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sales tax

  1. H

    How to get your money back on the tax you pay when ordering online?

    Hey All, There are 5 states that don't have sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. I live in one of those states. NH has no EV tax credits and there happens to be NO Tesla stores so I have to go out of state for delivery and pick up. Can I still request a tax credit...
  2. W

    Model Y Price Breakdown (Oregon) Sales Tax?

    I went ahead and reserved a Model Y yesterday and have been getting calls from the SA to fill out my profile. I'm setting that up right now and I see the section where there's a price breakdown of the vehicle and the license and registration fees. I'm in Oregon, where there's no sales tax, but...
  3. rking0122

    Theoretical tax question re: FSD

    I know this has been sort of discussed before, but I do not see anything recent, and I do not see anything definitive. If a Tesla owner was to go to a service center in a state that does not charge sales tax (OR, NH, ...) and ask them to add FSD to the car (which they can apparently do), would...
  4. plasmo

    Sales Tax question

    I live in an area where there are a few different Tesla showroom locations that I can choose for delivery. If I purchase, do I pay sales tax for the location of vehicle delivery, or is it based on where the vehicle is titled and registered? I believe it is the latter, but just wanted to double...
  5. M

    How to buy a vehicle in AB to save sales tax?

    Hey! I am a BC resident where sales tax is 15% for Model 3 Performance. I would love to buy the vehicle from Alberta (get Alberta plates), save the sales tax and drive it to BC (Register in BC afterwards). Is this possible? Do I need a Alberta License to buy a vehicle in Alberta? Do I need...
  6. loganthefirst

    Purchase in CO, Take Delivery in CA - Double Sales Tax?

    I am currently a resident of Highlands Ranch, CO, a bit south of Denver. After readying some posts dealing with paying double sales tax I wanted to see if anyone had any first hand knowledge of purchasing a Tesla here in Colorado but flying to California, taking delivery and subsequently getting...
  7. GeekLad

    Florida Sales Tax on Post-delivery Software Upgrades (battery capacity unlock, AP, FSD, etc.)

    Does anyone know if sales tax is applied to software upgrades purchased after taking delivery? If sales tax isn't applied, that helps to absorb a bit of the post-delivery upcharge on software upgrades.
  8. S

    Sales Taxes Rate Increases in Calif 4/1

    Here's a good reason to buy your car now if you've been sitting on the fence in Calif. Many cities and counties will be increasing their sales tax rate as of April 1. Here's an article listing the changes: Dozens of Calif. Cities, Counties Are Increasing Taxes April 1: LIST
  9. G10zz

    Financial Question for Louisiana

    Hello Everyone, I have been wondering about a few things, so I wanted to post this to see if anyone has had any experience with this. I live in Lake Charles, Louisiana and will be picking up the car in Houston on Friday since we do not have any Tesla centers in Louisiana. 1) First off, I...