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  1. Brother T

    Selling Brand New 21” Uberturbines / looking for Gemini

    Hello, My delivery is set for Feb-March 2023. I do not plan on keeping the 21” Uberturbines. Im looking for Gemini wheels. I want the longitivtiy and longer range of the Gemini wheels. I am not planning on removing the TPMS and am hoping I get Gemini with TPMS. If anyone is looking for...
  2. B

    Model Y - Dec 22/Jan 23 take over delivery offer - ADELAIDE

    Hi I have a Model Y - standard metallic grey rear wheel drive with standard rims due to arrive late Dec 22 early Jan 23 that I'm unable to take delivery of. Please contact me if you wish to take over this order, Tesla advises this car will be in the next batch to arrive in Adelaide.
  3. W

    FS: 20" Induction Wheels (Model Y) w/ Tires + TPMS

    Details: Looking to sell my 20" Induction (Model Y) wheels w/ OEM Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tires and TPMS. Tires have about 2000 miles on them, still about 80-90% thread left (see photos) Took them off my car because I changed to different wheels. There is a minor scuff on one of the...
  4. D

    Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive Reservation for Sale - SoCal

    I have a Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive reservation for sale. Delivery date will be very soon if we can complete the registration with your information before Dec 17th -Pearl White Paint -18" Aero Wheels -All Black Partial Premium Interior -Autopilot Subtotal: $46,990 Destination Fee: $1,200
  5. P

    Dropping MYLR 20" Induction tires to 19". Is anyone interested in 17k wheels and tires?

    selling my 20" 2021 MYLR Induction wheels with 17k miles. cleaning up curb rash at repair shop.
  6. Randomguyyy

    FS: MYP 21” Uberturbines w/ Pirelli PZero Summer - Seattle

    $1900 - Selling set of 4 Model Y 21” Uberturbine (OEM) with Pirelli PZero Noise Insulated Summer tires ~1,500 miles on the tires TPMS included Minor scuffs and paint fixed small curb on LF Pickup in Seattle (sorry no shipping) Price is firm
  7. Alex_XXXX

    Model X LR 2022 - 3.5K miles - best reasonable offer - Princeton, NJ (actual car, no issues, no flipping)

    Received the car on May 25th 2022. Great car in perfect condition (after several trips to the service center all typical for Model X alignment issues were corrected). It is still like a brand new after 6 month, I didn’t have a chance to travel due to work, so odometer is only ~3500 miles. The...
  8. ECCtechguy

    Gray Model Y LR Reservation Sale Available NJ

    Hi everyone, I of course took over a MY performance this week and receive notification today, That my MY long range has come in. I’m not looking for anything crazy just trying to see if anyone would like the reservation. It has arrived in Paramus New Jersey pretty much a standard gray on black...
  9. S

    Model Y Reservation for sale - Toronto area

    Hi, we were originally planning to swap our 3 for the Y but due to changes in our financial situation, we're now planning to keep the 3. Delivery is expected Nov 17-24 and so we're looking to sell the reservation. We paid 89k CAD all-in and the current price after taxes/fees is about 98k, so...
  10. N

    Tesla Model Y Pirelli P Zero Tires for Sale in Las Vegas, NV

    Tesla Model Y Performance Pirelli P Zero Tires (255/35/21, 275/35/21) for Sale in Las Vegas, NV 7.500 Miles. Great condition. Just swapped for All Season. Front and Rear as a set. Local Pick Up only. $499 OBO.
  11. P

    2013 Model S died - options for sale?

    Parked my 2013 MS in a garage for 2 days - it was at 80 miles when I parked it but wouldn’t turn on at all when I returned to it after two days. Got it towed to a Tesla service center and they say it is the HV battery. I don’t want to spend $20k to replace it at this point and would rather sell...
  12. S

    Selling Brand New 2022 Model X Black. 7 Seater. 22" turbine Wheels. Premium Interior. Delivery 9/25 (next week)

    Hi - My Model X is scheduled for delivery next week. A VIN number has been assigned. I'm getting R1S so not interested in X anymore. If anyone wants it I will sell the car to them. Pick-up is in Orange County, CA. *Cash offers only. Car cost to me all-in is ~118K. see the attached...
  13. TBWGold

    2018 Mid-Range Model 3 - Low Miles!

    Located in So. Cal (Los Angeles) area! 2018 Mid-Range Tesla Model 3 Low Mileage – 18,100 miles Deep Blue Metallic Premium White Interior Enhanced Auto Pilot – summon, auto park, self-drive and switch lanes on highway Tastefully modded; never tracked Recently replaced 12V battery (replaced at...
  14. U

    FS: 2019 Model 3 Long Range RWD

    2019 Model 3 Long Range RWD Located in Jacksonville, Florida. Asking $46,000 Black Exterior/White Interior FSD included PPF on the whole car (there is a scratch to it in front right bumper) 19″ Sports Wheels. Curb rash on one of the wheels. Clean title. No accidents. I am the 2nd owner Mileage...
  15. V

    Model Y 2022 Uber Turbines with All-Weather Michelin pilot sport 4

    Hello Everyone Local Pickup Only. Danbury / Bethel CT area, zip 06801. Selling a set of 21" 2022 Model Y Uber Turbines with All-Weather Michelin pilot sport 4 with OEM TPMS. The tires have around 700miles on them before I swapped them out. Price $2,500, Accept Zelle or cash Only. 2 x 21X9.5...
  16. S

    I Have a Model X Long Range Reservation For Sale - Can transfer account - Delivery between August 3rd and August 22

    I have a Model X Long Range reservation for sale. Location: I am in Connecticut but I should be able to transfer the account to you before I have a delivery date. Current Tesla costs $132,400 will sell for $126,290 - GET THE X CHEAPER AND QUICKER! (see images below) Ready to handover the...
  17. Wreckz

    CHAdeMO for sale. Local pick up only (OAHU)

    Tesla CHAdeMO for sale. $560 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5219032004832399/ Message me or check out Facebook market place
  18. A

    FOR SALE: Tesla Model Y LR Reservation (25th July delivery)

    I am selling my Tesla Model Y LR reservation, the delivery for which is scheduled from July 16 - July 25 It is Deep Blue Metallic color with default wheels and black interior. Price for my car is $65,440.00 Current car of similar configuration: $68,440 Taking offers now: PM me if interested.
  19. D

    Tesla model x reservation (ready for delivery)

    Hi, I’m selling my reservation for my model x long range. Ready for delivery. - Blue metallic exterior - white interior - six seat - 22” wheels Purchase price incl tax $173,687.70 Send offers to buy my reservation WhatsApp 6479689806
  20. O

    Model S LR reservation for sale

    I have a 2022 LR Model S silver on black with 19” wheels reservation. This reservation is before the latest price increase it was reserved over a year ago on June 15 2021 so you will get the discount as well as earlier delivery. The car is near delivery as I have begun receiving requests to...
  21. Catung

    Model 3 18" OEM Wheels w/ cover - Indiana Area

    I have a set of four 18" Model 3 OEM 18' wheels and cover as well. Has <100 miles use on them as I purchased aftermarket ones immediately. Like new condition for both cover and rims. Looking for someone that is able to pick up in Indiana. Central Indiana preferably. Looking to sell the set...
  22. M

    2022 Model Y LR 7 SEATS BLK/BLK

    Original 1 owner. No accidents no damage. Clean. 10k miles. AMD CPU. Autopilot. Feel free to make offers.
  23. J

    For Sale: 2022 Tesla M3 Long Range (delivery June 20th) Maryland

    Selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. I take delivery of it tomorrow and since ordering, I now have a new role for work that allows 100% telework, so I no longer need the vehicle for commuting. I've had 2 other Teslas before and LOVED them, so it is a weird feeling giving this up so quickly...
  24. M

    Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 For Sale / 235/35/R20

    Will Ship. Listing price extremely low to accommodate for shipping costs. Local to Kansas City, MO. Off of 2021 Model 3 Performance. Unbelievable tires in the winter and high performance rated. Moving to warmer climate and do not need them. Two winters used, with approximately 7000 miles total.
  25. R

    20 Inch rims for sale with tires! Chicago Area

  26. R

    Tesla Model S 20Inch rims for sale(Chicago)

  27. M

    M3/MY Door Handles (Set Of 4) / 2021-2022

    Hello all, New to the forum :) I have a set of Door Handles (Set Of 4 2RH-2LH) for M3/MY that I’m letting go for a good price, looking to get $350OBO considering they are about $200 each. Great condition, I can send pics upon request. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and...
  28. brico84

    2021 Model Y Standard Range for sale Miami, FL

    Getting ready to sell my Pearl White 2021 Model Y since my 2022 is ready for pickup in the next few weeks. Car is in perfect condition. No Accidents. Clean Title. Include radar AND passenger lumbar support :) Battery Stats: 100%=224 miles Most chargings done via AC Total Supercharging...
  29. S

    Model 3 long range and model 4 long range reservation for sale

    Selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 and model y reservation Model 3 delivered first week of May Model y delivered September Potential buyer will save a lot of money included tax savings. Since these reservations were made before the price hikes. Registration info is still blank ready for new...
  30. H

    Selling two (2) Model Ys - 2021 - 5/7 seats

    Selling two vehicles in the Fort Lauderdale area available for immediate delivery - Model Y (both) 2021 Long Range - Charcoal Gray (5 seat) - 4k miles - $71,900 - Red (7 seat) - 6.5k miles - $73,900 - Both black interior - Both black 20" induction wheels Offers welcome Photos attached
  31. H

    Selling two Model Ys (5 seat and 7 seat) - 2021

    Selling two vehicles in the Fort Lauderdale area available for immediate delivery - Model Y (both) 2021 Long Range - Charcoal Gray (5 seat) - 4k miles - $71,900 - Red (7 seat) - 6.5k miles - $73,900 - Both black interior - Both black 20" induction wheels Offers welcome Photos attached
  32. T

    2021 Model Y Performance w/FSD - For Sale in Las Vegas

    Asking $75,000. Immediately available and Excellent condition 2021 Model Y Performance Edition with FSD included! This car is amazing inside and out. Got it new in September of 2021 but am moving overseas and can't bring it along. About 8,300 miles. It has the factory extra Tow Package and...
  33. H

    Model 3 LR Reservation For sale VIN Assigned

    I have a reservation for a model 3 LR in blue with 19in wheels and white interior to sell. If anyone is interested in purchasing from me let me know. VIN is assigned and delivery says March 8-12. I don’t know how to go about transferring the reservation but if anyone wants to buy it and has...
  34. S


    I have a brilliant 2020 Model S. IMO it's the best version of the best car! Unfortunately I need to sell it. Odd circumstance: I am moving from Sonoma to San Francisco and found out that the homeowners association will absolutely not allow cars over 185 inches long in the lot under the...
  35. Jet007

    2022 Model S LR for sale

    Hi folks, I'm selling my 2022 Model S Long Range. If you're interested, feel free to message me an offer for what you think might be a mutually agreeable price. Selling this one since I have a white interior MS being delivered next month. Located in San Jose, California. Spec details in images...
  36. J

    For sale: 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range – 131 miles

    Hello and thanks for your interest. Car is mint. Vehicle configuration and photos are attached. No modifications done to vehicle. Per vehicle configuration (attached), total = $64,440.00 Asking $67,500 Located in Washington DC. This is one of two Tesla vehicles which we got for our commute...
  37. I

    Tires for sale 235/35R20 Pirelli Pzero, DMV Area, 600

    Washington, DC area local pick up or local delivery. Almost new, no patches or wholes, 400 miles. Came from my M3P 2021 delivered 3 weeks ago. $600
  38. L

    For Sale - New refresh Yolk Tesla Model S Long Range White on Black 19” for sale.

    Hello, I’m selling a new model S long range with yoke. Car is arriving in around 1 week in FL. Already have vin…. Please DM me with offers… Best
  39. L

    Selling 2021 Tesla model S Long Range Yoke - White/Black 19’ Wheels FSD - I’m taking delivery in a week…

    Hello, I’m taking delivery in Ft Lauderdale of a New model S Long Range in a week. Anyone want to purchase it? I have another order for an X that is not too far out… (was expecting it to take much longer) DM me. Thanks!
  40. M

    2021 Model 3 Performance with FSD / Black with Black / 3k Miles / No Virginia

    We are having another baby so I need to sell my Tesla Model 3 PERFORMANCE (Black on Black) which I just got in March. The car has 3,123 miles on it and is in PERFECT condition. It does have Expel Full Frontal PPF and Virginia legal limit tints on the four side windows. It also comes with FULL...
  41. L

    FS: [Northern Virginia] 21" Uberturbine Rims, Pirelli stock tires (25 miles) + TPMS sensors from newly purchased Model Y performance (delivered 9/16)

    Hello everyone, I'm located in Northern Fairfax, VA and I'm looking to sell my 21" Uberturbines. They'll come with the stock Pirelli tires, x4 OEM Tesla Wheel caps, and the Tesla TPMS sensors. I'm also including Tesla Totes (x4) (new in box purchased specifically for the buyer's convenience)...
  42. A

    2020 Model Y LR AWD For Sale

    Hello, Selling my Model Y - Long Range, AWD black exterior and white interior. We have interests in moving to a 7 seater vs the 5 seater and looking to sell our vehicle. We have 7,226 miles on this vehicle as of 8/25/2021 and only use this for local driving. Also, have two upgrades - 1) Full...
  43. L

    FS: Vossen HF5-20x9.5 Wheels Satin Black (NEW)

    Hi All, I just got my Vossen HF-5 wheels for my future model y in satin black. Recently I decided to hold off on the Y for a bit since I’m not driving that much. Looking to sell the brakes new/sealed wheels out of LA. Let me know if anyone is interested. Otherwise I’ll hold on until I get the...
  44. S

    Model X 2020 model - 10900 miles for Sale $90K

    Model X Long Range Pearl White Multi-Coat 20" Silver Wheels Black and White Premium Interior with Dark Ash Wood Décor Full Self-Driving Capability Free Unlimited Supercharging Looks almost new. I have a very good offer from CarMax(Aug 9th expiry), wanted to get few $$ more.
  45. J

    2018 Model S 100d uncorked

    Pali I have a amazing condition Model S 100d Midnight silver with every option possible except for FSD, instead I purchased the Enchanced Auto Pilot for $5,000. It has smart suspension, premium stereo, black prem leather, carbon fiber, 21 inch rims with BRAND NEW as of 3 weeks ago Continetial...
  46. F

    Exceptional 1 owner Roadster #450 with 2,700 miles

    Hello friends. We are selling our early Roadster, we are the first and only owners. Purchased new in California in 2008, garage kept in Monterey and driven less than 3,000 miles since then. We have factory cover, hardtop, window stickers, notices and all paperwork since new, all of it. The...
  47. P

    Looking for a Roadster in Netherlands/ Europe #Daretoask

    Hi all, I'M LOOKING TO BUY A ROADSTER! :) I would like to buy a Tesla Roadster 2008-2012. Preferably a Founder series ;) but other beautiful Roadster models are also beautiful. Do you have a suggestion? Please message me and EARN a tip from me if it leads to the deal! Thank you in...
  48. T

    2020 Model 3 For Sale

    Located in Toms River, NJ I love this car but I'm getting the model Yand so need to sell it. In great condition inside and out. Year: 2020 Model: Model 3 Long Range Asking Price: $46,500 Current Mileage: 64,100 Exterior Color: White Interior Color: White Number of previous owners: 1...
  49. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so it must go. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires just before the Pandemic and have only driven a few hundred miles since the Pandemic because I don’t drive for work anymore. I live in Southern California. Please contact me a...
  50. Glenn T

    3 for Y Swap Inuiry

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so for the interim, before the 4680 launches, looking to get a used or new Y. If anyone wants to swap their Y for my 2018, I will be happy to compensate the difference. Not picky: SR, LR, or P. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires...

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