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  1. P

    My 8169 mile cross country road trip experience

    Press release Embracing Adventure: From Coast to Coast in a Tesla Ukiah, California - April 2023 - In a spirited pursuit of adventure, I embarked on an epic cross-country journey from Northern California to the picturesque West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine. With a mere two weeks to...
  2. T

    Notes from a Small Roadtrip - UK to Norway via Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden

    2022 Model 3 Long Range. 3,800 Miles 866kWh 236 Wh/Mi 3 weeks Charging In general I plan in advance and try to organise AC charging - my preference is just to plug in overnight rather than have to spend time sat at a supercharger. German Used AC on the outward leg Public Chargers were...
  3. VinayRaju21

    Driving from ATL --> Chicago in July

    Hi All, I will be driving/moving from ATL to Chicago in July. Anyone done this drive, tips, tricks, things to see, etc? Says ~12.5 hours on ABRP, planning on just doing it straight and maybe stopping at a rest stop for a few hours of sleep
  4. S

    Model Y won’t charge on supercharger

    On a road trip from Austin to Houston, I learned my Tesla Model Y would not charge at a supercharger, bad timing! I was able to get it into a service center but they weren’t able to fix it in time, so I had to leave it in Houston and will need to make the trip back once it’s fixed (6 hour...
  5. vegetaban

    First road trip model 3 long range

    Figured this would be a fun thread. We’re taking our first road trip in the M3LR, driving down to Disney from PA, so far so good. Using the FSD beta most of the way, so far no major hiccups with it driving. A few construction areas I felt more comfortable driving myself over using the FSD due...
  6. P

    Looking For CCS adapter rental for one week. 11/22/2022 to 11/27/2022z

    hi guys, if you guys can help me find someone that can borrow/rent me a CCS adapter for my road trip. I’m doing a road trip from Seattle Tacoma area to Spokane next week. I know I will need it because I’m doing little road trips to Pullman and there’s a small 50 kW chargers that are on the...
  7. T

    Towing caravan Model X Long range plus

    Hi folks, We have driven with our Model X trough Belgium, France, Suisse, Italy, Austria and Germany this summer for a road trip across various camp site. We started from our home country the Netherlands and our caravan is a Dethlefds C’Go 495 (dimensions 7.30 long 2.30 width and c.1500kg incl...
  8. O

    Portable Generator Recommendations for Road Trip from California to Alaska

    Hi All, I know there have been a few folks who've made the trip from the lower 48 to Alaska, so I'm looking for some advice. Based on my research, the folks who did it previously relied on RV sites or welding shops to charge their car, but I was thinking something different. I was thinking of...
  9. VinayRaju21

    Los Angeles --> Atlanta ('18 Model3 LR)

    Hey Everyone, I am moving to ATL, and I would like to drive (vs ship) out there with my Model3. Have been doing some preliminary research on the Tesla planner, and ABRP. Looks like it is doable, but my main question is the locations I need to get a hotel at. I assume I would need to stay...
  10. D

    First Long Trip in MYP

    So, as a relative newbie to the EV word, but certainly not automotive, I must admit that even I had some concerns about long trip in a pure EV. Sure, I had the BMW i8 but I could always stop to get fuel but you hear the mostly unfounded "range axnxiety" concerns mostly from non-owners. Well, I...
  11. JulesVerne

    3300 mile Roadtrip after 2 wks of ownership. My Observations

    I have just completed a Roadtrip from Toronto to Halifax, touring, and back. Here are some stats, and then my observations. Roadtrip summary. With an EV you have ALL the stats, especially with #teslafi. I have stats for EVERY driving section and EVERY charge (free or not) - Toronto to Halifax...
  12. S’|’orm

    Cross Country NY to LA road trip with V9 FSD

    Hey everyone! I'm currently mapping out a cross country road trip from NY to LA this June after the V9 FSD release comes out to document its usage in a cross country adventure. I have mapped out my journey below and bought the TESMAT privacy screen as well as the Exped megamat 10 duo medium to...
  13. intrepidtoo

    Ultimate EV Road Trip - Circumnavigating North America

    In response to a recent question on Quora about the inconvenience of charging on a roadtrip, I posted this response. As it seemed to elicit a favourable response I thought I would share it here, particularly as prior to my trip TMC members provided some very supportive and reassuring advice...
  14. D

    Trip LA <-> Yosemite

    Hi everyone! I have Model 3 SR+ and thinking of taking a four days trip to Yosemite. Looking at the Supercharger map makes me worry if I will be able to feel comfortable and enjoy a trip rather than counting miles and constantly adjusting route to the charging needs. Has anyone had experience in...
  15. Emvdl

    Model S Yellowstone road trip

    I have a model s 90D, looking to go on a road trip from the Silicon Valley. Any one tried the Yellowstone route via Sacramento? Then going back to around Utah, passing by Vegas? What are good sites? Best superchargers? hotels? Charging destinations? Appreciate your advice.
  16. univ

    Model S roadtrip: From Germany to Israel and Jordan

    Note: I posted this roadtrip diary to the German Tesla forum TFF originally in May 2018 in German language but since I still "owe" a few people an English version I'm now finally taking the time to translate it into English and post it here on TMC in January 2020 as well. :) Hi TMC! After my...
  17. I

    Driving Across Canada via the New TransCanada Highway!

    hi all, i'm planning a trip across canada in celebration of the new canadian superchargers! if it all works out, i'll probably be sharing my experience in video form. it's probably a silly idea, especially during winter, but i've been known to do silly things. any tips? will i be the first to...
  18. LavanyaLea

    UK to France road trip - how accurate is the ETA?

    Hi, new owner of Model 3 LR AWD here. Planning a road trip from North of England to Strasbourg taking the Eurotunnel. Both the route planner from Tesla as well as abetterrouteplanner suggested a 6-7h drive from home to the tunnel and from Calais to Strasbourg, including 10-30 minute charging...
  19. Gwgan

    Katahdin Scenic Byway Rally October 2020

    Now that the Medway Supercharger is online I would like to plan unofficial Tesla Rally along the Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway (rt 11). Basic idea: drive from the Medway SC to the north end of the byway, about 60 miles, and back if that is not too long. I will make a scout trip soon...
  20. P

    5% Battery Left and 1000 miles From Home: My Round-trip from Rochester, NY to Winnipeg

    Just got back from the longest road trip I've ever taken in my Model S and I decided to document my journey here. Love to hear everyone's thoughts! Overall Stats Total distance driven: 3,304 miles Total energy used: 1,027.8 kWh Average energy used per mile: 311 Wh Total Paid on charging...
  21. Z

    Just pulled off a 5,303 Coast to Coast and back Roadtrip in my Model 3

    I just completed a 5,303 mile coast to coast road trip in my Telsa Model 3. Went from Laguna Niguel CA all the way to Atlanta, GA using all Super Chargers (no L2 used) the entire way. I was very happy with the experience. There was a "Tesla Void" between El Paso, Tx and Mississippi where I...
  22. SquirtCow

    I made a list of all the EV charging providers in Europe

    As Tesla owners, we are spoiled with SuC network throughout Europe in the most popular areas. Sadly, the buildout of SuC is East- and Southern Europe is taking its sweet time, and as such - we have to resort to other providers. I am heading on a 5 week drive down Europe in my Model 3 LR/AWD...
  23. plugsnotdrugs

    SC to Cape Cod Roadtrip Tips!

    Hi everyone, Taking off for a 1000mi road trip tomorrow from Greenville, SC to Cape Cod, MA in my Model 3 long range! I'll be taking my wife and 2yr old and we'll be pretty loaded down for our 2 week annual family vacation. We're also planning to stop about halfway or a little further depending...
  24. Vawlkus

    Looking for Hotel suggestions Ont/QC region

    Hey all. I've got a road trip in planning, and I need some recommendations for a mid-way stopping point. Below is a link to A Better Route Planner plot of the path I intend to take, but at 25 hours total, I'm not sure I can get it done in a single day. I'm looking for suggestions, preferably...
  25. O

    Planning a trip to Bear Valley Ski Resort

    Hello! Next week, I'm planning to drive from San Francisco to Bear Valley Ski Resort. I currently own a Model 3 Performance and will have a set of 18" all seasons tires that have good traction in the snow. (Goodyear Assurance® WeatherReady®). I'm supposed to stay at a friend house and was...
  26. zer0frequency

    MX 100D Trip from NJ to Florida in winter

    Hi Guys, Here is my dilemma. I used to get 340-380 Wh/mile but in winter, it has been hovering around 460-490 wh/mile. I have a trip to Florida (NJ to Fort Lauderdale) - now the trip planner tells me to make about 10 charging stops but I am nervous. What do you guys think? Please help. PS...
  27. aikisteve

    Tesla remotely fixes my car while on a road trip

    In this second part of my 1280km road trip, I got some good aikido practise, but also got confronted again with the camera issue, but Tesla managed to solve the issue remotely!
  28. aikisteve

    Taking v9.0 on a road trip and discovering some issues (part 1)

    This weekend, I took the car out on a 1280km / 967mi road trip to Germany for another aikido seminar. But along the way I discovered a few issues with the update and the autopilot cameras, disabling the auto lane change. Seems there are some issues with the alignment, like they had in the...
  29. aikisteve

    Road trip video: taking the Tesla dashcam business international

    While I was somewhat worried about Tesla's own dashcam feature, when it turned out to be pretty lame in feature-richness (but good video quality), and the fact that the feature is only for HW2.5+ cars :-(, I don't see the dashcam business collapsing anytime soon :). Proof of that was when a...
  30. Lex_MIT

    Anyone driving cross country from Boston to California?

    We're a group of MIT researchers looking for a person who is driving their car (preferably Tesla) from Boston to California (preferably Fremont, CA). We would like to add a dashcam to your car to record the forward roadway and will pay for it. Payment amount is negotiable. This will help our...
  31. Corbets

    First road trip in an X

    No pictures, though maybe I’ll get some later. Still, I felt it was worth sharing the experience after my first 8 hours. Yesterday we drove from Zug (Switzerland) to Kassel (Germany) as part of a two-day road trip to Denmark. It was our first experience driving any kind of Tesla beyond the test...
  32. aikisteve

    Found out how much energy you gain by driving down a mountain road

    How much energy do you gain from driving down Eagle Road, a steep mountain road descending into Geiranger, Norway, in a #Tesla Model S?
  33. aikisteve

    Video of our 2018 family road trip to Norway

    First part of our 2018 #Tesla family road trip to and through Norway. This part takes us from home to the natural beauty of Preikestolen. Stay tuned (and subscribe to the channel ;-)) for the rest of the series with even more natural beauty.
  34. 3VOLUTN

    Tesla Takeover - Kettleman City to Avila Beach April 21-22nd

    It sounded like fun so I registered to join. Anyone else going? Tesla Takeover Road Trip | Kettleman City to Avila Beach | April 21, 2018 Hopefully weather is nice! :cool:
  35. aikisteve

    Road trip to the UK: driving on the wrong side of the road

    This week I had to go to the UK office for work. Usually, I go by train. But this time I felt like driving. Also, because my wife wants to go road tripping through Scotland, I wanted to see how comfortable I feel with driving "on the wrong side of the road". Along the way I ran into trouble...