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  1. C

    Expired 2018 Model S 75D Los Angeles w AutoPilot 78k [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 Model S 75D Los Angeles w AutoPilot 78k. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Spinball

    Hoping to buy my first Tesla - a used Model S - what should I look out for?

    Hello folks, I'm test driving a used Model S here in the UK in a few days (after the Jubilee holiday). A 2018 75D with 49,000 miles on the clock. It's been on the market a while and the price has dropped a few £000. They are currently asking £43,500 which is $54,500 USD. The new price of...
  3. M

    BMS_w035 alert popped yesterday and this morning

    The BMS_w035 alert popped up on my way home yesterday.. initial searches online have several different reasons for this alert. From the battery heater, to drive train, to HV battery, to it being a fluke. This is on a 2016.5 S75D with 42K miles Things I've done since getting the alert...
  4. B

    2016 Model S 60kw to 75kw upgrade

    So my wife and I will be buying at model X at years end. We currently own a Model S that has the 75kw pack that is software locked to 60. Anyone have any luck getting tesla to unlock it if you agree to buy a new car? It used to be about $2k in my tesla account log in to upgrade but I don’t see...
  5. T

    Acceptable Degradation?

    2017 Model S 75D (259 mile range) Has not been charging to capacity for a couple of years, expected. However mine has 33,532 miles and is showing a battery degradation of 10%. Avg 347 times 163 mile projected range, divided by 84% = 0.897793650793651 First is this correct n the calculation...
  6. B

    Not upgrading to 40.50.7...

    This morning I called Support to inquire why my car (S75D - Sept 2017) is stuck on 40.2.1. I was watching as this update was downloading early December and it got stuck on 50% download. The next morning I went to the car to find out if the download was successful only to find that it had...
  7. RichieB

    S70 2016 upgrade naar S75D 2018

    Ik heb net mijn S70 RWD pre-facelift uit 2016 ingeruild voor een S75D 2018 versie. Ik ga dus van MCU1/AP1 naar MCU2/AP2.5. Ik heb vandaag 200 km de tijd gehad om de verschillen te ervaren: Afwerking: ik vond met mijn S70 nooit echt iets mis, maar die kocht ik toen deze al 22 maanden oud was...
  8. S75D, SC Schaan

    S75D, SC Schaan

  9. Krash

    Upgraded performance Metrics Summary

    Files attached below This thread, and particularly this continually updated post, is set up as a performance metrics summary and consolidated runlog collection for the following threads: 75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements? BTX8...