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  1. int32_t

    Consumer Reports Reviews Model 3 [satire]

    In June 2018, Consumer Reports drove Tesla's newest car and told us what they think. If I missed any opportunities to poke fun in the wording or layout, let me know! :p I chose a bogus price, but other than that it should be fairly accurate. EDIT: for some reason the attachment isn't working …...
  2. clmason

    Iron Man Suit NOT Under Dev. Says Musk (j/k)

    HOLLYWOOD To the disappointment of thousands if not millions of devoted fans, Elon Musk announced today via Tweet, there will be no Iron Man suit. In recent months rumors of an actual Iron Man have spread viral on social networks, online forums and in the hallowed halls of San Diego...
  3. clmason

    Tesla Motors & Musk, a Retrospective from 2025

    July 31, 2025 WASHINGTON - With annual production exceeding 400,000 units, Tesla motors has changed the global automobile marketplace. Lusted after by Business Executives, praised by Soccer Moms, and subject of lunchroom debate by tweens to grads, their brand has become a global cultural...