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  1. P

    Change in MY SR 2021 to 2022 RWD

    First post for me here, I have been watching for a few months now. Ordered a MY SR on 25/09/2021, delivery is confirmed to be on 25/11/2021 with the original 6 to 10 week plan, MIC car for delivery in China (Expat living in China) Interesting thing I noticed today is the change in website specs...
  2. Baytomax

    WTB M3 SR+ RWD Lowering Springs

    As the title says, willing to buy lowering springs for M3 SR+ RWD. Please drop a message or send a DM on what brand springs you got. Thanks!
  3. J

    RWD in Snow

    One of my friend is planning to purchase Model 3 SR. He has concerns with RWD performance in Snow, as he has always owned AWD cars. I did tell him my experience that I never had issues with RWD even without snow tires, although I drive very less. Has any other RWD owners faced issues in New...
  4. L

    2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD, FSD, White Interior, 19” Sport, Full PPF, Full Tint, New Battery + Drive Unit

    2019 Model 3 RWD for sale! This was the longest range config offered at the time - 325 miles of range! I have babied this car its entire life. Current mileage 67,410. Asking $40,000. Upgrades: - White Interior - 19” Sport Wheels - Full Self Driving with HW 3.0 - Performance Pedals - Console...
  5. J

    Hypothetical Long Range RWD Model Y Buyer Questions

    As the Standard Range RWD Model Y is only available off the menu, at least for now, would you consider purchasing a Long Range RWD Model Y should Tesla decide to build this variation? Price - How much would you expect to pay for a Long Range RWD Model Y given that the current price of the Long...
  6. 5

    Ride Quality - Tesla Y RWD vs AWD

    There is a 500 lbs weight reduction from the AWD version (4,416 lbs) to the RWD version (3,920 lbs). For those who have driven both versions, does the RWD have a noticeable better ride quality?
  7. J

    SR price reduction

    SR RWD is $39,990 on Tesla website
  8. MoreAgain

    Tesla on a go-kart track

    Ton of fun playing with the Mountain Pass Performance partybox in my RWD 3 at Adams Motorsports Park go-kart track at Friday Night Time Attack event. Ended up 4th fastest of 22 with a 46.4 second run.
  9. H

    Any rumors on when MY RWD might be released in USA

    Hi all, I am one of those people that signed up for the MY RWD (I did not care about AWD and wanted the extra range). Anyway, the rumor mill has been pretty quiet on the potential release date since the company said it would release in “a few months”. back in July. Just wondering if I am...
  10. J

    Monel Y Single Motor RWD Production

    Any news out there on when RWD production and deliveries will start? My current vehicle lease ends in mid-December and I'm planning on getting the Y RWD. Of course, not available to order yet. Getting a little antsy about this as I thought ordering would open by now for December or January...
  11. B

    For Sale: Tesla Model 3 2018 LR RWD Metallic Silver - metro Atlanta

    **FOR SALE: 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD Silver Metallic $39,990** We are looking to sell our Model 3. The car was delivered in June 2018. It is in excellent condition. The car has PPF on the front bumper, headlights and side-mirrors. It has Enhanced Autopilot and can be upgraded to FSD...
  12. L

    RWD 3-row Model Y order cancelled by Tesla

    I got a text over the weekend saying that the preorder for my configuration, a RWD 3-row Model Y, will be cancelled due to it not being available until 2022. Anyone else get something like this? On my Tesla account, it says that my preorder has been cancelled and the refund is in the works...
  13. Kofther

    Model Y RWD 3-6 weeks?

    Just received a text from Tesla. I ordered a RWD / White / 19-inch wheels. Could this be true? Hope so. :)
  14. C

    Towing my Tesla

    I saw this comment on one of the forums here" "A RWD Model S towed backwards with the rear wheels on a dolly seems like it would be fine." Has anyone done this? Or any comments on this statement?
  15. Jlescobar

    Tire size issues. RWD Model 3 LR

    Hi all, I purchased after market wheel for my RWD M3 and been having some trouble with some tire installers like Discount Tires who mention that the size of the tire I am choosing is incorrect. I'm moving from my stock 18" aero wheel to 235/35/20 front and rear. Apparently these wheels do not...
  16. MoreAgain

    (Lack of) Track Mode Blues

    Feeling down in the dumps because all the cool kids have the Performance Model 3 with Track Mode V2 while you're riding around with slip start? Maybe you've tried out Dyno mode and ended up in a ditch or spun around doing donuts. But, what can you do to actually get better lap times? Well...
  17. smcginnis

    LR RWD Range Increase

    Now that the AWD’s range is approximately the same as the RWD version, the order page on the Tesla RWD account’s mileage indicates “NaNmi”. I would guess that to mean “Not available ? mileage”. Does anyone have a better guess at what Tesla is trying to communicate?
  18. theishu

    2018 LR RWD FSD/EAP Pristine condition (DC area) - BETTER THAN NEW!

    Why is this better than a new Model 3? 1. Long Range Rear-wheel Drive (best value config; no longer directly available) 2. Multi-coat Red ($2,500 extra today) 3. Lifetime LTE connectivity for OTA software updates, traffic, streaming music, Spotify, Netflix, Youtube (LTE for new cars is free for...
  19. T

    0-60 MPH test of LR RWD on 2019.36.2.1

    A very rudimentary test of the new power increase using an online stopwatch and slow motion video. Conditions were wet and cold (41F) and the battery was a little cold too. The only preconditioning was a 20 minute top-off charge about 15 minutes prior. It slipped slightly on launch. I’ll run...
  20. MoreAgain

    Back to School

    Attended the Alfa Romeo club's advanced time-trial school over the weekend at the Streets of Willow. The instructors and events were great & we got tons of track time. Charging was more of an issue than I was hoping it would be, but I was able to make it work. (caution - the video is crazy...
  21. MoreAgain

    SCCA Autocross

    I attended my first SCCA autocross event last Saturday in my RWD Model 3. The event was organized by Cal Club, and they did a great job of it. I had planned to do some runs with stock traction control, and compare them against runs using MPP Party Box VSC defeat device. I quickly found that it...
  22. llirk

    2017 Model S 75 For Sale - Northern Nj

    Immaculately kept 2017.5 S75 - 22,500 miles - Autopilot (not EAP) added after delivery - Clean title - No accidents, no pets, no smoking - Garage kept - Hand washed only, no paint swirls visible - Zero curb rash - Normal paint chips on front end for 22k miles - Asking $54,000
  23. jyalpert

    Horrendous brake feel

    Stock brakes on the M3 standard RWD feel horrendous. Non-linear feel, inspires trepidation rather than confidence. They feel like really cold racing brakes. Even my wife commented on this. Hasn't gotten any better in 1mo of ownership. I saw other threads on this but no solutions. Is this...
  24. T

    LR AWD AP vs. LR RWD FSD (April 2019)

    Hi All, Apologies for another one of these threads but I don’t think I’ve seen this exact comparison at the current prices. Now that HW3 is on the car I’m leaning toward ordering a LR AWD AP (and then waiting to see if FSD goes on sale and/or becomes available as a subscription at some point...
  25. L

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    Seeing as how there's one for the SR/SR+, thought I'd start one for those waiting on a LR RWD. Ordered: 2/28 Config: White/White/19"/FSD No vin yet
  26. D

    Do you regret buying a RWD Model S?

    Morning all, I did some searching but couldn't see a perfect answer. I am looking at buying a used Model S and have seen a RWD car in almost perfect spec, but I am concerned that I would regret holding out for an AWD, even though never needed AWD in the UK before and current cars are RWD only...
  27. G

    2018 Red LR RWD w/ EAP - 5,2xx miles

    Hi Forum Folks, I’m in the OC and need your suggestions on private sale pricing. I have a Red LR RWD EAP Aeros w/ full frontal Xpel and tint all around. Tesla trade-in is $42,100 and Carvana was offering $45,000 a few weeks ago. I’m asking Carvana for an update and submitted a request to...
  28. S

    Waiting for M3 LR RWD in the Netherlands

    Living in the Netherlands, I have waiting (reservation) since beginning 2018. Maybe, with some luck, I will become a Tesla owner some day. I am closely following this forum, watching for any hints about reappearance of the M3 LR RWD. AWD is for the polluters amongst us. In a flat country like...
  29. A

    Model 3 RWD: Frunk Replacement for more Storage

    Has anyone come across any companies making bigger frunk liners for more storage capacity on the Model 3 RWD? I know there's a huge open cavity under the frunk since there's no front Motor, and Tesla wanted to keep manufacturing changes to a minimum between the two models. I'd really like to...
  30. Tezla1

    Help me decide: RWD or AWD? $8,000 difference!

    I priced out a RWD and AWD with similar options. RWD: $58,000 out the door incl taxes, fees. AWD: $66,000 out the door incl. taxes, fees. AWD costs roughly ~8,000 more. I drove the AWD on my test drive and thought it was ridiculously FAST - although I loved that, I'd be happy with even...
  31. Maximilien

    Free Supercharging for 1 year even for RWD

    With Tesla, you can never predict! Tesla brings back free Supercharging to inventory cars and Model 3 to help sell cars in end of quarter rush Who is triggering today?
  32. P

    Unable to access app... Should I be concerned?

    So I reserved my Model 3 in December '17 and ordered on August 9th (edited order on the 23rd). I have read in multiple threads that those with a Model 3 order should have access to the Tesla app; for their referral code, support videos, etc. My order screen also says to download the app for my...
  33. iSpanglish

    21 turbines staggered Socal, $900

    Have a model 3 now so they don’t fit. Purchased from another user locally for $1000 few months ago and never mounted them on my p85 because I sold it. No tmps sensors just wheels.
  34. B

    Can anyone with a RWD Model 3 confirm if it so has a faster than listed 0-60 performance?

    With more AWD and P3D performance numbers hopefully coming in soon, and everyone hoping they are higher than quoted numbers, I remember hearing RWD acceleration numbers were cut back couple months ago. I'm ordering soon and finally decided on getting RWD for increased efficiency. So just...
  35. JTesmod3

    I want performance numbers! Free use of my dragy if your in the los angeles westwood or valley area

    Like most you im obsessing between the all wheel drive and the performance version but am really anxious to see what the all wheel drive can do...if your in the LOS ANGELES area i will meet you to get some performance numbers, let me know...awd, performance awd, rwd, anything 3 at this point o_O...
  36. F

    Review of RWD M3 and Delivery today in Fremont

    After reading and learning a ton from this forum, I told myself I'd write a review regardless of how today's delivery went. I.e. I wanted to de-bias my review and not only write one if something bad happened. Delivery TLDR: Delivery went well, with a couple minor items, but was easy and fun...
  37. S

    Ideal travel speed in RWD?

    Has anyone done or could help with this analysis? What is the fastest speed we should use on m3 to get somewhere far (1000+ miles) while using only superchargers to charge up in order to get somewhere in the shortest amount of time? I.e. driving 90 mph in m3, battery loses about 30% so it...
  38. E

    RWD Winter driving

    Hello TMC! First post here. Hoping to be a first time Tesla owner as well! I am located in north Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and just received the config email a week ago (yay!). My question for fellow TMCers is: - how would rear wheel drive be in winter driving (with decent winter tires)...
  39. ishareit

    0-60 in 4.3 seconds on new RWD Model S

    Waiting for get delivery of my Model S RWD 75 next week. The 0-60 specs are 4.3 seconds on this car and I was wondering if that is reasonable - given that its a RWD and might lose traction if floored. Can't wait to try it myself, but wondering if anyone who has the newer spec'ed Model S can...
  40. ChooseGreen

    RWD for rookie RWD-er

    I have some advice to ask of experienced RWD Model S drivers. I have searched around a bit here, but didn't come across this. I'm likely to get a RWD Model 3 largely due to cost. I live in a snowy part of Canada, but have driven RWD ICE cars with good snow tires before. I feel as though that...
  41. Raindog1

    Dual motor vs. RWD in winter driving.

    I haven't been able to find a good thread on this subject even though I'm sure it exists. Does the extra costs warrant the getting a car with dual motors??? My main concern for getting Dual Motors would be winter handling but I'm unsure of the extra cost? What is your experience/thoughts?
  42. P

    Price Reduced - 2014 Tesla S85 $62,900

    Priced for a quick sale. New S built and in transit. Full add located here: Price Reduced - 2014 Tesla S85 $62,900 December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $62,900 Under 24,000 miles (mostly highway) White body color, panoramic sun roof, tan leather seats, matte obeche wood décor 85 KW Battery --...
  43. P

    December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $64,900

    You can view the full details here 2014 Tesla S85 $64,900 December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $64,900 Under 24,000 miles (mostly highway) White body color, panoramic sun roof, tan leather seats, matte obeche wood décor 85 KW Battery -- Conservative Lifetime energy use of 281 KW/mile Very clean inside...
  44. J

    Model S 60 with autopilot for sale

    Hello everyone. I am looking to sell my White Tesla Model S 60 with Autopilot. The car has 26k miles on it and comes with free unlimited supercharging, the premium package, a sunroof, and grey leather seats. It has a very small ding on the front right door as can be seen in the photos. Message...
  45. steveho

    To "D" or not to "D"

    I’ve heard this question several times on this forum as well as other and pondered it myself before purchasing my Tesla S. My car: Tesla Model S, 60 kwh, Dual Motor, AP2.0 (no fsd), Blue, Pano. Base 19” tires which are Goodyear Eagle Touring The loaner: Tesla Model S P85, leather, rear seats...

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