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  1. Vorsteiner

    Vendor Official Vorsteiner Wheels Tesla Model X Wheel Thread

    Vorsteiner’s stunning Flow Forged Wheels are meticulously crafted and add a unique touch that can truly transform the overall appearance of your Tesla. No detail is too small to perfect. Perfection Redefined is something that can be found in every aspect of Vorsetiner. The Vorsteiner Flow...
  2. B

    1x 19” MY Gemini wheel & tire. Anyone offering?

    Well, my family’s brand spanking new MYLR caught the worst case of curb rash I have ever seen, on the passenger side rear today. The curb (if that’s what it was) took a small piece out of the rim, and tire sidewall is peeling… literally about a 2x2” flap of rubber is hanging from the side of...
  3. 4

    Model 3 Performance Rims

    With the price drop today. I’m think of going with a M3P. But the pot holes in my area would make the 20” rims almost impossible based on what I’ve read on here. I was looking at 18” Martian Rims. Would the service center mount the tires for me on delivery if I had them with me? If not, would...
  4. U

    Looking to swap my 19" inch geminis for inductions or uberturbines

    Can add cash on top. No shipping so if anyone in the Seattle area is interested let me know.
  5. B

    FS: OEM Tesla Model 3 19” Sport Wheels.

    Are you tired of rolling around on those boring 18" aero wheels? Why not treat yourself to a set of genuine 19" Tesla Model 3 Sport wheels? These wheels are in excellent shape with only one wheel having minor curb rash (see wheel #4 in photos). No cracks or bends of any kind. I prefer to sell...
  6. M

    Tesla Model 3 20 Inch Performance Wheels Silver 1044227-00-D (TWO Included)

    Hi, This listing includes two Model 3 factory 20 inch silver performance wheels. The front face of both the wheels is in excellent condition and is free of any curb rash or any other major scratches or damages. The back rim of both the wheels are bent due to road potholes. Please note that...
  7. A

    I have

    i Have a 2013 Tesla Model S my tire size is 245/45/19 . I am looking to add some new rims and tires on my car. Do you know which tires and rims can fit on my car? I heard that 21 inch rims can fit.
  8. L

    Scratched my new X front rim :(

    I scratched my X front driver wheel rim to the parking curb pretty bad :(. I just got the car for less then a week. Would Tesla service center fix it? What’s the best way to repair and roughly how much in the Bay Area CA USA? How can I protect the Rims to prevent this in the future? Thanks
  9. I

    Scratched a rim, what should I do?

    Scratched front right rim while parking. I might be overthinking but am just wondering: 1. Is it possible that the suspension or some joints got damaged of misaligned? 2. Do I need to have the service do some checks or an alignment? 3. Do I need to repair this rim, and is the rim repair only...
  10. googleiscoul

    Silver Arachnid Wheels

    (Northern VA Area) Used for about 500 miles and have been laying in my garage since - one of the tires will need to be replaced as there is a slow leak. Will post pics once I get a chance to give them a wash. $3500 OBO (I believe these only fit the model S) (I am not considering shipping as of now)
  11. Vustadumas

    Anyone with late '21 early '22 get your spoiler yet?

    Heya! So I'm pushing 6 months now since delivery, and every few weeks, I'm told the same thing about my spoiler. Parts aren't in stock yet. I'm seeing a lot of newly minted MYP's on the road, and they have the spoiler again, so the production is rolling. I'm a bit put off that they keep...
  12. J

    Powder Coating 19 inch sport wheels

    Hello, i am looking for a place to powder coat my Model 3 OE 19” Sports wheel. I would love if you could recommend shop in Vancouver, BC who I can trust on the work (chemical strip, sand blasting, repair, powder coat). Also, l would appreciate if you could recommend a powder coat color code that...
  13. I

    WTB: 19” Rim for 2015 Model S

    My wife hit a doozy of a pothole here in MA and severely bent one of the rims on my 2015 Model S 85D. I attached a picture of it (not sure the style name of this). Anyone willing to sell just one rim to MA? Many thanks!
  14. P

    Slipstream Model X or S rear wheels

    Two 20" TESLA MODEL X 2016 2017 2018 2019 REAR OEM OE Factory Wheel Rim 102724500A. Silver Slipstream. Also fits the Model S if you want the staggered look on with your factory 19”. Got photos of how it looks. No tires and no TPMS. No curb rash. Actual photos of what you are buying. Local pick...
  15. nixnexus

    3-Piece Wheels for Model X

    AL13 Wheels for Model X (22” Staggered) DT007 Model (discontinued) 3-piece construction (hidden hardware option). Directional wheels (wheels are specific to each corner). Black metallic chrome-look lip, gloss anthracite grey centers. Includes center caps, tpms sensors, and lug nuts. Front...
  16. C

    2020 Tesla Model X Cracked/Bent Front Left 22” Wheel

    The New Jersey Turnpike has struck yet again! Pothole bent & cracked my wheel. The car automatically recorded the event and luckily continued on with no issues until complete replacement. I may get it welded and add an old tire to keep (or sell?) as a spare.
  17. F

    Trade 19" Gemini Wheels for 20" Induction or 21" Uberturbine - SF Bay Area

    Just got my Model Y last week with Gemini wheels (300 miles on car and tires). Checking to see if there's any interest in a trading my 19" Gemini wheels/tires + cash for 20" Induction Wheels/tires or 21" Uberturbine Wheels/tires? If someone got new wheels and wants a spare set for snow or...
  18. E

    WTB: Model 3 Aero Wheels

    Looking for a set of 18" Wheels for a 2018 Model 3. Open to just rims or rims + tires (if they are in good shape). My current tires were worn out and I put on winter tires, so looking to assemble a new set to run for summer. Possibly open to 19's, but like the efficiency, ride, and price of...
  19. dmj080

    Trade 21” Uberturbine for 20” Inductions or 19” Gemini in SF Bay Area

    Finally, got my 20” Martian MW03s yesterday, and I’m looking to trade my 21” Uberturbines. Anyone is the SF Bay Area looking to change the look of their AWD DM and swap their 19” Geminis or 20” Inductions, let me know. Uberturbines have about 2K miles on them. Located in Daly City.
  20. L

    New Model 3 19" OEM RIMs w/ New Continental tires

    Received straight from Tesla as an extra set. Never been used. Asking $2000 obo, poms. (cash, certified check, or paypal) Holly Springs, NC. Local pickup.
  21. J

    Wheel Repair Shop Recommendations - NYC

    The curb rash Uberturbine fairy has blessed my MY PUP and I'd like to get some quotes on repair before I just go an order a new wheel. (I know, I live in NYC, it's gonna happen and I should just touch it up, but it's been on my mind for a week now). If anyone has recommendations, please LMK.
  22. P

    21” turbines staggered Model S

    Looking to sell my set of 4 staggered 21” turbine wheels for the Model S they take 285s in the back and 245s in the front. They have center caps and gen 1 tpms sensors. They have some curb rash see pictures. Asking $1200.
  23. M

    Model S rims powder coated

    Model S powdercoated rims with tires and sensor. Rims are clean with no curb rash. There is one mark from the tire installation on one rim seen in picture. In central California. Tires do need to be replaced. 750.00
  24. C

    Model S 19" OEM rims for sale (NC)

    I have a set of rims off of a 2015 Model S. Original with the sensors included. $650.00
  25. pabla

    Wheel Bulging or Rim Bent?

    So went on a 40km trip and on the way a person pulled up next to me and told me tire was out of balance, odd. Thought how could someone see that my tires were out of balance, neither did I feel anything so I continued on. Car drove perfectly normal on the hwy even hit speeds of 130 kmh + no...
  26. J

    Model X rim and tire swap: Looking for 20", have 22"

    I just picked up a 2017 Model X from Tesla and it came with 22" Black Onyx Wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires. Wheels in near perfect shape, will send/add pics soon. I'm looking to sell or swap for 20" Black Tesla Rims and an all season tire if possible. Location: Boston MA
  27. F

    ISO: Tesla 21" Turbine Wheels GREY (TORONTO & GTA ONLY)

    I'm looking to purchase a set of grey 21" turbine wheels, all the same size. (Square setup) if you have these for sale please reach out to me as I am in the market for them
  28. R

    Tesla Model S 19" after market, Tires and Gen one TPMS plus 4 tire totes.

    Used for my 2014 Model for winter tires, upgraded to Model X now. Asking $900 CAD Location: Canada Ontario GTA Text: 4165641375
  29. Xenoilphobe

    Group Buy Poll for Mono-Block Forged Alloy Wheels by Titan 7

    Ok guys you know the deal - we are trying to get a group buy nailed down on these forged Mono-block wheels: Price ~$1900 per set, the more we order the more we save.... Titan 7 Forged Wheels - Forged For All You get to vote two times (in case you want staggered) The Center Bore will be 64.1...
  30. TSportline

    Vendor Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock Tesla Accessories!

    Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock T Sportline Tesla Accessories until April 2, 2018 11:59 PM!* *Free Shipping is only available for US and Canada only. Excludes items on Pre Order.
  31. TSportline

    Vendor Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock Tesla Accessories!

    Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock T Sportline Tesla Accessories until April 2, 2018 11:59 PM!* *Free Shipping is only available for US and Canada only. Excludes items on Pre Order.
  32. TSportline

    Vendor Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock Tesla Accessories!

    Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock T Sportline Tesla Accessories until April 2, 2018 11:59 PM!* *Free Shipping is only available for US and Canada only. Excludes items on Pre Order.
  33. Jonstallman

    Need replacement 19" RIAL Lugano, metallic grey rim

    I need to replace a bent rim. Does anyone have a Rial lugano metallic grey rim for sale or know where I can buy one? Tire Rack had them for sale but are out for the season with 3-6 months order time. I'm not aware of any other vendor currently carrying. Any help is appreciated. Alternative...
  34. L

    WTB 21” Black Arachnids

    looking for anyone who has a set of matte black arachnids in the Bay Area or Sacramento Area, willing to pay 3k for them. Thanks
  35. GetYourWheels

    Vendor Model 3 Wheel Fitment by GetYourWheels

    Our job here at GetYourWheels is not only to sell wheels and tires but to also calculate the best fitment possible for cars out in the market. Today, we had the opportunity to work closely with a Tesla Model 3 owner who came by on his day off. As soon as he arrived and gave him the tour of the...
  36. L

    Wheel Fitment

    I was looking for an extra backup 19" OEM rim for my new to me 2015 70D model S. Question. What do I need to keep in mind when looking for a used rim for fitment, such as will a 2017 19" rim fit? Thanks
  37. Adam W

    FS: 21' Silver Turbine Rims set of 4 - $2,000 OBO

    I have a set 4, 21's Silver Turbine Rims. No tires, lug nuts or TPMS. These are not the staggered set. 2 Rims are almost flawless. 1 rim has minor curb rash and 1 has medium curb rash. Please see photos below. I would prefer local pick up (Nor Cal) but I'm willing to ship on buyers expense.
  38. A

    Bent rim in San Jose, glad I bought the wheel insurance

    A few years back Tesla briefly offered tire and wheel insurance. I immediately jumped at it since I have the 21" rims and drive in San Jose, who has some of the worst roads in the country. Anyway, I'm glad I did. Only a few weeks later they sadly dropped that option. Early Saturday morning I was...
  39. M

    Wanted: silver turbine 21" rim

    I would like to keep a spare tire in my garage and therefore I would like to purchase a new or used "silver turbine 21" rim" if available. Please email to "[email protected]". Thank you. Mike