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road noise

  1. U

    Model X 2019 Raven Sound Deadening Doors Project

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any issues that may occur if you try to do this yourself. This is only to show what I was able to do and how I did it. We have had our 2019 MXLR for about 10 months now, and I have been obsessed with trying to cut down wind and road noise ever since we...
  2. D

    Road noise

    Went for a drive in our Model 3 yesterday and it was loud. I don't know about a model S or X specifically. In 1988, I rode in a Lexus and it was road silent. How does road actually enter the cabin? Does a stainless steel unibody have anything to do with reducing or (yikes!) increasing road...
  3. B

    Model 3 road noise - AWD vs. P3 - Owners Thoughts & Comparisons

    I have had my 18" aero P3- for a week now. The biggest thing I researched prior to buying was about the cabin experience - noise and ride quality etc. especially on motorways/long journeys. I originally ordered the 20" P3+ but after a 10 minute test drive I ultimately decided to change to an...
  4. W

    19" vs 18" Road Noise Comparison

    The road noise in my M3 is driving me crazy. I can’t use the speakerphone, I have to crank up podcasts to shouting volume, and I feel worn-out by the noise on long trips. I traded a BMW 5 series for the M3 and the contrast is stark. The only car I remember being louder was a rental Subaru. I...
  5. B

    Cell phone road noise

    On the highway and especially on rough roads I get complaints from those on a call that there's a ton of background noise and it's sometimes hard to hear me. I now carry a 3mm headset in the center console and connect it to my phone if I have long conversations. I've tried both a Samsung 7 &...
  6. UrsS

    Tire Noise

    Scattered throughout other threads are comments and questions about tire noise and which tire are less noisy. Well, I did quite some research, mostly reading comments/reviews of tire customers of various tire vendors. There was one tire that stood out because many reviews stated that the tire...
  7. S

    M3 is a rough ride. You too?

    My AWD with 18 inch wheels seems to rock and roll with every little bump or crack in the pavement. Even the tiny ones. Seems very tightly sprung. A pretty rough ride. Anyone else feel this problem?
  8. Brenzo

    Headlight Fit & Finish Affects Road Noise

    I took home delivery of my Model 3 late at night, late in September, and so I didn't really get a chance to inspect the fit and finish as closely as I would have liked. The next morning I walked around the car checking for panel gaps and other issues and noticed that the driver side headlight...
  9. R

    Wind Noise Increase Around 80 mph for Model S - What's the Source?

    I've noticed in my Model S (Dec. 2016, 75D) that around 80 mph the wind noise makes a big jump in volume and seems to change its sound characteristics as well. It's so pronounced that when I first got the car, I thought there must be a body panel that was loose somewhere, that was either...
  10. JSZimmerman

    Ordered my Model X but having second thoughts??

    I few days ago I ordered a 90D Model X so I am still in the 7 day grace period to modify or cancel. After reading consumer reports and joining this forum I am wondering if I am making the right decision. I am most worried about the Quality Issues that seem to be plaguing the Model X, the noise...
  11. Vger

    Continental 21's: Increasing tire noise with wear?

    My Continentals are wearing fairly evenly, but are now probably in the last 10,000 km or so of their life. The tread is still well above the wear bars, but now by maybe only 2-3 mm. My question is this: I seem to have noticed a significant increase in impact noise, even on smooth pavement, and...
  12. SeminoleFSU

    Car much louder above 70MPH

    Hey everyone, I'm curious- does anyone else have this problem? If I'm cruising on the highway and decide to push it up past 70, the car gets noticeably louder... The noises I'm hearing almost sounds like tire noise, but it's so loud I almost feel like some of the noise and vibration is coming...
  13. P

    Tore up the cargo area

    I noticed a lot of tire and road noise coming over the rear seat from the wheel wells and cargo floor when I sat in the back seat. Because the car is used in a limousine service, I wanted the customers to have the full benefit of the Model S quiet ride.So we tore up the carpets and put in some...