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rv charging

  1. D

    Is surge protection possible or necessary at RV parks?

    I’m new to Tesla Model Y camping. I plan to take trips and plug in overnight at RV park electric pedestals. However, I’ve read that the quality of the electrical installation at some RV parks is unprofessional and I want to protect my Tesla. However , when searching for EV surge protectors, I...
  2. adayley

    RV parks filling the charging gaps?

    I’m finding areas in Arizona that would be a great drive but charging stops are out of the way. It would make a day drive into a long day drive. Is RV Parky app a good enough way to find places to charge? Seems like RV parks are missing out on a revenue source. If an RV park knows it is in a...
  3. S

    Existing Hot Tub Connection

    I want to utilize an old hot tub connection located in my backyard to install a NEMA 14-50 plug. The connection labeled on the panel is connected to a 60A breaker. I'll include an image of the existing wiring. Clearly there is a heavy gauge wiring which I think I can connect the 14-50...
  4. intrepidtoo

    North America Circumnavigation Road Trip

    Having recently completed a 50,000km road trip through 30 countries from Australia to the UK, we’re now planning the next stage of the journey, a 6 month circumnavigation of North America, this time in an EV. Starting out from LA in April we plan to drive north as far as we can, to Alaska if...
  5. G

    public / paid charging

    After I placed an order for our 60D MX tesla was kind enough to let us barrow a 90D for the day, so we did what anyone close to a coast would do, we went to the beach :) The total trip was about 200 miles, which in the 90D was no problem, however there were no superchargers on the route we...
  6. S

    30amp RV Charging

    Hey all, I've been trying to get a good answer on this for a couple days. I'm going Tesla-camping and the campground has only the 30amp RV hookups. This is a 30amp @ 110v connector. The highest connector Tesla makes for 110v is 20amps. I'm trying to see if an adapter can be had or made to...
  7. J

    Charging at RV park

    I am traveling through Missouri soon and there are few charging options. I see a lot of RV parks though. I've never charged at one and am bringing the family. I'd prefer 50 amps because I don't want to stay long. My questions are: 1. Can I just show up without a reservation and charge my...
  8. jrreno

    Pittsburgh , Pa to Rochester, Ny

    Traveling between Pittsburgh and Rochester today. After consulting Plug Share I called Evangola State Park in Irving New York. They said they would be able to accommodate us at one of their 50 amp Rv stations. We stopped at the Cranberry Supercharger and had a very pleasant breakfast with...
  9. Owner

    Poll: Supercharger 2x Distance or RV Park charging?

    On my soon return to the west coast, I think I can safely get myself to St. Louis via Nashville (friend's house), one RV park in Paducah, two service centers (Marietta, GA and St. Louis) along with the new Macon, GA supercharger. My question is after St. Louis.... go back to the supercharger...
  10. thranx

    Grand Canyon charging

    Has anyone charged up at the Grand Canyon lodge trailer village RV park, or elsewhere at the south rim? Or in Tusayan?