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  1. J

    SCE (Southern California Edison) Solar annual bill, is each TOU category independent for usage / surplus rate

    I am about halfway through the year for first solar annual bill with NEM 2.0. Our system is undersized, and overall we are a net consumer. However with the winter TOU rates, we have a surplus in the daytime 8am-4pm "super off peak" TOU category. If we are a net consumer does it matter is one...
  2. Daskid

    SoCal Riverside: Western Community Energy

    Any solar panel owners under SoCal Edison opt out of the transition to Western Community Energy? Or did you move forward with the transition? I’m not sure it I want to opt or or not.
  3. R

    Modeling Solar + Tesla PowerWall Arbitrage

    There seems to be a lot of confusion in the marketplace on this topic. Until recently, it was nearly impossible to correctly model the financial benefits of adding a PowerWall to an existing Solar PV (photovoltaic) system. But now it’s possible, using “intraval data” and software from Energy...
  4. Az_Rael

    SGIP rebate for Powerwall 2 install in SCE territory?

    So I am getting very close to pulling the trigger on a solar system for our home. The question now is if we want to do Powerwalls now or later. The biggest factor with the "now" side of the coin is the SGIP rebate. One installer is telling us that for 2 Powerwalls its a $9310 rebate...
  5. G

    Help with SCE...Charged car & went over my monthly demand by 1/2 KW

    Plugged in the new MS at work and went over my monthly demand allowance of 20 KW demand by 1/2 KW. Now they want to charge me the difference between GS1 (light commercial) to GS2 (medium commercial) for last year and next year (about $8000). They don't really seem to care that it was a simple...
  6. C

    How long to charge on Southern California Edison Level 2 Charger

    Approximately how long would it take to charge a Model S60 from about 45 miles to full capacity on a Southern California Edison Level 2 charger?