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  1. aikisteve

    Can a crippled autopilot still avoid a €300.000 collision in v9.0? - Testing the Tesla

    Taking testing of Tesla's autopilot to the limits with disabling the sensors and seeing what it still can do. Auto lane change now uses (predominantly) the cameras instead of the ultrasonics. Impressed by the results and I believe this is now a good implementation to keep it as much as possible...
  2. aikisteve

    Romance Mode: what does it do for the battery?

    In this video I try to find out whether getting all snuggly and cosy actually drains your battery? It turns out to be quite alright, so don't let that stop you from getting it on in your car :eek:;)
  3. aikisteve

    Testing The Tesla - Update 2018.48.1 has some minor UI changes and a big surprise

    Am I actually responsible for making a change to the #Tesla software in update 2018.48.1? If that would be true, that would be awesome and that was also the initial setup of my Youtube channel: to help improve the product! I'm not really taking credit for this, but like to think that at least I...
  4. aikisteve

    Very young Tesla P90D driver challenges me to a drag race :-D

    Assertive young Tesla driver called me out for a drag race with his P90D, claiming he would beat me #justForFun
  5. aikisteve

    Tesla remotely fixes my car while on a road trip

    In this second part of my 1280km road trip, I got some good aikido practise, but also got confronted again with the camera issue, but Tesla managed to solve the issue remotely!
  6. aikisteve

    Taking v9.0 on a road trip and discovering some issues (part 1)

    This weekend, I took the car out on a 1280km / 967mi road trip to Germany for another aikido seminar. But along the way I discovered a few issues with the update and the autopilot cameras, disabling the auto lane change. Seems there are some issues with the alignment, like they had in the...
  7. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: official release (2018.42.2) on Belgian roads

    As usual, I've taken the Tesla for a spin on my test route to see where we got some improvements. Compared to the unofficial release I tested last week, there are some minor improvements. But in general, I really love the progress V9 brings us!
  8. aikisteve

    Tesla v9.0 interface (2018.39.7) also has a new Easter Egg

    Of course, we need to do the mandatory V9.0 interface review as well. A lot has changed and even though I was afraid it would not be good, it is actually a quite logical makeover. Camera at the bottom of the screen should be resolved in a next release, Elon promised. Please forgive the static...
  9. aikisteve

    Update 2018.39.7 (V9) on Belgian roads: it finally nails the dreaded S-curve!

    Today I had the opportunity to test the unofficial version of V9 (remember, us non-US folks do not seem to have the right to get the software update officially yet :-( ) Thanks to the new neural net that also take all 8 cameras into account, the improvement we're seeing is unlike any other. Even...
  10. aikisteve

    4-CH dashcam setup + coverage of footage around the car

    Yesterday, I installed another 4-channel dashcam in a #Tesla Model S, so I thought you might be interested in the way it is set up. And I've also included footage of the coverage around the car.
  11. aikisteve

    Road trip video: taking the Tesla dashcam business international

    While I was somewhat worried about Tesla's own dashcam feature, when it turned out to be pretty lame in feature-richness (but good video quality), and the fact that the feature is only for HW2.5+ cars :-(, I don't see the dashcam business collapsing anytime soon :). Proof of that was when a...
  12. aikisteve

    Tesla called me to ask if I wanted to order new key fobs

    At first Tesla couldn't confirm, but now they've called me to ask whether I wanted to order new key fobs to replace my old ones that have the security flaw. But I would have to pay for them.
  13. aikisteve

    Update 2018.34.1 introduces a new safety warning

    While this update has virtually no differences with 2018.32.4 (which introduced the PIN to drive feature), the latest version has introduced a new safety feature that beeps at you when you use AP on intersections that it's not comfortable handling. And that's a good thing! Now, before I get the...
  14. aikisteve

    Thoughts on the new PIN to drive safety feature

    Tesla added a new PIN code option to enable the car as a safety feature. After driving around with it for a couple of days, I noticed some quirks that could use some improvements to improve both safety and usability
  15. aikisteve

    Unit Police - kW vs kWh vs Wh/km (or Wh/mi)

    Since I'm still seeing a lot of confusion about EV energy units and when to use which one, I made a video to hopefully clear this up once and for all.
  16. aikisteve

    Good news: software update 2018.32.2 solves nearly all bugs introduced in 2018.28.1

    Put the latest updates through its paces today and I am a happy camper in the sense that it solves nearly all issues I had with the previous update. Check it out here:
  17. aikisteve

    AutoPilot 2.0: 2018.28.1 is the worst update in a very long time

    While we've seen a huge improvement at the beginning of the year with the rewrite of the AI system, and we have seen small incremental improvements over the past few months, for some strange reason this update now takes us way back with a number of regression bugs as well as new bugs. The...
  18. aikisteve

    Found out how much energy you gain by driving down a mountain road

    How much energy do you gain from driving down Eagle Road, a steep mountain road descending into Geiranger, Norway, in a #Tesla Model S?
  19. aikisteve

    Driving down one of the steepest roads in Norway

    Going down Stalheimskleiva, near Gudvangen. This is one of the steepest roads in Norway, with an 18% downgrade and dropping 218m!
  20. aikisteve

    Video of our 2018 family road trip to Norway

    First part of our 2018 #Tesla family road trip to and through Norway. This part takes us from home to the natural beauty of Preikestolen. Stay tuned (and subscribe to the channel ;-)) for the rest of the series with even more natural beauty.
  21. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: update 2018.24.1

    This update has a big improvement in traffic jams, but also some minor improvements on local roads. And unfortunately also a regression in sharper turns.
  22. aikisteve

    What exactly does "speed limit mode" do?

    As of firmware update 2018.24.1 (and mobile app version 3.4.1) we now have a "speed limit mode" as a safety feature. So I made a short video about how it works and what exactly it does?
  23. aikisteve

    What happens to your car when you decide to not install an update?

    I was always wondering when you decide not to install an update, how does the car handle that and how the heck do you know that the next one is available? So, I decided to find out...
  24. aikisteve

    Had to review my opinion on "silent" tires

    About 6 months ago I reviewed the Continental Contisilent tires and measured the noise they generated versus the regular Michelin tires, without the foam padding. It turned out to be only a 1 dB difference, which is barely audible. After putting on foam padded tires on the Arachnid rims, I...
  25. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla - update 2018.21.9

    My review of the latest software update 2018.21.9. Some minor AP improvement, some big visual improvements. But a very annoying nag time. This might actually be the very first time that I want to skip it.
  26. aikisteve

    Video review of the new navigation system

    As I got the opportunity to test the brand new navigation system on one of the first cars in Belgium to receive the update (yes, I know, you guys in the US think it's old news already ;-) ), I took the chance to do a video review on it. Overall I like it a lot and it's a lot better than the old...
  27. aikisteve

    Hardware differences between AP1 and AP2

    Since my previous video about comparing AP1 to AP2, I did get quite some questions about people not really knowing what AP1 is (the newer guys, I assume), or they just don't know which version they have. That' why I made this video to compare the 2 hardware versions and to show how easy you can...
  28. aikisteve

    AutoPilot 1 vs AutoPilot 2.0: why AP1 is still better

    In my test videos I frequently talk about AP1 still being better than AP2. This tie, with the help of another Model S driver I took it to the test and compared the 2 in the same conditions. As I claimed before, the dreaded S-curve is a lot better with AP1, whereas a lane shift is better with...
  29. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla - update 2018.18.2 fixed a minor bug, but also has regression

    Update 2018.18.2 has fixed a slight regression bug on hill crests, but regressed further in sharper turns. Curious when it will be able to handle that part gracefully
  30. aikisteve

    Uncorked 100D beats P100D in sports mode

    To my big surprise, the uncorked 100D beats the P100D in sport mode. Would expect the same results at least. But maybe the cars are set up the same, but the weight difference plays a role... But at least I got payback as well :-D (test was done under controlled circumstances. Do not try to...
  31. aikisteve

    Should my car be jailed for DUI? :-D

    Yesterday I noticed that my car was ping ponging quite a lot when in traffic jams. I thought I would share the experience on how bad it actually was. Noticed this for a few releases now. Currently on 2018.14.2 I was actually wondering if a police car would be behind me, whether I would have been...
  32. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: update 2018.14.2

    When testing this update I noticed a slight regression in handling tight turns at speed, but also found out you have to be really careful not to get curb rashes or dinged rims when using AP on certain lane shifts :-o. Came a little too close for comfort...
  33. aikisteve

    What is the most efficient travel speed?

    For us Europeans there is always a big question when we go on road trips and have to crosse Germany. Do we have fun on the Autobahn and drive fast, but charge more? Or is it less time consuming to drive slower and charge less? This week I took it to the test and compared driving 120 kph to...
  34. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: Big AP 2.0 improvements in 2018.10.4

    Hi all, I got the latest update too and after reading some of the earlier remarks about AP improvements, I took it for a test on my usual test route. Hill crests are taken without veering off to the side anymore. Auto lane change is smoother, although I've encountered some scary moments when...
  35. aikisteve

    Autopilot 2.0 keeps slightly improving in update 2018.6.1

    Just tested the last update I received (2018.6.1) and came to the conclusion that after the previous improvements, we have yet another slight improvement in stability. On my usual test route, it was rock solid when lines were disappearing left and right of the car, where it used to slightly...
  36. aikisteve

    Testing the AutoPilot 2.0 in software update 2018.4.1

    After receiving the update earlier this week, I went out and did my usual test round again. Hill tops are still an issue, although I've had some success with that. And maybe there is a slight improvement in tighter bends, but need a safer environment to let the car completely do it's thing...
  37. aikisteve

    Ludicrous+ acceleration vs Sport and Chill mode

    Since there was a bit of discussion lately on another forum about the Sport mode acceleration times a few weeks back, I decided to test it. Since it's winter time in Belgium (but not that cold) and I'm running on 19" winter tires and almost-dry roads, I didn't have the ideal circumstances. But...
  38. aikisteve

    Road trip to test out camper mode

    Last weekend I had an aikido seminar to go to in Germany and a 7 hour drive to get there. So, I used this opportunity to test out the new camper mode along the way. Turns out it's working great, as long as you don't forget to turn off the alarm before it wakes you up ;-) Time to break out the...