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  1. 6

    Salvaged 2022 Doesn't go to drive

    Tesla after small crash doesn't allow to put it in D car giving errors VCFRONT_a447 VCFRONT_a192 VCFRONT_a191 RCM2_a161 RCM2_083 seatbelts are blown up , airbags are ok . Any suggestion ?Car show up state of charge . Thank you
  2. J

    Internal docs indicate Tesla to allow salvaged vehicles back on Supercharger network

    Here's hoping! See article for details
  3. J

    2020 Salvaged Model S won't go into drive/reverse or charge when on

    I've read many discussions but can't find what to try next on my salvaged 2020 model S to get it out of park. It had front right damage from Copart. Body damage is not a problem for me to fix. I have replaced the Pyrofuse and managed to get Tesla to program a key for me (as it came without a...
  4. M

    Supercharging disabled after 2020.48 [salvage title model 3]

    Up untill now I have not heard people complaining about their 'unsupported' model 3s having disabled supercharging but it seems like after the holiday update there was this little suprise. I don't have a supercharger close by so I am asking here if someone with salvage model 3 got his access cut...
  5. S

    Teslas With Rebuilt Title - Supercharging Removal

    Hello Everyone, I've not heard of any instances of Model 3s losing the ability to Supercharge. Almost all reported cases I've heard of are older Model Ss that had Free Supercharging. Just curious if anyone has heard of any cases? Certainly anyone who has one could lose it at any time, but...
  6. EVTuning

    Vendor New Youtube Channel from The Electrified Garage for DIY repairs/salvage projects

    We get a lot of inquiries on how to fix a Tesla without having to go to Tesla. We also have a lot of people trying to DIY a salvage vehicle without training or previous experience working on a Tesla. We have partnered with The Electrified Garage and Rich Rebuilds to bring a DIY Youtube Channel...

    Pano roof brackets broken! Tesla won't repair due to salvage vehicle

    Moderator note (bmah/efusco): 3 related threads now merged Hey guys my first post here , be gentle :) bought my first Tesla Model S 2017 and opened the roof only to realise the brackets on the roof are cracked!!!! is this something im missing or a common occurrence on the model S :'( I am so...
  8. B

    Should I buy a salvage Tesla?

    Hi guys, new here and first post. I've been considering buying a salvage repairable write off Tesla, I am fairly confident with my mechanical and electrical skills but I would love some input. Firstly parts, I've found loads of spares on eBay, however most are in US and it looks like shipping...
  9. M

    Repairing a salvage Tesla Model S P85D

    So this is a first time post for me. I've read others experience with salvage Tesla's and wanted to see if the community has some input or guidance. I purchased a loaded 2014 P85D from a salvage insurance auction. The car runs and drives but has the rear smashed. I live in Orange county and...
  10. R

    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Someone once said you can have too much free time or too much free money, but never both. I'm in the free time camp, and thinking of buying a salvage car and fixing it up for my own enjoyment. I've read horror stories about Tesla not being salvage car friendly, but they seem to be rather...
  11. H

    Salvage or repair my Tesla

    Its been a very sad month. I rear ended someone who was taking a right turn and stopped suddenly to wait for a pedestrian. It didn't help that I was busy trying to find out what the light looked like as the sun was right into my eyes (i wish the sun visor was not this thin on our Teslas) The...
  12. jbadger

    Roadster #1324 Salvaged on IAAI

    Since the topic of salvaged Roadsters has been hot lately. I found #1324 listed on IAAI and was thinking of getting it so I can quit doing projects on my own Roadster but logistically and financially it probably isn't going to happen. Not sure on the state of the battery, but it's listed as...