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  1. D

    Doing own wheel rotation in Aus- my learnings

    Today, for the first time, I rotated the wheels on my 3LR. Approx 17,000kms. Total time 1hr25m which included getting the car out of the garage, emptying the boot, assembling materials, doing the work, retrieving a lug nut which roiled down a drain which was under the car, returning car to...
  2. M

    Brining jack pads to 3rd party garages necessary?

    Specifically with Discount Tire? My first tire rotation is coming up and I know lifting a Tesla is different than a regular car. Should I buy a set of jack pads and install them in the parking lot when I go somewhere like Discount Tire? My biggest fear is an employee that is rushing or doesn't...
  3. SeasonedTech

    Safe Jack - Jack Stands - Tesla S, 3, X, Y

    These are the racing red Safe Jacks brand, customized to work with Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y. You don't need the Tesla style jack pad; it comes with them! Purchased from Teslarati, normally they go for $545 shipped from Teslarati, yours for $500. Local pickup only (Bay Area, California) All 4 are...
  4. wjhepworth

    No need for tire rotations with dual motor?

    So, during my last annual checkup the service guy advised me that Tesla engineering feels that the dual motor Tesla MS & MX don't need to get a tire rotation... at all. Anybody believe this? I am continuing to do so for now every 10,000 just to be on safe side. My last set lasted 48,000 and I...

    Will Tesla Rotate Your Tires for Free When Taking It In For Warranty Work?

    Just trying to save time and money. Has anyone had a recent experience with this?
  6. tliving

    Tire Rotation Help

    Hi all, perhaps i'm making a bigger thing of this than necessary but i'm just over 5K on mileage on my Model S and trying to figure out tire rotation. Watertown service says to rotate every 5-6K miles. Then they said "You can get tire rotations done at any tire shop" or that I could do a walk-in...