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  1. W

    Replacing USB stick w/ SSD issue

    I purchased a Samsung SSD T7 2TB drive to replace the USB stick and my Tesla Y is not able to read it. The recording button/icon shows unavailable. I can format it from my Y, but still record button/icon is always unavailable. Most of the help I've found online was for a Samsung T7 500GB...
  2. srs5694

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    I'm thinking it's time to upgrade my cell phone. I currently use a OnePlus 5t, but it's becoming a bit unreliable (generically). Used as a phone key on my 2019 Model 3, it usually works well (maybe 80% of the time), but sometimes (maybe 15% of the time), there's a delay of a few (5-10) seconds...
  3. TMC Staff

    Blog Report: Tesla, Samsung Partnering on Semiconductor

    Tesla may partner with Samsung to develop a semiconductor to be used to power autonomous vehicles, according to a report from Korea. The report says Samsung’s Electronics Foundry division is working on a 5nm semiconductor for Tesla vehicles. Samsung previously supplied Tesla with 14nm chips...
  4. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    I have tried a Note 8, S9, S10, and Note 10 with my Model 3. All have Bluetooth issues. They fail with proximity unlock leaving me standing in the rain. When on a call and entering the vehicle they fail to properly handoff audio (mainly mic transfer). However, two different Pixel 3 XLs and a...
  5. IonEV

    Touchscreen wake up issue

    The Model 3 would wake up normally with my wife's iPhone. Meaning she walks up to the car, touches the door handle, the car and touchscreen wake up and are ready to go by the time she gets in. When I approach with my Samsung S8+ the car would open but even after buckling my seatbelt the...
  6. widodh

    DIY Lithium battery project(s)

    As I couldn't find a thread about I figured I would start a thread about it. For the past few weeks I've been working on my first DIY Lithium battery project using 18650 cells from Samsung. I have a old Chinese e-scooter which had 4 12V 40Ah batteries and after they died I decided to replace...
  7. C

    Ad: Galaxy S5 run over by Tesla Model S and Survives!

    Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5S VS. TESLA MODEL S! (Durability Tests) You may skip to: 3:55 to see the Model S part. I hope you Enjoy!