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  1. K

    Front rocker panel rusting with ppf..any warranty from Tesla or PPF installer?

    Hi everyone, It's first time writing in here and I'd like to get your opinions. I've been owning my M3P for 4 years. I put ppf on whole body right after delivery. Few days ago, I found rust on the rocker panel at the driver side front wheel well. The ppf was peeled with paint. I contacted...
  2. T

    MYLR 2023 Pin Holes of Rust

    Hey guys, I just took my car to the wash and came back to notice there are pin holes of rust all over the car. I am wondering if anyone has any advice about rust on the tesla. I've only driven it 7000km. I live in Canada and the winters make the road conditions hard on cars with salt on the...
  3. B

    2023 Tesla Model X Rusting

    Hi All, This is my first post! I have a 2023 Model X. I've noticed the area between the rotor and the rim (see attached pictures) is starting to rust really bad under one year of ownership. I brought it to Tesla and they said it was normal and they won't fix it but I don't agree. Several facts...
  4. D

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    II have a 2018 M3 LR that went into the SC and for corroded brake lines and has now has been found to have a defective battery due to corrosion issues. Tesla is refusing to honor the warranty because they say there is dirt in the undercarriage. I explained that the underside of the car has been...
  5. Y

    Rusty leaks from the pipe damaged car painting

    Hi there, Recently I found my model's frunk hood painting got damaged by the rusty leaks from a pipe, do you know if it's repairable via a DIY way or I have to go to tesla service? I have tired to wipe it off by myself, but feels like there are already some chemical reactions happened to the...
  6. M

    Leak/rust center pillar

    Can someone provide me an image of your 2023 Mylr from the center pillar where it meets the glass (gasket)? I picked my car up in February, but it looks like my car is starting to rust. There is weather stripping but this one part has been sticking out and can’t be pushed in due to a metal...
  7. A

    Rust and fender liner adjustment

    After repairing the rust spot, I noticed the corner of the fender liner can be maneuvered so it sits in front of the steel fender edge, where it will help prevent chips. Seems like it's meant to be assembled this way, but my 2018 M3 wasn't. See photo.
  8. A

    SC not honouring 12 year Body Rust Limited Warranty for spoiler

    2017 MX underside fixed spoiler panel paint is bubbling. It is an uncommon but known issue on the forum I see. After initially quoting £0 repair estimate and agreeing “I’m sure the spoiler is covered under the paint warranty” SC is now refusing to honour the 12 year Body Rust Limited Warranty...
  9. E

    Dirt Roads and Salt Brine: Rusted 2 Y.O. Model Y Rear Brake Lines in New Hampshire

    Hello All, I have a 2020 Model Y that I drive up in fairly rural New Hampshire - part of my road is dirt, and I drive regularly on roads that are treated with brine including I-89. When I went to get my car inspected, the mechanic pointed out my rusted (to the point of near failure) rear brake...
  10. G

    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Just noticed this for the first time, sunlight hit at just the right angle. The strut connections to the car are all rusted, all four of them to varying degrees. Trunk still opens and closes fine. Warranty expires in a month but is this just wear and tear? If I request service I won't know if...
  11. belanger

    Rust alert - Wheels' arc liner friction & more

    Hi all. From West coast to North East cold winters that requires sand/salt/tiny rocks at times, below are pictures taken this week behind the front wheel's arch liner. The car is a M3 Dec 2018 ~18k miles bought in California, never driven yet in snow. Planning to complete anti-rust job soon...
  12. C

    Delivered with Rust on brake rotors

    I just went to check out my Tesla predelivery and saw rust inside the wheel hubs. Tesla say this is "extremely normal". I am concerned that if rust is showing pre-delivery , what will it be like in 12 months. Not to mention that Australian consumer law sets minimum standards of "acceptable...
  13. N

    Official Tesla Paint Protection Film Kit

    Has anyone purchased and installed the Tesla Paint Protection Film kit that Tesla sells in their online store (link below)? Model 3 All Weather Protection Kit Curious to see if anyone has any pictures of what it looks like after installed and how difficult it was to place.
  14. TonyJag

    Rust Vulnerability?

    My new 2020 M3P was delivered yesterday, Chief among the Fit & Finish issues was the following: Both left & right front plastic wheel well liners have an opening where the fenders meet the rocker panels—see photo of left side. Through it, steel with only primer can be seen. Right in the path...
  15. ElectricJoules

    Where have you seen rust?

    A lot of the metal work around the suspension areas seems to be protected (wheel studs for example - are they galvanised?, but I'm seeing rust on the threaded end of the axels. I've brushed a little waxoyl on these now to prevent future problems. Where has anybody else seen rust that can be...
  16. R

    Rust under interior side dash trim 2015 Model S 90D

    I purchased a used 2015 Tesla Model S 90D back in May and installed a subwoofer and amp in it a month or so ago. While doing this, I had to remove the interior side dash trim to pipe some cables through. After popping the trim off, I noticed a ton of what looks like rust as shown in the...
  17. astrowunder

    PSA: check for rust at this point

    Hi Guys, Matt from Tech Forum posted this video: Now there's some talk accusing him of not mentioning that he's been in a couple of fender-benders which is surely why this is happening. However, I have not had any body work done and have not had any car to car encounters with my car and I...
  18. GolanB

    Winter Tires Off: Rust on Center Disk adjacent to Hub Flange

    Today I finally got my snow tires removed (performance tires are back on)! As we were cleaning up, I noticed rust had formed across the center disk (which marries up to the hub flange). I was told that this can sometimes happen when two different metals are married together and that some...
  19. L

    Sunroof owners, do you have rust on your roof rack mounts??

    I have another thread about my roof rack coming off here: Car flex and losing a roof rack with bikes? It appears the roof attachment mounts from the factory have rusted and contributed to the bolts coming out. I’ve heard from 5 others with similar rust, but wanted to find out if a lot of others...
  20. KBurbridge14

    Rust on brake rotors and discolored calipers

    I've had my X for 17+ months and I noticed something today which is a new problem. Suddenly, all four (4) brake rotors are covered with rust. in addition, the screws/bolts attaching the calipers are also rusted. And, all of the calipers are discolored. See picture. Anybody experiencing this? I...
  21. Joe F

    Summon, snow and a narrow garage PSA

    This was a first for me, and I don't recall ever seeing anyone having this issue. After driving home last Saturday in a heavy, wet snow storm with large clingy flakes, I manually parked in my garage, offset to one side so I could open the door enough to exit. Normally I just use summon to pull...