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  1. travwill

    FYI: Roadside Assistance Long Wait Times

    Just FYI for rest of owners to be aware also or may know already, Tesla Roadside Assistance can really vary it seems. Had to use it for first time this weekend (yesterday) since had a piece of metal insert into the sidewall of our rear driver side tire. Called Roadside, hit the 1# for need...
  2. P

    Research: Will imposing tax on Tesla cars really improve air pollution?

    Tesla Vehicles do not emit any gaseous pollution on streets because they are battery-powered, unlike other conventional private cars which work on combustion engines. It is interesting to see that despite knowing the severity of the roadside pollution in different traffic-prone areas, the...
  3. tangerine

    2017 MX Shuts Down dangerously on Expressway–I'm losing faith in Tesla and my car

    So I was driving home today in my Model X on Lawrence Expressway in Santa Clara, CA and stopped at the red light. When the light turned green, I pushed on the gas and noticed that the car did not move and put itself into park and threw up a bunch of warnings on the dash and on the main screen...