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rotate tires

  1. Mikedrives

    Uh-oh. Forgot to rotate the tires for 38K miles!

    My wife has a 2019 M3 SR with the standard 18" wheels. Zero problems with this car except 1.) I don't get to drive it enough and 2.) I have to fill the wiper fluid every 9 or 10 months, dammit. So I forgot about rotating the tires for, um about 2 years now, and didn't realize how quickly she's...
  2. FrankTUTB

    Rotating Tires with Überturbine Wheels

    One thing that concerns a lot of PUP option purchasers is the long-term use of the Uberturbine wheels. I ordered the PUP due to the upgraded brakes as I intend to haul a trailer a LOT with it. I'm still a few weeks away from getting mine, and I'm still narrowing down replacement wheels & tires...
  3. GMan324

    Free Lug Nut Cap Removal Tool (3D Print Design)

    I have a 2014 CPO MS60 that I bought last January. I rotate the tires religiously every 6,250 miles to extend the life of the tires. I have done this three times now. (Yes, I have put on 20K miles on it in 10 months.) If you haven't done this yourself you just need a good torque wrench set...