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safety rating

  1. L

    % of cars still on road

    Hi, Recently, Subaru was mentioning in their adds that "+90% of their 10yo+ cars are still on the road" refering to their safety. Anyone knows if this kind of data exists (and where) about the 2012+ Tesla's ? Thanks Louis45950
  2. AnarchyEOD


    https://www.google.com/amp/s/jalopnik.com/tesla-model-3-gets-five-star-crash-safety-rating-from-n-1829196052/amp In all seriousness, the biggest reason I joined the Tesla family is the safety. I have a son to protect and there are a lot of horrible drivers out there these days. No matter how...
  3. A

    Tesla Must Be the "Volvo" brand of Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers

    The House has unanimously given a GO to measure which could see fully autonomous vehicles on U.S. roads without restrictions. Obvious regulations on licensing registration will vary state to state but there will be far fewer limits, if any, on the number of driverless cars a manufacturer can...
  4. S

    Vehicle sticker on new 2017 MS - Safety Ratings

    We picked up our car (MS75D) on Friday and were given the vehicle sticker which we didn't really look at until we got home. Was surprised to see under the Safety Rating that the only rating given for the car was the Rollover which was 5 stars. The other items involving overall, frontal and side...