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  1. D

    Cost to repair a scratch like this

    Found a car I really like and is a great deal for what it is. It’s been used roughly (roof damage that the dealer is fixing) + a few paint chips (likely from gravel). However, I walked away due to this scratch on the bumper….if anyone has experienced a similar paint damage issue, I’d really...
  2. P

    Fix/Remove Side Mirror Scratch

    Hi everyone, looking for product recommendations to fix the scratch on the bottom/plastic part of my side mirror. TIA
  3. P

    Scrapped a little piece off underside of model 3 due to road debris

    Scrapped off a little piece on the underside of my model 3. Do you think this is a concern or just cosmetic damage that can be repaired with some glue? Suggestions?
  4. L

    Steep Driveway - Help Please

    Looking for help and input from fellow owners and enthusiasts. Have a steep driveway into garage and every entry scrapes the bottom of our model 3. Lately we've added 2 Vestil speed bumps and 2 Pyle ramps but still with no success. We've played back and forth with positioning and tried this over...
  5. drewbaumann

    Has anyone scraped their Model 3 yet? I feel like I need a support group

    Last night I made the mistake of taking a corner too sharply at a drive through. Unfortunately, this left some damage on the body under the driver's side door. I have ceramic coating and suntek on it so there are no scrapes to the paint, but I can feel the difference. The once smooth section has...
  6. WindyCity

    Caution: Backup Warning System Imperfect, Hood Design Creates Optical Illusion

    Hi. I took possession of my P85D at the end of January. I've already scraped it three times while parking, despite moving slowly and being extra careful. Here's how it happened. I was relying on two occasions on the rearview camera and the sonar and radar alert system. These normally work...
  7. W

    Need Advice: Minor Ding, Incredible Body Shop Quote (insurance? options?)

    The love of my life had a minor incident with a pole. The wheel well is scraped, and two dents on that small panel that surrounds the wheel. No door damage. To my eye, it seems pretty minor league. I call Tesla: Who do you recommend for a body shop? I am in North Los Angeles area. I take it...