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safety features

  1. A

    Lawn Alert

    Driving on the lawn in ankle deep grass I get non-stop alerts. The car apparently can't tell the difference between soft grass and hard curbs. How do I temporarily turn off these alarms?
  2. R

    [Feature Request] - Wipers On : Lights On?

    It is law in many places to have your lights on when your wipers turn on. Unless I am missing something, I don’t see that as an option to happen automatically. This seems like a simple upgrade in software. Does anyone know anything about this feature? How do you make a suggestion to Tesla...
  3. EtherMN

    FSD error reporting by voice

    With all the safety in mind, can anyone believe there isn’t a voice command to report an FSD incident?
  4. S

    Cross Traffic Alert

    Although the rear camera has a good field of vision, it still is not as sensitive as the backup cross traffic alarms in either my Lexus nor my Prius Prime. I frequently find myself parked between two large SUVs or trucks (I live in Texas!) and have to back out pretty far to see in the camera...
  5. A

    Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Unavailable

    Model X, bought it three months ago, a few weeks ago started to see this alarm "Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Unavailable" and all autopilot and radar not working (can't detect vehicles on the road). Sometimes the alarm disappears for a few minutes and everything comes back to normal but...
  6. OPRCE

    How Tesla can defeat AP-Buddy-style devices on AP, EAP and FSD at L2

    Someone posted a [since deleted] thread this morning entitled “Handsfree Autopilot for $5”, containing just a photo of a water-bottle lashed to the steering, possibly in a misplaced effort at humour but it got me thinking how to make the system more foolproof before anyone [else] goes killing...
  7. Wharton

    Autopilot Engaged and Override

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Yesterday my Tesla Model 3 (2018 version) proceeded to accelerate while the brake pedal was depressed going through an intersection at 20 miles and hour (accelerated to 45) causing an uncontrollable maneuver and vehicle control loss. The vehicle failed to...
  8. Tezzie


    I know that part of the reason insurance for Teslas is so expensive is because they are expensive to repair or replace. But Tesla cars are also equipped with safety features that should discount premiums. Below are some of them. I've sent this list to my insurance company and to those that I'm...