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  1. B

    Poll on Tesla Customer Satisfaction

    I'm planning to buy a Tesla soon but am a bit concerned after reading some owners having major issues. So I'm curious to poll the community on owner satisfaction and to read any responses.
  2. Probllama

    Would You Buy a Model 3 Again Today?

    Want to keep this as simple as possible, yes or no please. It doesn't have to be the same configuration as your current Model 3, just simply whether you would buy another Model 3 or not. If your needs have changed and you would prefer a different type of vehicle (ICE or SUV etc) but you liked...
  3. StealthP3D

    Model 3 tops CR list of cars that bring most "Joy" to owners

    Finally, some Tesla news that actually fits with what I know about the Model 3: https://electrek.co/2019/02/01/tesla-model-3-tops-satisfaction-brings-joy/ And it was not done by sampling online auto forums, it was done with an actual survey of actual owners.
  4. nowtleft

    Referral Programm in EU/UK

    It seems that the referral programme is being wound up in the EU/UK as referrals are not being honoured 3 months after new customers took delivery. This is NOT good enough and is a trading standards issue. The EU/UK referral team is badly letting Tesla and Elon Musk down and makes Tesla look...
  5. Babylonfive

    Has anyone received a Maritz Research Customer Satisfaction Survey?

    I just want to know if this is something going out to everyone or if I've been selected. I'm happy to provide honest but positive feedback, but wondered if anyone else has gotten one, now or in the past.