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  1. N

    Tesla dashboard -- Tesla api analytics

    Hi Guys , I live in Montreal and last December I got my dream car , Tesla model 3 sr+ 2021 model . As I do not have a garage and also did not have access to a dedicated charge point (relying on level 2 charge) . I had a lot of question in my mind about the effects of temperature on my cars...
  2. E

    Cost of use/interactive EV Charging log

    My landlord recently blamed my electric car purchase on the sudden increase in the electric bill (electric is already included in my rent), so to disprove her, I created this spreadsheet on Google sheet that shows the electrical expense and gas savings of owning an EV. Feel free to view...
  3. I

    SF Bay Area Residents - Are You Really Saving Money vs Gas?

    One of the main reasons for recently purchasing the LR AWD Model 3 was to save on gas, especially compared to our gas guzzling SUV. My wife and I don't have a terribly long commute and will probably only drive it about 8,000 - 10,000 miles per year. I live in the East Bay, where it gets pretty...
  4. M

    How much money has stayed in the US...

    because of Tesla/Model S purchases (vs the prior high-end sedan purchases which were largely from overseas manufacturers) Tesla/Model S "miles" (fueled by 100% domestic fuel vs say 50% domestic petroleum) ??? i.e., Savings from difficult-to-quantify environmental, health and other benefits...
  5. vincent

    Berekening fiscaal/financieel voordeel elektrische wagen voor vennootschap in België

    Weet iemand of er een artikel of thread bestaat waarin uitgerekend wordt hoeveel je nu effectief bespaart met een Model S van pakweg 110k vs een traditionele wagen van dezelfde prijs, met laat ons zeggen een CO² uitstoot van 200g/km ? Volgens mij bespaar je vier à vijf maal: 1. Afschrijving aan...
  6. Clprenz

    So how much are you really saving?

    I don't have a Model S but, I was wondering in general how much people are saving per month. particularly Illinios.(Any tax savings?) thanks, just trying to understand how Kimbal Musk got it down to $80 a month