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route planner

  1. T

    Route Planning and Road Closures - Tesla Fail

    Sorry if this is not the optimal place for this (moderators go ahead and re-file) but: I have some interesting test results using route planners in the case of an active road closure. Parameters: As of minutes ago, this site: https://ca-17.com/US-395#chp-incidents listed US 395 closed from...
  2. N

    Trip/Route Planning Software/Apps - Thoughts?

    New to the Tesla world and was wondering people's thoughts, recommendations, etc. on the different trip/route planning options out there. So far, I'm aware of ABetterRoutePlanner.com on the web, the EVTO app on my iPhone, and the Nav/Maps that come standard on my S. I also see a bunch of other...
  3. MrBoylan

    Trip planner?

    As I wait for any news on the Model X (RSN 4787), I was curious to see if there are any good trip planning apps that specifically allow you to plan a trip based on availability of Tesla Super Chargers along the route. Ideally it would fall back to other charging stations and also list hotels...