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  1. J

    AP Racing Brake Kits on sale for $1,000 off!

    Essex is hosting a sale during the month of November on all Tesla Model 3 Brake Kits, with discounts up to $1,000 off: https://www.essexparts.com/my-vehicle/2021/Tesla/Model%203/Performance
  2. Rick71

    Expired FS : Tesla plaid oem brake front and rear [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS : Tesla plaid oem brake front and rear. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. vanR

    DIY Tesla Drive Unit Repair

    Check the youtube channel I started about DIY repair of the Tesla Large Drive Unit (DU). This may benefit those who like to fix their car themselves, epecially if it's out of warranty. Here is the link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCIHg1trfQQTYIA88w-ZcCdw Background: The DU in my 2012 Toyota...
  4. cdub715

    Anybody have experience with Paragon Brakes?

    I'm in the market to upgrade the rotors on my TM3 AWD LR. Through my research on these forums, there seems to be only 4 main options discussed on these forums: MPP, RB, AP, and UP. Paragon Brakes is the only company not discussed here so I wanted to poke around and see if anyone has had...
  5. K

    Cracked Rotor - Brand New. How?

    I just finished redoing my front brakes (new rotors + pads + brake fluid) and I started to work on my suspension and noticed my new rotor was cracked. GRRRR. Could someone please tell me what likely happened and whether this is a manufacturing defect or something I did incorrectly. I guess I...
  6. KManS

    Model 3 Performance DIY Brake Job

    I still have to pen the associated article, but I have put the video online at YouTube. Enjoy!
  7. KBurbridge14

    Rust on brake rotors and discolored calipers

    I've had my X for 17+ months and I noticed something today which is a new problem. Suddenly, all four (4) brake rotors are covered with rust. in addition, the screws/bolts attaching the calipers are also rusted. And, all of the calipers are discolored. See picture. Anybody experiencing this? I...
  8. fasteddie7

    Rock in between rotor and shield, help!

    after driving on a gravel / stone road I heard a metallic screeching sound that screeches at low speed and tapes off at high speed. After doing some research it appears I have a rock in my rotor shield scraping off the rotor. I'm 196 miles from a service center. Should I take it to a local...