbs when parking, handling speed bumps, and handling steep up/down for driveways and the like...
  8. S

    Suspension Height - P3D vs. P3D+ vs. RWD

    I received my P3D without performance package at the end of July. When parked next to RWD cars at the delivery center, it was pretty obvious that my car was lowered slightly (when I ordered it, the performance upgrade package did not list lowered suspension as an upgrade). I'd be curious what...
  9. Padelford

    Location-Based Suspension Doesn’t Work?

    I’ve had a problem lately with location-based suspension forgetting to change. My MX is in the shop, so I tried the feature on my loaner MS, and it didn’t work as well. I called the Tesla national number this evening, and they reset a location database in the MS. Afterward, the vehicle...