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  1. B

    Rivian owner CyberTruck Review: Interview with Jon Rettinger

  2. CXCRaffle

    Not Available Win an EV of Your Choice, Taxes Paid

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Win an EV of Your Choice, Taxes Paid. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Win an EV of Your Choice, Taxes Paid

    For sale Win an EV of Your Choice, Taxes Paid

    For eight years, Climate XChange, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has supported its climate mission by raffling off a fully customizable luxury electric vehicle. This year we’re offering expanded car options for our Grand Prize, and adding an early bird prize of $10,000 for tickets purchased by 11:59pm...
  4. houstonian

    Will Tesla Buildup Superchargers to Accommodate Anticipated Demand from Ford, GM, Rivian, and whoever else, Adopting NACS circa 2024/2025?

    With the recent news of Ford, GM, Rivian - and presumably others - moving to adopt Tesla's NACS plug and therefore be able to use the SuperCharger network (that is presumably v3 SuperChargers) starting circa 2024/2025, what's your best guess as to what impacts, if any, this will have on Tesla...
  5. J

    Another Direct Model X vs. Rivian Comparison: My Personal Experience

    TLDR: It is hard to make a direct comparison between these vehicles. They are both good at different things. If you want to offroad or get adventurous in your car, go with a Rivian. If you already drive a truck and want to get into an EV, you should probably go with an R1T. If you want...
  6. M

    Rivian vs Model Y

    Have an order on a LR model Y but have now been looking into the Rivian R1S (given space/ability to fit 3 car seats/booster) etc. One big question I have is why the difference in quoting home charging spec? Both home chargers do 11.5 kW / 48 amp. However Rivian is quoting 25miles/hr charging...
  7. CCANActionFund

    Vendor Win a $135k Model X or S Plaid. Support a Small Climate Change Nonprofit.

    Our nonprofit, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) Action Fund, is hosting its 4th Annual EV Raffle For The Climate. This year we’re raffling a custom-build Tesla worth up to $135,990 or you can choose the super-hard-to-find Rivian electric truck, with immediate delivery. No waiting...
  8. P

    Charging at Tesla at a Rivian charging station

    It is possible to charge a Tesla at a Rivian charging station. The Rivian charging station in Salida, CO had a sign on it to indicate it was 'open to all electric vehicles'. Charging here gives me a max of 40mph, charging at 240v using the J1772 adapter. It is also free to use at this moment in...
  9. CCANActionFund

    Vendor Incredible Odds To Win A Rivian Or Another Tesla While Supporting A Nonprofit

    Our nonprofit's 4th annual EV raffle for the climate is undersold. This creates an attractive opportunity for anyone hoping to win a Model X or S Plaid. Your chances of winning are currently better than 1-in-1500 while supporting the climate advocacy work of CCAN Action Fund. The raffle offers...
  10. J

    What Else Are You Considering?

    My ranting can be found in various MX and MS threads, so I won't bore anyone with my story. To summarize, I have been with Tesla since the beginning. Over the years, I have been frustrated with Tesla for a variety of small to medium issues, but nothing that has compelled me to stop being a loyal...
  11. TMC Staff

    Blog Rivian Vans Hit the Road for Amazon

    Amazon’s Rivian-built vans are officially making deliveries. Amazon released a video overview of the new vans, pointing out that the vehicle went from sketch to deliveries in just a year. Amazon has ordered 100,000 vans from Rivian. Amazon previously released a list of the van’s features...
  12. TMC Staff

    Blog Rivian Brings Total Funding to $8 Billion

    Rivian, which is expected to deliver its debut EV this year, announced it has added $2.65 billion to its war chest. The company has attracted $8 billion in investment since 2019. The financing was led by funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and included Fidelity...
  13. TMC Staff

    Blog Rivian’s Launch Edition EV Trucks are Sold Out

    Rivian says the Launch Edition of its R1T pickup and R1S sport utility vehicle is sold out. The highly-anticipated, all-electric vehicles are expected to start delivery in June 2021. The company said the Launch Edition of R1T pickup will cost $75,000 and the R1S SUV will be priced at...
  14. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Joins Group Pushing for 100% EV Sales by 2030

    Tesla has joined other companies in the electric vehicle industry for a new lobbying organization called the Zero Emission Transportation Association.  The organization, which includes other electric automakers like Rivian and Lucid, aims to bring together those who support meeting the goal...
  15. TMC Staff

    Check Out the Rivian-Amazon Delivery Van

    Amazon has offered a look at the Rivian-designed van that will electrify its delivery fleet. In addition to ordering 100,000 vans from Rivian, Amazon is also an investor. In a blog post, Amazon showed one of three different models customized with Rivian to “enhance the driver experience...
  16. TMC Staff

    Shaq Asks Musk For Bigger Tesla: Cybertruck Will Work, Or Rivian R1T?

    Most electric vehicles are still small. However, that’s about to change in a big way. Once upon a time, not too long ago, retired NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal owned a Tesla Model S. So, clearly, he was able to fit in it well enough to drive it. However, a recent video originally posted by...
  17. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Accuses Rivian of Poaching Employees, Stealing Trade Secrets

    Tesla says in a lawsuit that electric vehicle startup Rivian poached employees and stole confidential information. The suit says Rivian’s team includes 178 ex-Tesla employees, 70 of whom came directly from Tesla. Tesla says in the suit that four former Tesla employees are responsible for...
  18. TMC Staff

    Blog EV Startup Rivian Closes $2.5B Investment Round

    Rivian has closed a massive $2.5 billion round of funding led by funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates. Participants in this investment round included Soros Fund Management LLC, Coatue, Fidelity Management and Research Company, and Baron Capital Group. Existing shareholders...
  19. TMC Staff

    Blog Rivian Workers Return to Factory

    Rivian has brought employees back to its Normal, Ill. factory to resume work after a shutdown due the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the stop, Rivian has delayed the start of production on its R1T and R1S electric truck and SUV until 2021. The company hoped to start building vehicles at the...
  20. TMC Staff

    Rivian Deliveries Delayed Until 2021

    Rivian will delay first deliveries of its electric pickup until 2021 after shutting down its factory as part of coronavirus precautions. The EV startup hoped to bring an electric pickup and SUV to customers by the end of this year. The vehicles are being built at a former Mitsubishi plant in...
  21. TMC Staff

    Blog Report: Rivian to Announce Lower Price for Electric Pickup

    Rivian will price its electric pickup and SUV for less than previously announced, Reuters reported. “Rivian founder and chief executive R.J. Scaringe told Reuters the mid-range R1T pickup truck with a glass sky panel that can change from blue to clear was about $69,000,” the report said...
  22. TMC Staff

    Blog Rivian Will Add Alexa Voice Assistant to Upcoming Electric Trucks

    Rivian will integrate Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant into its upcoming electric vehicles. The feature was announced this week at CES. Amazon is providing the feature to a long list of automakers including Ford, Audi, BMW, GM, and Toyota. But, Amazon has been an enthusiastic supporter of...
  23. TMC Staff

    Rivian Confirms the Tank Turn

    Rivian has announced a debatably useful, nonetheless interesting feature for its upcoming electric pickup.  The R1T will be capable of a “Tank Turn,” which means the vehicle can hold its position while spinning completely around. Each wheel of the Rivian has its own motor. This enables...
  24. TMC Staff

    Blog Rivian Raises $1.3 Billion from T. Rowe Price

    Rivian has raised a giant $1.3 billion round of funding as it gets ready to deliver its all-electric pickup and SUV next year. The financing was led by funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates. Previous investors Amazon, Ford, and BlackRock also participated in the round...
  25. TMC Staff

    Rivian Shows Off New Blue to Reservation Holders

    The Rivian R1T made its debut in blue last week at an event in Seattle. The highly-anticipated all-electric pickup was on display for reservation holders, who got a look at a new blue paint. It’s a bolder look for the truck, which has previously been seen in silver and white. The R1T...
  26. TMC Staff

    Blog Rivian Raises $350M from Cox Automotive

    Rivian, which has developed an electric SUV and pickup, today announced an equity investment of $350 million from global automotive services company Cox Automotive.  Cox Automotive, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, is the home of nearly 30 automotive brands, including Autotrader, Kelley Blue...
  27. Ty_McMahan

    Electric Pickup Roundup: Musk Says Tesla's Cyberpunk Truck is Months Away

    The electric pickup market is starting to take shape and there seems to be a steady stream of developments making headlines from both startups and the auto giants. One of the most highly-anticipated items to watch is the debut of Tesla’s pickup. It sounds like it’s receiving final touches...
  28. TMC Staff

    Rivian Hopes to Build Up To 40K Vehicles in First Year

    Rivan, which plans to go to production in 2020 with an all-electric pickup and SUV, plans to build 20,000 to 40,000 in its first year of manufacturing, Chief Executive RJ Scaringe told The New York Times. The company purchased in 2017 a former Mitsubishi manufacturing plant in Normal...
  29. scottf200

    Rivian R1T electric pickup truck (and R1S SUV) - Normal IL

    Impressive specs. Built in Normal, IL This company has been working on this for several years. It looks quite impressive. At the bottom of this post is the Silverado truck and Ford truck yearly sales. I suspect there is room for a BEV truck and the prices of ICE trucks go pretty high (60-70s)...
  30. Geert.Snijders

    Rivian R1T full size BEV pickup

    Well done Rivian! Rivian unveils all-electric pickup truck with unbelievable specs
  31. T

    Rivian Automotive

    Rivian Automotive Closes Deal on Massive Factory in Illinois
  32. Clprenz

    The Factory that could of been Tesla's

    Hey folks! The Mitsubishi Motors North American plant is being sold to Rivian Automotive this month and I wanted to share the story with the Tesla Community! I believed, and still do, that this factory would be a great expansion tool for Tesla. The factory is 2.4M FT with over 590 Acres of land...