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safety issue

  1. S

    Control Arm Safety Issue

    So I have been reading about safety issues with the control arm on some of these vehicles, because mine just completely fell apart. I have had the car for a while - 2015 Model S P85D and I bought it used in 2017, but never has anything happened to me in a car before even an older one. I was...
  2. P

    FWD is opened during drive on freeway.

    Hi, Apologies first for my broken level of English. I'm the brand new 2023 model X LR owner since last year Nov. Last Saturday ( Jan 8), I had a scariest accident (kind of) among my 20yrs of driving experience. The left FWD is opend up while driving on the local freeway. I took the brake...
  3. EtherMN

    FSD error reporting by voice

    With all the safety in mind, can anyone believe there isn’t a voice command to report an FSD incident?
  4. J

    Safety Hazard Driving in Heavy Rain

    We bought a 2017 100D Model X in December 2017. About three months ago my wife called and told me that she could not open the car doors. When she finally got in the car (with our infant daughter), the windshield wipers, headlights and taillights would not work. She received the following error...
  5. E

    sway bar+link replacement: safety issue or minor noise issue?

    My relatively new 2018 Model S (< 5k miles) started having loud clanking noise when turning. I took it to Tesla service center. The technician said they need to replace pair of front sway bar+links. The sway bars were not in stock therefore they had to order them. The sway bars have not arrived...
  6. aesculus

    Backup Camera Disappears when Touching UI on AP1 Cars

    I don't have too much hope any of this will ever be resolved. A number of years ago Tesla made a change in the UI where if the backup camera was showing (default when you put the car into reverse) any touch of the screen would cause the backup camera to disappear. This is a huge safety issue. I...
  7. T

    Model X Shut Down while Driving - WARNING!

    Tesla Owners, be warned, I love my Model X, but what happened to me today is not acceptable and could cost someone their life. Please read and be aware. Nov 6, 2019 @ 8:00am I got into the vehicle with my 1 year old and pressed the brake to turn it on. The AC turned on as normal and everything...
  8. AlanSubie4Life

    PSA: Use PIN-To-Drive or Keycard if you have small children

    I want to make Model 3 owners with small children aware that there is a potential safety issue with the Model 3. Please communicate it to other Model 3 owners with small children, especially those who may not frequent these forums: The Model 3 can be shifted from Park to Drive AND accelerated...
  9. S

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    Last week, I drove from the SF Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. Above 5000 feet, it was snowing (heavy flurries), snow on the surface, temperature 29-31F, on a two lane highway (US50). We stopped for 2 hours while an avalanche was cleared, and then resumed travel in the dark. Soon, the road was barely...
  10. laudbrian

    Model 3 - Horn Issue - Check the left side

    I wanted to create a post to help other users as this could be a safety/QC issue on the horn not honking. I added the same response on a few replies to other posts but for search reasons I decided another main post is needed. This left side horn issue was more concerning for me because I am left...