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roadside assistance

  1. M

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    This is kind of long, but I am trying to add every detail - any sort of help would really be greatly appreciated. I was coming back home with my family from a semi-long road trip on my 2013 Tesla Model S 85 that I've owned for about 6 months without any sort of mechanical or range issues. We...
  2. X

    Temp Lemon Model X: Lost keys. Mobile app and Roadside asst cannot unlock/start the car

    In the hustle, my son left the MX key fob on the top of the frunk (not inside). None of the family members realized this. The MX started normally and we left home..somewhere along the way the key fob rolled off and fell. I reached our destination and as we parked, saw the warning on the panel...
  3. Sanderpman12

    Flat tire road side question

    I got a flat tire a week ago while i was driving back home from north east to the south east. It was around 11pm-12am when i got the flat and on the app it said covered by tesla. However when the guy came to put on my loaner tire, he said that i owed him $126 and tesla said that the customer...
  4. P

    Roadside Assistance Nightmare

    I had a flat tire, noticed it in the morning. I am scheduled to go on a road trip, but Tesla roadside assistance told me that the tow truck will be here in two and half hours. After that, they DO NOT know how long it will take the service center to fix the tire! Also, there is nothing they can...
  5. psquare

    Roadside assistance for Flat tire (screw in tire) in Montreal

    So woke up this morning, pack the stuff in the car ready to bring my daughter to school and boom when I sit in the car it tells me to pullover and check my tire. It indicated the front left tire was deflated. Therefore, I go out and check and it seemed fine I even checked with a gauge. I told...
  6. 4SUPER9

    Supercharger support: Total fail

    Once again, Tesla’s horrific customer service has demonstrated itself. Such a shame, given how exemplary there were when they first launched. I took a road trip this past weekend. About 2 hours after my 2nd supercharger stop, I received an alert, both on my IC screen and the main screen that...
  7. S

    Tesla 2021 SR+ Won't drive (BMS_a151 BMS_a192 BMS_a035)

    After 1.5 Months of waiting, I finally received my delivery last week on 12/28. This morning, I go to my car and get three error messages: BMS_a151, VCFRONT_a192, BMS_a035 The gear will not change to either drive or reverse even though it had 208 miles of range. I called roadside assistance...
  8. M

    Long Road Trips. My Experience and Why Tesla's are Currently Unfit.

    My family went on a ski trip this week to Utah. This trip had been planned for months and I seriously considered renting an ICE car for it. Then I reconsidered. After all, Tesla's supercharging network means that I can take long road trips. I studied the superchargers map on Tesla's website and...
  9. T

    Model X Shut Down while Driving - WARNING!

    Tesla Owners, be warned, I love my Model X, but what happened to me today is not acceptable and could cost someone their life. Please read and be aware. Nov 6, 2019 @ 8:00am I got into the vehicle with my 1 year old and pressed the brake to turn it on. The AC turned on as normal and everything...
  10. G

    UK Breakdown Cover?

    Does anyone have any thoughts/info/guidance they can provide on the need for extra breakdown cover for a model 3 in UK? (I know, it's never going to break down, but....) I'm hopefully picking up my model 3 this week & just arranged insurance with Direct Line. They offered me additional national...
  11. B

    Very efficient service from the Devon (PA) service center

    I had the unfortunate experience Monday around 4:45 of hitting a huge pothole (totally covered by water) that totally flattened my right rear tire and damaged beyond repair the right front tire. So that was my first experience in calling roadside assistance. The roadside assistance truck was...
  12. T

    How do I get ahold of Elon? I just had ridiculous roadside experience!

    I honestly want to pull my hair out. I would love to let Elon know about my experience this morning with Tesla Roadside Assistance. The power steering in my X failed today, so my car is stuck in my garage. I called Tesla Roadside Assistance...they sent a tow truck out (costs covered) and I was...
  13. N

    Tesla Roadside Assistance Policy - Comparable to USAA's?

    I bought a new Model 3 last July, and I believe it comes w/roadside assistance for 4 years or 50K miles, whichever comes first. Link to Tesla Policy. Is Tesla's road assistance benefit comparable to what's generally provided by auto insurance policies (in particular, USAA in my case)? I...
  14. travwill

    FYI: Roadside Assistance Long Wait Times

    Just FYI for rest of owners to be aware also or may know already, Tesla Roadside Assistance can really vary it seems. Had to use it for first time this weekend (yesterday) since had a piece of metal insert into the sidewall of our rear driver side tire. Called Roadside, hit the 1# for need...
  15. M

    M3 - Nothing turning on

    So I've had the Model 3 since the middle of July and haven't had any issues besides some crazy battery draining. Anyway, this past Sunday (September 23) I got in the car with my keycard (my phone doesnt have the best service at my apartment) and once I got in NOTHING was turning on. The app...
  16. jpaz

    My first flat........

    Awoke to first flat (not even 5000 miles on the car). Used the new Roadside Assist contact on the 10.4 release. First, they could not find me in their database. Once we established the vehicle and my status, they had trouble “finding” me on the map (I am in a major metrpolitan area) which...
  17. J

    How often do Tesla owners run out of charge?

    Have any of you had your Tesla run out of charge before it makes it to a charging station? How often does this happen? What do you do when it happens? I've heard there is a charge from Tesla's road side assistance to be towed to the nearest charging station. Is this a common occurrence?
  18. M

    roadside assistance after warranty expiration

    i decided to let my warranty expire when i hit 50k miles after 3 years and not buy the extended service contract. i figured with the unlimited mile power train and battery warranty that was enough protection from expensive repairs. my question is, i guess i need to buy new roadside assistance...

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