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rims for sale

  1. M

    19” Tesla Model Y Gemini Wheels (set of 4) 2023

    Hey :) just got a new Model Y and got the rims changed out so I’m selling the factory tires 19” Tesla Model Y Gemini Wheels (set of 4). Only used from dealership to tire shop to get them changed out Center caps included. lug nuts included. You can bid on eBay or meet up in person to avoid...
  2. M

    Looking for wheels for 2023 MYP

    I’m looking to see if anything has the TY118 wheels for a MYP. Interested in buying them used. Please message me! Also interested in something that looks similar, I’ll attach an image, must be same size as OEM wheels.
  3. Jersey50

    T Sportline 21” TY 115 Forged Model Y Rims Only

    If anyone is interested, I have a mint-condition, professionally refurbished (previously sustained curb rash, no cracks, bends or welds) staggered set in Gloss Black. Rims and center caps only. No tires. Picking up from the shop next week so I’ve included a stock photo for now. I’ll add the...
  4. N

    VMR Model 3 rims for sale

    Four VMR V710 Wheels for Tesla Model 3. Gunmetal grey. 19" x 8.5" Two of the rims have minor curb rash. $475 West Los Angeles - local pick up only.
  5. N

    Black rims 19" with summer tires for sale - M3 (Vancouver)

    Hi! I'm selling satin black TS5 19" rims (set of 4, with summer tires) for a Model 3. One of the rims has a small dent, the others are in perfect condition. The dent is an easy repair and I got quoted $165+tx to get it fixed. I used them (wheels + tires) only 3 months, before I got into a car...
  6. D

    2017 21" Arachnid Staggered Rims and Tires

    These are OEM original Rims I won from the referral program. The tires have right at 10k miles on them. There are a few scuff marks and two of the rims have some curb rash but it's 100% fixable at any rim repair place. Could easily get powder coated to look like new. Click on thumbnails for...
  7. J

    FS: Model S 21" Twin Turbine Sonic Carbon Rims

    I am selling my 2020 Tesla Model S 21" Twin Turbine Rims. I am downgrading to the 19" wheels for increased battery. They have ~15k miles on them and some curb rash on a few of the rims. Tires are worn out so I will be selling the rims only with no TPMS Sensors. The rims are the midnight gray...
  8. J

    FOR SALE : 20” induction wheels (freshly powder coated!)

    Freshly powder coated (satin black, but look even nicer than from factory) and haven’t been driven since. No bends, scratches, perfect condition. Center caps included. $1600 No trades, local only in SAN DIEGO!
  9. FrForget

    Model 3 19" Sport Wheels (V1's), Tires and TPMS

    Hi :), I am selling a set of four Model 3 19" Sport Wheels, Tires and TPMS. Factory Continental ProContact RX. I know they recently updated those, but mine a V1's with the original Tesla TPMS Sensors. They have some minor to mild curb rash, but barely noticeable due to the color of the rims (see...
  10. B

    2022 M3 Rims and Skid plates

    So I moded some things to my M3 and I have 2 accessories I’m trying to get rid of due to space! These are are pretty new! ✨ The skid plates are strong plastics front and back that comes with 2022 M3. They can be put on over the old ones if it fits or replace them with these two. reduces the...
  11. J

    {FOR SALE} Michelin Pilot Sport - Model S Rims and Tires - 245/45 R19 - $1500 OBO

    Michelin Pilot Sport Tesla Model S Rims and Tires - 245/45 R 19 Basically New Tires and Rims. Driven 15 miles max. $1500 OBO In La Jolla, San Diego. Pick up or delivery to be discussed
  12. M

    FS: Zero G Wheels for Model 3 Rims and Tires $2,500 OBO

    Selling a set of referral Zero G Rims and Tires that I had on my non-performance Model 3 with sensors included. See pictures of everything included: Includes: 4x 20X9 Zero-G Performance wheels 4x Tesla logo center caps 20x lug nut covers 4x 235/35ZR20 XL Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires with...
  13. Leeon

    SV104 Signature Wheels for Sale 19x8.5 - Brushed Black Triple Tinted

    Set of Signature Wheels for sale. Fits all Model 3 trims. 19x8.5 F+20 / R+13. Fully forged and super light weight. Increased range by about 25%. Retail $5462 - Purchsed in Jan 2021. 0 curb rash or dings. $4000 OBO...
  14. C

    19” Gemini Rims for Sale

    Anyone in the NY metro area looking for Gemini rims and covers? Picking up my MY next week and plan to swap out the rims immediately for aftermarket. I am on Long Island. We can discuss fair price if there’s interest.
  15. J

    FS: MYP 21" Uberturbine Rims, Tires, and TPMS For Sale

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance 21" Uberturbines removed from new vehicle within 24 hours of delivery. Vehicle delivered with 15 miles and tires removed at 23 miles on the odometer. Pirelli P Zero Tires: Front 255/35 R21 98 W Rear 275/35 R21 103 W Rims and Tires have no blemishes or...
  16. K

    Tesla Model S 19 inch rims

    Hello, i have 4 19 inch tesla rims for sale. No tires or lug nuts. All for 4 rims for 300$. Text or call me 469-343-2882
  17. M


    Hello all, I have a set of wheels with michelin ps4 mounted on them around 3k miles ago so they are fairly new. The wheels are powdercoated in satin black. Asking 2500 or best offer, im also open to shop them as well. Message me here or text me 9259983701

    **Looking to Purchase** 22” OEM Black Onyx Wheels

    Looking to Purchase new or used 22” OEM Black Onyx Turbine Wheels for Model X. I currently have the 20” Slipstream’s installed and willing to trade them if you’d like. I also have 19” Slipstreams for a model s if anyone is interested in purchasing or trading that. I live in SoCal. Thanks in...
  19. M

    2021 Model Y 21’’ Überturbine Wheels Like New $2000 OBO

    Selling wheels only....No tires and no TPMS Willing to ship as well with USA Wheels are perfect and come with center cap...NO rash No curb damage. Wheels were removed at 50 miles on the car. Please message for any questions thanks.
  20. M

    2021 Model Y 21’’ Überturbine Wheels Like New $2000 OBO

    Selling wheels only....No tires and no TPMS Willing to ship as well with USA Wheels are perfect and come with center cap...NO rash No curb damage. Wheels were removed at 50 miles on the car. Please message for any questions thanks.
  21. rsbabo

    20 Inch Model X Slipstreams. Will ship- Cheap

    Set of 4 OEM Model X staggered 20 inch wheels. 9/9.5 width Part #s 1027244-00-A / 1027245-00-A Very minor curb rash on one. Need them out of my garage. Pickup locally in the West TN, upper MS area or WILL SHIP FOR ADDITIONAL CHARGE $550 plus shipping (approx. $100-150) )
  22. C

    20 inch Performance Wheels with Tires and TPMS for Model 3 Performance FOR SALE $3500

    Hello everyone, just picked up my Model 3P. I bought myself a set of VMR Wheels and Coilovers. Looking to sell my stock wheels. Wheels/tires have less than 1000 miles on them, purchased car brand new. Also will come with the tire pressure monitor sensors so all you need to do is mount them on...
  23. G

    For Sale: 2017 Model S 19’ silver slipstream rims

    I have a set of 19" slipstreams off my Model S with TPMS and center caps. These are in excellent condition as I switched these out for different rims so these were never used. I’m asking for $900. I am willing to ship at buyers expense.
  24. C

    OEM Aero wheels/tires for sale

    Hey guys I just bought my model 3 2 weeks ago and I’ve already swapped out the wheels and tires. I’m selling the OEM aero wheels and tires. The tires have less than 150 miles on them. I want to sell them for $1100 . Wheels are in mint condition. I can ship if buyer pays for shipping. I’m located...
  25. nikhil726

    Tesla Model 3 Track Package Wheels

    Looking to sell my brand new track package wheels 34mm offset. No tires just rims. Located in Cranbury, NJ 08512 They’re brand new and were never driven on. Feel free to text me at 609-819-6492 with any questions
  26. P

    New 21" Silver Arachnids with Michelin Super Sport for sale

    Hey Gang, Selling 21" Silver Arachnids with Michelin super sports (foam inside). These are brand new, never been mounted and have zero miles on them. Tire dimensions: front - 245/35/21 rear - 265/35/21 comes with center hub caps and TMPS $2800 based in Orange county and prefer to do local...
  27. N

    Set of four Tesla Cyclone 19" wheels and tires $700 (Bay Area)

    Set of four Tesla 19 inch Cyclone Wheels. The tires are okay for a spare. includes second generation tire pressure monitor sensors. Wheels are in excellent shape. One has two small (about an inch) rash marks.
  28. R

    New 20 inch OEM Slipstream wheels w/tires and TPMS for a Model X

    Located on Los Angeles I am looking to sell my wheels as soon as possible. They are new and only used to drive home where I installed the 22 inch black slipstream wheels. I am looking for $1,500 but am open to all offers.
  29. Jaykerwin

    2015 model s 19 inch Rims and tires for sale

    Model S p90d 19 in absolutely perfect rims and tires. They come with Michelin 245-45- 19 tires that are almost brand new. I bought the model S from Tesla and I am upgrading to the turbine 21 in rims and tires so I'm looking to sell them. I live in Los Angeles near the Beverly Center. I'm looking...
  30. S

    FS: Model S 21” Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels and Tires

    These are from my 2018 Model S P100D. They have 8K miles on them with no curb rash or tire damage or abnormal wear. Looking for someone local to Sacramento, CA. Can meet and deliver for $2,000.
  31. nikhil726

    Model X 20" Rims + Tires + TPMS

    Taking delivery of a Model X soon (week or two) and was looking to see if there was any interest in the 20" Silver Model X rims. Comes with everything including TPMS and tires. I'm going to be mounting aftermarkets upon delivery so they won't have any road time. Located in Cranbury, NJ 08512 and...
  32. Marmac

    19” sport rims for sale

    I am selling 3 original 19” sport rims from my 2018 Model 3. All 3 have some curb rash as can been seen in the photos. Other than that, there is no damage. $100 each or all 3 for $250. No shipping. Local pick up only. I am in the Orlando, Florida area.
  33. C

    New Arachnids Rims w/o tires

    New set of 21” staggered Arachnids Rims. Never mounted and come with new TPMS sensors, caps, lug covers and wheels locks. Moving soon and want to sell. Wheels located in West Los Angeles but I’m between LA and San Francisco all the time. Private message me $2000 obo.
  34. A

    Model X 22" Onyx wheels for sale - BRAND NEW

    Brand new Tesla 22" Onyx black wheels - Never used or mounted to a vehicle From Tesla factory 100% authentic. Come balanced and ready to install to your vehicle. Come with brand new Pirelli Scorpion tires. Fits all Tesla Model X's. Size: 265/35ZR22
  35. X

    Model X OEM Rims 20''

    I have some OEM Model X Silver Slipstream rims. Can Ship anywhere in the USA. Make me an offer.
  36. B

    Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package

    Referral Award for sale. Onyx Black Includes: 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 265/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 2 x 285/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 4 x tire pressure sensors 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps Asking: $4,000 Located in Orange County California
  37. C

    New Set of 21” Arachnid Referral Rims $2400

    Hi everyone! I have a staggerd set of 21” Arachind referral rims for sale. They are brand new and have never been mounted and come with a set of sensors, no tires. Message me. I’m located in Malibu. $2400
  38. nikhil726

    Model 3 Performance 20" Rims only

    I'm looking to sell my 20" rims that got fixed and refinished completely for $1500. This includes just the 4 rims. Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to text me at 609-819-6492.
  39. T

    22 INCH GLOSS BLACK RIMS FOR MODEL S FOR SALE. Blaque diamond rims

    I have 4 rims for sale gloss black 22 inch gloss black Blaque diamond wheels. Had on my model S and got amazing compliments. Im changing up the color scheme and no longer need them. They have minor curb rash and will discount to a fair price if you like them. Also will take into consideration...
  40. kev1n

    Titan7 Wheels Group Buy Model S/X

    First I would like to thank @Xenoilphobe for setting up the group buy for Model 3 owners. This thread will be to get a group buy going for Model S/X owners and to gauge interest in wheel style and size. there are two wheel choices available, 3 colors(Machine Black, Satin Titanium, Bronze)...
  41. B

    WTB 21" Sonic Carbon Wheels and Rims

    21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Looking to purchase local in or around Seattle or Ship if price is right. Please provide photos. Must be in excellent condition, and original. Hoping to purchase by year end.
  42. C

    Selling Model X Slipstream Wheels and tires.

    Just upgraded to the 22 black turbines and am looking to sell my Staggered Slipstream rims and tires. About 1500 miles on the tires and the rims have a little curb rash but still in good condition. I stay in Michigan and would only like local pickup or drop off.
  43. bkypes

    Stock 20" Model X Rims - $1500obo

    Selling my stock 20" rims. 3 were just refinished by Tesla. They're in the stock aluminum color. Tires have 3600 miles on them. I'm in San Fernando Valley in Woodland Hills, CA but I'm willing to ship them if needed, but you'll need to cover shipping. I'm getting new rims put on in Santa Fe...
  44. C

    Looking for Model S rims and tires asap

    Hello all, I'm looking to purchase 19 inch rims and tires set. Looking to buy asap. Also I'm looking for 2 21 inch rims and tire set. I go through rims it seems every season and looking for a good deal. I'm out of Michigan.
  45. iSpanglish

    21 turbines SoCal $900 Silver

    Feel free to send me a msg if interested. all look great one has small nick about half a finger nail in length that looks like some pain is off. (No damage or issues anywhere else) Staggered setup. Would trade for square set or cash. No sensors. Thanks for your time everyone.
  46. Parikhrr

    Arachnids for sale

    Set of four (4) brand new, exclusive Tesla Model S 21" Arachnid Wheels finished in silver. Brand new, never used. Mint condition with brand new 265/35ZR21 101Y S Michelin PSS Tires - Pilot Super Sport. As you all probably know, these wheels are exclusive to the Tesla referral program and cannot...
  47. S

    Model S 19" Set of Silver Slipsteam Rims for sale $800 NYC area

    Selling my set of 19" Slipstream wheel taken off Dec. 2016 MS 90D at 1,300 miles. Rim includes Tesla center cap. No rim rash on any of the wheels. Would prefer local pick-up in the metro NYC area (NY, NJ, CT) though I would be willing to ship if the buyer agrees to pay shipping costs. Selling...
  48. S

    Model S 19" Silver Slipsteam Rim for sale $240 NYC area

    I have one 19" Slipstream wheel taken off Dec. 2016 MS 90D at 1,300 miles. Rim includes Tesla center cap. There is a tiny nick on the wheel that is difficult to capture in a picture. Strongly prefer local pick up in the metro NYC area though I would be willing to ship if the buyer agrees to...
  49. Bridor

    FS: 20" Slipstream Model X Rims

    All of them have some minor damage. These would be great for having a spare tire available. I will deliver anywhere on the West coast (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada or California). $100 each or best offer - please specify the rim(s) you want by specifying #1 through #4...
  50. tgq12

    21" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package - Grey $3500

    Freshly powder coated. Perfect condition rims, Continental Tires are in great shape. Comes with TPMS from a 2016 Model S. Prefer to sell in SF Bay Area, shipping will be at expense of buyer. $3500 Sorry new to this forum, please PM for more pictures

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