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rust protection

  1. W

    How to prevent from further Corrosion on Axle Shaft and Hub

    I removed the center cap today and found the corrosions on the axle shaft and hub
  2. Dr. Y. Tokui

    Rust protection & corrosion guarantee

    Hello all, Living in the Nordics, wintertime can be rough on any vehicle. I am considering a full rust proofing/protection, yet I have heard that according to Tesla, any corrosion guarantee will be void, if the car is given this. Not being able to find any information regarding this on Tesla's...
  3. R

    Rain, Weather and Tesla Model 3

    Hello, This is my first post. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot. Could someone who has held on to a Tesla Model 3 or other Tesla product for over a year tell me about the effect of persistent rain on the surface paint and under carriage (corrosion, rust, etc)? I have...
  4. Raindog1

    For those who live in where they salt roads during winter, what are you doing for rust proofing?

    I just joined the Tesla family, and loving it every minute. What is your advice on protecting our investment during winter? Where I live they dump tones of salt on the roads, we have a well known brand that protects cars (CROWN) which I have used on other cars.... but I wanted to know what my...