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  1. MontroseBagCo

    Vendor Model 3 Frunk Bag

    Introducing our new Montrose Bag Company Tesla Model 3 Frunk Bag (2021 model). We make our Tesla Model 3 Frunk Bags in our high performance, extremely durable and weatherproof Astro fabric, available in Black, Red and Blue. We've designed the Frunk Bags with precision and care so they fit...
  2. N

    Careful Where Park

    Careful Where Park! A big PSA & FYI! For any drivers up in Scotland. Yes my model 3 will easily fit underneath, but what happens when it doesn't want start and can't get it out? Well, Tesla will obviously sent a contractor recovery person out, when they start scratching their head on how to...
  3. G

    New Scottish Sales and Service Centre

    I wasn't busy this morning, so I had a chance to check this out. Tesla UK have taken possession of their new facility in Aberdeen, Scotland, after formal planning permission was approved early in June. They are currently using it as a base for test drives, but will soon have to vacate it again...
  4. J

    My North Coast 500 summary

    We’re now back to Edinburgh after having driven the entirety of the NC500 (plus the miles from Edinburgh to Inverness) in our Model 3 SR+ and, as promised, here is my write up of the journey… (long read) Our plan was to do the trip over 5 days, stopping for the night once on the east coast...
  5. I

    ICE in Aviemore!

    I am in the Highlands for a week. I arrived, on empty, on Saturday. Charged Sunday. Was surprised to see 4 trucks cum people movers occupying bays. This evening, I charged again. 3 Teslas inc me. 8 trucks cum people movers! Reported to superchargers email. It must surely be the Macdonald...
  6. Jellus

    Energy Savings Trust loan for Model 3

    Hello, I'm new here. I live in Scotland. I have ordered a Model 3 (LR AWD + tow hitch), paid £3k so far to place the order. My order is at the "drafting up your contract" stage. The documents I have available in my Tesla account are the Order Agreement, confirming the total price and vehicle...
  7. thegruf

    Tesla Model 3 in Scotland on autopilot with a flat tyre

    on the M8 just where the M80 splits off. Tesla AI Director looks to bolster Autopilot Vision team as the company pushes towards full autonomy :)
  8. timidri

    Scotland Roadtrip: feasible?

    Dear Forum, We are planning a road trip from The Netherlands to England, Scotland and Wales in the second half of August. The area south of Edinburgh seems to be well covered with Superchargers, but we also would like to do a Scotland tour: Edinburgh - Oban - Isle of Mull - Fort Willam - Isle...
  9. G

    Beautiful P90D videography in Scotland

    Came across this video on Youtube. Showing the beautiful scenery of Scotland and the Model S P90D. Feeling very serene and green after watching the video.
  10. M

    'Tesla Opening Retail Store in Edinburgh this week'... Apparently...

    Tesla Motors Has More Than 1,600 Jobs Open, Many For Engineers Can anyone confirm this? Er,... don't bother - It's on the map already! Tesla Store, Service Centers and Chargers First I've heard of it! MW
  11. Dan43

    £50K zero percent loan in Scotland

    Apologies if this has been covered but has anyone seen this 0% £50K loan for EVs in Scotland via Energy Saving Trust? Electric Vehicle Loan | Energy Saving Trust Is there a wider UK equivalent? If this is available outside Scotland I would bite on a Model S through Tesla used programme. And it...
  12. John Clark

    Anyone in Edinburgh or Fife?

    Disclaimer: don't have a Tesla yet, am hoping to be in a position to do so next year, but keen to make contact to other Tesla owners ahead of time. Raising the purchase price aside, my first obstacle is convincing my wife that we need a Tesla (I'm convinced; a P85+ test drive did that for me!)...
  13. E

    Model S wanted for an EV event on Orkney ,scotland UK

    Hi Folks We have an EV event on the 17th April on Orkney ,staring Mr Robert Llewellyn , hes driving up from Oxford in an i8 (sorry am i allowed to say i8 in here !!??) Tesla was going to loan robert a Model S for the trip ,but it all fell through, hence the 'default' to the i8. I'm really...
  14. Calvin.K

    Tesla installs a supercharger in Scotland

  15. AlbertaNetZero

    Edinburgh Supercharger

    Edinburgh Supercharger | Tesla Motors
  16. RobStark

    Scotland: Independence,William Wallace and Willie the Groundskeeper

  17. Mdobro

    Scotlqnd here we come

    Met de kids op Harry Pottertoer. We gaan door heel de UK toeren. ecotricitypas soepeltjes binnengekregen en de laders reeds in kaart gebracht. Ook een bezoekje aan de SC in London staat op het programma. Laden op de ferry zou ook nog kunnen mits ik ruim op tijd ben voor het inchekken...
  18. mgemmell

    Spain to Scotland and back in a week

    We've done Tilburg to Madrid, we've done Madrid to the Alps, and we've done Madrid - Barcelona, Madrid - Valencia, Madrid - Santander... Now we are going to do Madrid to Dumfries and back :) Ok, we're cheating.... we're driving to Bilbao and then taking the ferry to Portsmouth, so driving...
  19. igotzzoom

    BBC News - Scottish government pledge to end car emissions by 2050

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-24063461 "The Scottish government has said it wants the country's towns and cities to be free of emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles by 2050. It has published a "roadmap" setting out its plans to help businesses and motorists switch to electric...
  20. charliestyr

    Hello from Edinburgh ;-)

    Hi everyone, I have been a Tesla Motors fan since the beginning, surprised I haven't joined this forum earlier, as I have often ended up here from various places around the web. I am a general car nut, originally not all that convinced on electric cars, never against them but was never that...
  21. A

    EVAS: Electric Vehicle Association Scotland

    You may already know this from elsewhere. Tomorrow, March 1st, 2012 sees the launch of the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland. We are having our launch meeting at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh from 2pm, with EVs (cars and e-bikes) arriving for display outside from 1pm. There is charging...
  22. K

    Electric Vehicle Association Scotland

    EVA Scotland was announced today :biggrin: http://twitter.com/#!/eva_scotland http://www.eva-scotland.org/
  23. dpeilow

    BBC FUD Fest: Mini-E London to Edinburgh

    Here's another "let's try and drive a Mini-E from one end of the country to the other" stunt... This time it's the BBC (quelle surprise). Mini adventure: how far can an electric car go? - Why do BMW keep lending the cars out for these stunts? - Why do Elektromotive keep getting involved...
  24. D

    Hello From Sunny Scotland...

    Hey everyone, Just a quick hello from a Tesla lover in Scotland (UK).. I hope to have a Tesla at some point in the near future, however the £90k pricetag ($144k) is the only hurdle that I have at the moment :biggrin: Having just sold my Smart Brabus Roadster and a couple of my other...