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scheduled charging

  1. H

    Is there an app that allows if/then charging schedules?

    I’d like to be able to set a charging schedule like: If state of charge is <25% Then charge to 60% Starting at 12am Is there an app that allows for this?
  2. gnuarm

    Scheduled Charging

    I'm trying to use the scheduled departure through the app and it doesn't work. It appears simple, I set the time, 6:30 AM and click OK. The charge level is high enough it should start charging immediately. It doesn't start charging and if I go back into scheduled departure the set time has...
  3. M

    Scheduled charging for road trips...

    I'm sure this is a common scenario, but let's say I have a tripped planned in the morning where it makes sense to charge to 100%. I set the charge limit after my last trip the previous day and plug it in but, already being at a higher SoC of 60-80%, it starts charging immediately and only takes...
  4. 1

    Help with charging - Scheduled vs. Departure - how to switch

    What am I doing wrong? I have searched all related threads and haven't been able to find an answer and I RTFM and I still don't understand what I am missing. I want to use "Scheduled Charging" to start at 12AM which is my lowest rate and will easily support my typical charging needs. For...
  5. PianoAl

    Scheduled Charging Mystery Solved (Starts Charging Immediately)

    Okay, I've finally solved a mystery that I and others have reported, namely, you set up scheduled charging, and the car starts charging immediately. Some have said this happens because the car does some charging to figure out how long it will take, but I think the problem is a misunderstanding...
  6. S

    I made a thing to charge 2 cars...

    Just wanted to share a thing I built inspired by Ben Nelson's project DIY Home Automation Controller for Electric Car Charging - 300MPG.org. I've been charging my TM3 LR RWD for 2 years on a 240v/20A circuit that I had before and was getting about 10-11MPH which was OK, but we just added a MY...
  7. J

    Scheduled charging not working on Model Y

    I used to charge my Tesla Model Y to start at a certain time every night under Scheduled Charging. Then one day I changed it to Scheduled Departure. Now, when trying to go back to Scheduled Charging, the time is grayed out and I cannot set a Scheduled Charge Start time. I rebooted the system...
  8. V

    Scheduled Charging

    scheduled charging no longer displays on the charging screen with the latest release. I have a very new Model Y. How do I schedule charging for off peak hours?
  9. ev.energy

    Vendor Happy Elon Musk Day! Bonus points for Tesla owners who download the ev.energy app before midnight

    He's the man who dared to go further than anyone else! April 20 has been reclaimed as #ElonMuskDay. To celebrate, ev.energy are giving £20/$20 worth of Amazon gift vouchers or 200kg/CO2 offsetting in your name to any Tesla owners who download and complete set-up of our smart-charging rewards...
  10. E

    Scheduled departure - what if I don’t “depart”?

    We just got a M3 and are loving it! I want to set up scheduled departure for when my wife goes to work but I only see “weekends” and “weekdays” for settings. My wife works We’d-Fri. If I set up weekdays, what happens on Monday and Tuesday when the car is ready to go at 7:30am but my wife...
  11. B

    Scheduled Charging Bug

    BACKGROUND: Time of Use Plan; off-peak hours 7pm-7am, weekends and holidays Assuming you have the car set to only charge off peak hours during the weekday (and not weekends also), I’ve experienced the following issue: - Car charges fine Thursday night off peak - Drive car Friday am, come home...
  12. G

    Confused about charging in off-peak hours

    I'd like to take advantage of off-peak hours for charging, obviously. But... In the settings, there is only one time that you can set; for when the off-peak hours end. But there is no setting for when they start? How does it know when to start charging? If you aren't going to leave until 2...
  13. T

    Can someone explain how the new schedule charging works?

    Can anyone explain how it works? I've set the end of my peak rates to be 6am. What happens if I plug the car in, at say, 5pm - right during peak rates?
  14. PhilRogers

    Scheduled departure anomaly

    I charge my model 3 to 80%. I have a scheduled departure time of 8:30am. This morning I left a little late, at about 8:50. I came out, and as I was unplugging my car, noticed it was charged to only 77%. (BTW, the second i backed out onto the driveway, it immediately dropped to 76%). Any...
  15. J

    Is charged scheduling broken?

    Firmware Version: 2019.40.50.7 I have my scheduled charging set for 2AM. I keep my daily at 90%. Yesterday morning I drove out to do some chores, came back with 87% charge. I came home, plugged the charger in since I've always been told a plugged in tesla is a happy tesla. I went back out...
  16. icmurf

    Location based charging limit? Home vs. work.

    I have LR AWD and a 100 mile round trip commute. Free charging at my office with 40 amp level 2 ... about 35 mi/hr charging. I have 240V outlet in my home garage and have been using the mobile charger and plugging it in regularly at home to make sure I have enough range at all times. Now ...
  17. MrBoylan

    Scheduled charging not working right after latest update

    Hey, folks, I set my scheduled start time for charging to 12:00 AM in order to take advantage of off-peak rates. I leave my Model 3 plugged in at all times. I also set a calendar reminder on my phone to remember to stop charging at 8:00 AM (I charge at 120V, so don't always get a full charge...
  18. S

    Model 3 does not start charging on a scheduled Chargepoint Home

    We've been using our chargepoint Home for over 2 years with our Model S where the chargepoint has the electrical rate plan in the app and allows for charging when the rate drops to EV rate (11pm to 7am during the weekdays). On our S, I'd plug in the car when I get home and leave it. It would...
  19. Andrew

    Mobile app is timezone-aware

    We updated to 4.4 on early Monday morning, and immediately took advantage of the scheduled charging feature (yay!), setting up the charge for 9:15pm (Pacific Time). Later that day, I flew to Chicago... As I was waiting for a cab from the airport, I took a quick peek at the app. It said that...