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rim protection

  1. Teslaunch

    Vendor 🥳🥳GIVEAWAY! Teslaunch New Product Drop: Join Our Test Program

    Hi Tesla enthusiasts, How's everyone doing? 👋 We've got some exciting news to share! We are here to introduce our latest product: Rim Protector For Tesla Model Y 🚗💨. This product is meticulously designed to provide top-notch protection for your Tesla Wheel Rims.🛡👍 To celebrate these new...
  2. Sizzlr

    Essential (and not so essential) Model Y Exterior Accessories

    Greeting, fam. Went all in on upgrades to my 3 month old Model Y, with rim protectors, mudflaps, and Tesla logo puddle lights! Watch this video...
  3. L

    Scratched my new X front rim :(

    I scratched my X front driver wheel rim to the parking curb pretty bad :(. I just got the car for less then a week. Would Tesla service center fix it? What’s the best way to repair and roughly how much in the Bay Area CA USA? How can I protect the Rims to prevent this in the future? Thanks
  4. R

    Wheel Bands - these are the same, correct?

    EVANNEX sells wheel bands. Amazon has a product called Wheel Bands. People on ebay have products called wheel bands. They all look similar but not 100% sure they are all from the same manufacturer. Especially the ones from EVANNEX and Amazon. The one clue I got that they are probably the same is...
  5. T

    Vendor AlloyGators now available thru First Impression Premier Auto Detail

    At First Impression Premier Auto Detail we only offer the very best services and products to our customers. We offer products that work and not just for style. AlloyGator is one of those products. Protect your wheels from curb damage. Give us a call today to schedule in your car or if you wish...
  6. H

    Red "Rimblade" rim protectors on Multicoat Red 19" wheels (w/ photo)

    After several wheel rim scraps on my 19" right rear wheel, I decided I better do something before I mess up any more rims. (I wish I could blame it on my wife, but I'm sure I did it.) I did some research and came up with two options: Alloy Gators and Rimblades. I decided on Rimblades because 1)...