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roof rack

  1. D

    Roof Rack Model S Glass Roof - SF Bay Area/Carmel - $400 OBO

    Fitment is for a glass roof. Have boxes, manuals, keys, very much like new. Does not fit my pano roof Model S. Believe fitment is good through 2017, but please confirm. For clarity sake, I included a photo of my roof, which this system is NOT compatible with. ;)...
  2. J

    Model S Panoramic Roof -- Whispbar Rack for Sale

    Chicago area, $300, used a dozen times for Panoramic roof Model S. Have all parts.
  3. T

    Carrying bikes on roof

    Hi we are considering getting a roof rack in our SR+. Would this be a good option and how much faster does the battery drain. We will be carrying 1 junior bike and 2 adult mounts bikes .
  4. I

    Roof Rack Options

    Winter sport time is here. Tesla.com shop roof rack is still out of stock. Is there any after market roof rack system that is same quality? from Aliexpress? or talsem.com? or teslarati.com? Any ideas?
  5. I

    Roof rack for fishing boat?

    So, I have Tesla original roof rack. and I am hoping to get something like a pond prowler or even twin troller kind of small 1-2 men mini bass boat. now, size-wise, I think it seems too long for how far apart the roof racks sit. Width remains within the range of width of the m3. anyone have...
  6. R

    Thule 3130 kit install: drilling/thread cutting required?

    I have a 2014 Model S with sunroof and fixed mounts on which I'm trying to install Thule's 3130 kit. There's a step that illustrated using a thread cutting bolt to cut threads in the mounts. My (preowned) Model S already has threads in the mounting location, but they're for much smaller hardware...
  7. B

    Roof Rack for Sculling Singles

    I'm looking to get a rack for my Model Y to carry a sculling (rowing) single. Any advice on which rack to use on the car? I gather that most rowers buy a "cradle" that attaches to simple roof rack, both because this allows for the boat to be secured snugly and also because it can detached from...
  8. jeff1323

    2021 Tesla Model S Refresh Roof Rack Installation Nightmare!

    The last Model S that I owned was purchased in 2018 with the sunroof, so the roof rack installation was pretty straightforward with the tabs being on the side of the car, separate from the glass. With this new Model S, I was curious to see how this new glass roof installation would be. I called...
  9. K

    Model Y roof rack - replacement end caps

    One of the Model Y roof rack end caps came off while driving. Looking for a replacement. ANy ideas where i can get one?
  10. O

    Roof rack for model y

    Are there any other manufacturers making roof rack for Tesla model y 2020? I’ve been watching to buy it since last year, and its price even increased in 2021, which I didn’t really expect.. really? Price increase on accessories? I’d also like to know if Yakima roof-top tent can be put on model...
  11. Slam_EVS

    WTB: Tesla Model S Roof Rack Vancouver BC Canada

    Hi Tesla Family. Posting thread if anyone is looking to sell their roof rack for their model s full panoramic glass roof im interested in what you got! Willing to pay for shipping if from US and good price :) Thank you!
  12. COS Blue

    Roof rack creaking noises with bikes

    I have a 2021 LR+ with the roof rack purchased from Tesla. The roof rails seem to be quite sturdily attached to the car. I can pull on them vigorously and they don't move, don't make any noises. They seem quite solid. However, my confidence level goes down when I have a bike or two on the...
  13. E

    Model 3 roof rack parts/components

    Has anyone been successful in purchasing parts/components of the OEM Model 3 roof rack from Tesla and/or Yakima? I pulled into the garage with the bike still on the roof and besides damage to the car (already fixed, thankfully), the only damage to the roof rack was bending two screws and...
  14. J

    Tesla Model 3 roof rack + Yakima HighRoad bike carrier for sale. New in boxes.

    Happy Monday, everyone. I have a the following for sale as an entire package (only): - Tesla Model 3 roof rack - $450 (note this is for Model 3) - Yakima HighRoad bike tray - $199 (retails for $249, but discontinued) - Yakima SmarT-Slot Kit - $20 - Yakima 12 SKS matching lock cores - $104...
  15. FrunkLover

    S Thule Roof Bars - Black

    Hi all - selling my Thule roof bars. They work great, for I believe all glass and moonroof models where the little glass door flips open on the roof. My car lived in its garage for its whole life, used bars about 1/2 the year. Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Xl Black 7604B JY-CMT-NTN14796-7604B...
  16. house9

    Unscientific roof rack efficiency test (Model 3)

    Unscientific roof rack efficiency test (Model 3) Summary: 30.3 mile mixed loop: 2 neighborhood (20 - 35), 12.5 highway/freeway (65 - 80), 16 road (45 - 65) Stock: 236 Wh/Mile Tesla Roof Rack: 247 Wh/Mile Tesla Roof Rack w/Yakima Highroad: 264 Wh/Mile Tesla Roof Rack w/Yakima Highroad, 2 bikes...
  17. No CO2

    Thule roof racks too short, remove small pano glass "door"?

    I have a 2013 MS I want my roof racks to be 1" taller, further away from the glass. Some ideas... - I can buy 1" thick rubber for $40, and cut to size - I can weld & build my own separate racks. I can use one bolt per corner, but I would want to remove the small "door" that covers the threaded...
  18. L

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    Model 3 with 5 bikes. Tesla factory roof rails (Model 3 Roof Rack). Two Yakima HighSpeed bike carriers on the roof (HighSpeed | Fork Mount Bike Rack | Yakima Racks). A Stealth Hitch (stealthhitches.com) installed on the back (DIY) with a 1 Up 3-tray Heavy Duty bike carrier (1UP USA | OFFICIAL SITE).
  19. M

    NEW Model 3 Roof Rack (Los Angeles)

    I have a new M3 roof rack for sale. Never mounted or used. Reason for sale is because I’m getting a model Y in a few months. Asking $375 so a $75 discount off Tesla’s new price. Cash and pickup only.
  20. ClarkJoeKent

    GEORGIA: Red Model 3 Long Range RWD w/ EAP & Lifetime Connectivity

    Our family is growing and we made the tough decision to let go of our beloved Model 3. This vehicle is unique in that Tesla no longer produces this configuration: long range rear wheel drive. It is one of the most efficient models in their lineup at 325 miles of range on a single charge. Mileage...
  21. Poncherelly

    Roof rack

    Has anyone seen anyone post the roof rack mounts on the Y? Is it identical to the 3?
  22. ckarner

    Model 3 Roof Rack Price went up.

    Had it in my shopping cart yesterday at $450 first thing this morning try and checkout and get error. Refresh page and to my dislike $600 Model 3 Roof Rack
  23. Kappelan

    Seasucker as a roof rack for Tesla Model 3

    I was thinking about using Seasucker racks with our Model 3 for a while and have decided to give it a try. The idea of using their board rack as a universal roof rack came from one of the thread in this forum (someone is using them this way). So since I had a Thule ski rack already I bought the...
  24. M

    Model 3 roof rack Tesla vs Taptes? what cargo box?

    Hello Everyone, I have had my model 3 for 6 months no and I want to get a roof rack to carry my bike and to put a cargo box on it. I have two questions but before I asked them, Thank you very much for your answers. Question 1. I know about the Tesla branded roof rack but also found the Taptes...
  25. Deans

    F/S Model S Roof Rack - Panoramic Roof

    Model S Roof Rack for Sale. $375. Used for 1 ski season. Perfect condition. Denver, Colorado Local pick up only. Model S Roof Rack - Panoramic Roof
  26. Knightowl

    WTB Gen 1 tesla S roof rack 2012-2014

    Putting this out there, I am looking for a used good working order roof rack for my wifes 2013 Tesla model S. Not an immediate need so in no hurry should this take a few months or even a couple years to find at the price I am looking to spend, $200 local to Colorado Springs or an hours drive...
  27. Adam W

    Model S Roof Rack - Winter is Here! ❄️

    Selling my Gen 1 roof rack for Model S, fitted for pano roof. WhispBar brand. Comes with all of the parts to secure to your vehicle. Had on a previously owned 2013 MS. Originally paid $550 2 years ago. Used for our kayaks but no longer own the Tesla. Accessories can be added like bike racks...
  28. T

    Whispbar roof rack and bike racks, from 2012 Model S

    Whispbar roof rack and 2x bike racks. It came from my 2012 Model S with sunroof, comes with all the necessary bolts, brackets, covers etc to install to the car. There are also keys to secure the bike racks once installed on the car. Looking at this forum, I'm guessing, $350 for the roof rack...
  29. N

    Tesla accessories for sale (winter tires, roof rack, wall charger, etc)

    We sold our Model S and have these items for sale. Located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and prices are Canadian $. Items pictured below. Four Winter tires with 20000 km on alloy rims and with Tesla TPMS 4x Hakkapeliitta R2, Tesla TPMS, Alloy Rims Price New >$2300...
  30. GolanB

    Cargo Container - Thule, Yakima, Other?

    I went ahead and ordered the Tesla Roof Rack today, and my next order of business is to find a solid Cargo Container to mount to it. Has anyone had any luck mounting Thule, or Yakima storage containers to the roof of their Model 3 - using the Tesla Roof Rack System? - I realize that these...
  31. casimiron

    Model X Roof & Hitch Box

    I saw a few posts and questions on how to extend the limited cargo space available in a Model X and wanted to share my solution. A fully loaded with the 7 seater version of the Model X had very limited room for luggage, which means you can use it to drive your (larger) family to the cinema, but...
  32. C

    More Space - M3 With Tow Bar And Roof Bars

    I'm really keen on getting an M3 (the X is too pricey for us), but for the occasional family holiday (sometimes camping) we'd want to take plenty of kit as well as bikes. I'm thinking that roof bars with a roof box, as well as a tow bar with a bike attachment, is the way to go but the dealer...
  33. T

    WTS roof rack bars for pano - sunroof Model S

    I installed these on my wife's model S and did not end up using them, however they were on the car for about a month so I'm offering them here for 450 with free shipping. Everything's included to install. I did not see anywhere that said WTS posts are wrong so if they are, delete me mods...
  34. plugsnotdrugs

    Model 3 Roof Rack - best bike attachment

    Hey Model 3 owners with roof racks, I've bought and installed the roof rack and love it - it was super simple and looks great. Now, I'm looking for a roof mounted bike rack system that will support 2 bikes (no issue if that means buying qty. 2 for optimal performance). I've seen a couple...
  35. eokie

    What roof mount bike rack are you using?

    I just had my roof rack installed today (service center did not charge, but the mobile service wanted $175 to install), and I am curious what bike rack everyone is using?
  36. L

    Sunroof owners, do you have rust on your roof rack mounts??

    I have another thread about my roof rack coming off here: Car flex and losing a roof rack with bikes? It appears the roof attachment mounts from the factory have rusted and contributed to the bolts coming out. I’ve heard from 5 others with similar rust, but wanted to find out if a lot of others...
  37. A

    Bike roof rack for all glass '18 Model S

    Hi folks, I ordred the all glass Tesla roof rack, should arrive this week. Now I was about to order a Thule bike rack but after messaing them they responded none of their roof bike racks are compatible with the official tesla roof bars. What do u guys use as bike roof racks that works on...
  38. L

    Car flex and losing a roof rack with bikes?

    I’ve had the Tesla Whispbar roof rack on my Model S for two years and used it on around 4,000 miles of trips with either two tandem kayaks or 4 bikes. I use Yakima JayLows for the kayaks and Yakima Front Loaders for the bikes. I’m pretty diligent about checking the system and take it off and on...
  39. nwujames

    Tesla Model S Whispbar Roof Rack System OEM Genuine w/ Lock & Key

    I'm selling my Tesla branded Whisperbar Roof Rack - in excellent condition with all original hardware/parts. The hardware kit included is for Model S w/ panoramic roofs manufactured June 2015 and newer. For 2012 - May 2015 (w/ pano roofs), the roof rack is also compatible but needs a different...
  40. YYZ-IAD

    Kayak aerodynamics impact of Wh/mile

    Hi Off topic for most of you - but it does show to importance of aerodynamic drag - or lack thereof. I have official Tesla roof rack installed. Without ability to do controlled experiment for temp and route - I think loss of efficiency from rack alone is negligible. This weekend I had...
  41. Marius A

    WTB TM3 roof rack

    I'm looking for a TM3 roof rack as they are not available over here yet. Will pay for shipping (Norway), can transfer by PayPal or similar
  42. Xebec

    Roof Rack - New Yakima clips too long to get to 8Nm torque?

    Hey Folks - I'm one of the February roof rack batch buyers that arrived with the 'bad' clips. Upon installing with the new (grey/silver) clips from Yakima and upon installing the roof rack, I found the bolts to be a bit too long to properly torque with a torque wrench + allen key attachment...
  43. Tony_YYZ

    Model S All Glass Roof Rack now available for purchase

    Here is the link to the Canadian store. Previously you needed the Panoramic roof to use a roof rack. Now those with the all glass roof on their S can get one too. Model S Roof Rack - Glass Roof
  44. E

    Model 3 Roof Rack Options - Comparing Efficiencies

    As winter arrived I was excited to strap a roof rack on my Model 3 and take it to the mountains. I quickly discovered little information out there about how it would impact the range. Given the long cold uphill drive and variable weather conditions, I was determined to find the highest...
  45. T

    MS OEM All Glass Roof Rack on Tesla Store

    Finally an option for those of us with an all glass roof! Model S Roof Rack - Glass Roof
  46. Neo1974

    Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack – J-Bolt securing the rack snapped

    I received my Tesla roof rack last week and yesterday, one of the J-Bolt holding the rack snapped. In case someone asks, it was not due to overtightening as I was careful not to torque beyond 8 Nm (with proper torque tool). This happened while I was in town with my cargo box on (empty), I...
  47. M

    Official roof rack for the Model 3 out of stock

    With not being in stock for some time and reading of some owners having installation issues, can one assume that Tesla has withdrawn the roof rack altogether? Tesla themselves are not giving out any info on the matter which I can only assume is because they see it would hurt sales, or could...
  48. ClarkJoeKent

    FOR SALE in GA: Model S accessories

    Hey Tesla GA fam, DM me if interested in any of the following Model S accessories. All are in great condition and prices are negotiable. Local pickup beats shipping! Note: a great meeting place is the Alpharetta-Roswell Service Center. • NEW (unused) 21" Arachnid silver wheel & tire set • Used...
  49. M

    THule roof rack for Model S with Glass roof

    Thule AeroBlade Edge Low-profile, complete rack system with exceptional aerodynamic performance and integrated design. For sale. Used 2 summers to transport surfboards. In great shape. WIll add pictures when I get home from work. $620 new from Thule. Willing to sell for $450 including...
  50. M

    Roof racks - what is the holdup?

    As the title suggests..... how difficult can it be to mass produce these roof racks? Anybody have info on why this is not in store? With Europe deliveries a mere 6-7 weeks away and thousands of European TM3 owners wanting to bring their skis along to the slopes one would have though Tesla to be...

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