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road debris

  1. O

    Coolant leak

    I was driving a 2024 Model Y. Haven't even had it a week. Ran over debris but didn't get any alerts at the time. After a while it said it was reducing the max speed. A while later it warned me of a coolant leak. Drove it to the nearest Teasla center but they had just closed. Drove it home and...
  2. D

    To flush-wheel owners: debris kick up a concern?

    I'm a new owner of a P85D with the 21-inch turbine wheels in 8.5" width at all four corners. I've been contemplating either adding spacers to get a more flushed appearance or new wheels with 20-something offset to do the same. When looking at the side-body contour after the wheel arches, I...
  3. K

    Road debris damaged front fender, valance, horn

    On my recent trip i hit a huge piece of torn tier and it hit my driver side wheel. Front fender garnish peeled off, valance on the driver side lost few rivets and hanging down a little. And i can see horn is damaged as well, it sounds weird. Tesla directly asked me to take it to a body shop...
  4. M

    Replacement Battery Model 3 long range with 22K miles.

    I need some perspectives to help me get my mind wrapped around how Tesla handles service. Situation: Last week my partner ran over a deer that had been hit earlier causing the lines coolant to leak. The car drove and handled well, but gave the "Slow down" warning. We had it towed to a Tesla...
  5. H

    Tesla asking $300 for a repair estimate (ran over road debris)

    A few nights ago someone dropped a full tire (no wheel) on the US-101 SB and I ran over it with the left-hand side of my car at around 65. The car continues to drive fine with only rips in the aeroshield and no real observable other damage (knock-on-wood), including brief looking-over the...
  6. Freewheeler

    Vendor MY Lower Rear Door PPF Kits

    Hey everyone! I crafted a PPF kit to address the "strike zone" on the lower half of the Model Y rear doors where they flare out and are impacted by grit and gravel spray from the front tires. Until there's a decent front mudflap something needs to be done, and I'll still use this even after...
  7. eXntrc

    Road Strike, PPF Wrap and Ceramic

    This post is a request for opinions from fellow M3 owners. I bought my M3 new in early 2019. I really wish I'd done PPF at the time but I didn't. In October I had an unfortunate encounter with a metal plate that took flight and impacted my bumper. The whole event took only 1 second and...
  8. jat255

    Experience with ultrasonic sensor repairs?

    On my way back on a road trip this weekend, a truck in front of me kicked up (I think) a mudflap that was lying on the road. It smacked full on into the left side of my bumper and went under the left front tire at least. Upon inspecting the damage (pics attached), it looks mostly cosmetic...
  9. Glamisduner

    Got hit by a tire today.

    Damage looks light, popped some clips on the bumper and maybe it's a little out of place now. Not sure if I can get the black part inside the lower bumper to be flush with the painted plastic. I have been able to pop the center clip back into place. Anyone have a good how to video that might...
  10. MTN Ranger


    My car seems like a magnet to road items (and those falling from the sky/garbage truck). PPF to the rescue again.
  11. wcalvin

    Preventing battery damage from road debris

    Under-the-car "cow catchers" would need forwards positioning to handle the problem of angular objects that rotate upward when first hit, producing a pole-vault effect that punctures the armor. That flat cover in front of the battery case needs a left-right ridge that goes as low as the rear of...