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  1. M

    unfortunate scratch- TYIA

    Noticed a very large scratch on my 2023 tesla model y today. I have kept the car in immaculate condition and this one really hurt ngl. Would appreciate feedback on whether I could possibly fix this myself. I purchased this, arriving tomorrow: Meguiar's Quik Scratch Eraser Kit, Car Scratch...
  2. show_stoppa

    Scratch on bumper. Any way to fix this?

    Earlier today I saw this scratch on the front driver side bumper of model 3. I am stumped at how this got there? Any ideas on if it was some road debris, or did someone in the parking garage scrape the car? Also any thoughts on how to fix this?
  3. Tcmccormick

    Recurring scratch on trunk door mystery

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced this repeated scratch on their Model Y trunk lid. We got our MY Nov 2022 and a couple months after receiving I noticed a deep scratch on the top edge of the trunk. Before anyone suggests it this is not the trunk raising too high and hitting something in...
  4. Vinc

    Recommendation for a detailer in the Culver City / Los Angeles area to buff out a scratch?

    My Model S was mercilessly attacked by a tumbleweed, of all things. It left an unsightly scratch on the front corner of the car, and I am hoping that a good detailer can buff it out. Anybody has any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. Z

    M3 damage and repair options

    I accidentally scratched my rear right panel in a parking lot against a concrete wall. Luckily only the rear side is damaged as shown in photos. How much would something like this to be fixed? Also, is it better to claim it through insurance (i have first time forgiveness) if so, can i work with...
  6. G

    Trolley hit my rear bumper :(. Easiest fix?

    My car was parked in a car park and a runaway trolley ended up hitting my rear bumper when it was windy. :( Any ideas how to fix easiest and not crazy expensive? The main thing that annoys me is the part circled as the paint has come up and it looks like a dirty mark. Would touch up paint...
  7. R

    Deep scratch on bumper, worth trying to fix myself?

    While pulling out of my garage I managed to scrape the front bumper on the wall corner :( The scratch is around 3 inches long but quite deep. Is this worth trying to fix myself using the paint repair kit? (5-10 coats or so?) Does anyone know how much a damage like this would cost to fix at a...
  8. M

    White Center Dashboard Trim Scratch Repair

    Hi guys, Ordered a white dashboard trim that got damaged by me during handling. Can anyone give some thoughts as to how I can repair this?
  9. E

    Classic "how bad is this [damage]?" post

    Right side has a slight dent but overall it is just paint damage. It is all isolated to those two rocker panels. Really would prefer to not file a claim... Please dont ask how it happened 😢 thanks for looking guys
  10. 1plavs

    First scratch on the MYP

    My first scratch on the MYP, what are my best options. Can I try something available locally via ordering touch up paint online? Or should I try a scratch remover?
  11. D

    Paint scratches from minor accident; claim worth it?

    Hello folks, I got rear ended/rear swiped at a measily 2-3mph this morning from a driver who wasn't paying attention. For a bit more context, I was at a stop sign at a two way intersection waiting to make a right, and as I was waiting for the oncoming car, the driver behind me decided to move...
  12. P

    Model s 100d scratch ( help please)

    Hello I have a model s 100d.unfortunately my dad scratched through our house's garage earlier this morning. I was wondering if this is minor scratch or major scratch. It seems like there are no dents but scratch looks pretty big to me. Should i change the whole bumper or will compound work for...
  13. P

    Light scratch on bottom part of side mirror

    I don't know how it happened. It could be the case that another car touched my side mirror while my M3 was parked (the scratch is too light for Sentry to have been activated), or it could be that it happened while I was driving. I live in a busy city with lots of cars parked all over the place...
  14. andymac

    Delivery Rejection - At least 18 issues found

    Hi all. First post. Wish it was a more positive one. Looking for advice / suggestions on what to do.... I had to reject collecting my Performance Model 3 yesterday because I found 18 issues with the car and they couldn't confirm they would fix them before I drove away. After asking around it...
  15. S

    Model 3 Front Bumper Rock Damage

    First post here.. I was driving on the highway the other day when I heard a loud thud. Turns out I hit a rock, damaged my front bumper. Fairly decent scratch and a bit of paint damage on the bumper plastic. I guess it seems minor but I get more annoyed everytime I look at it, especially since I...
  16. S

    Best place to Trade New Model 3

    I am in a pickle and need a bit of advice. What is the best place to Sell or Trade Tesla Model 3 that has less than 1000 Miles? I purchased the new Model 3, at the beginning of December 2019, and we didn't like the build quality of the car (mostly with the exterior appearance including...
  17. NorthEastUk

    Burying our head in the sand?

    Hey I was trying to be a little creative in the title, not very good I know. sorry I own a 2016 Model S, I've raised issues with all my windows having many (15-20) etched in vertical lines. This really annoys me! The first time I raised this as part of another thread (i hijacked) everyone...
  18. Reeler

    SR+ Delivery with Scratch | Tesla would not fix | Poll Q

    I went to pickup my black Model 3 this morning and there were a few swirls, a rub mark from shipping, a dust spot on the trunk lid, and a couple of deeper scratches visible in the cleanly detailed car. Most paint damage was on the bumper. They said they could swap out the bumper with a painted...
  19. C

    Tesla scratch/dent repair in Buffalo, NY

    I've got a nice long scratch (about a foot long) on the driver's side door of my black Model 3 probably from a shopping cart. Also, it's slightly dented it seems. Would anyone have any recommendations for a repair shop? Tesla.com recommends Service King in Rochester, but from what I've read...
  20. VistaM3B

    Scratches on Windshield Caused by M3 Wipers

    Hi, I lately noticed scratches on my Model 3 windshield. They are very fine hair like scratches and could be seen at night or during bright, cloudless days with the sun. It is clear that all scratches ran tangential to the path of the windshield wipers. Have you noticed this on yours? Any...
  21. W

    3 Days Rule - Tesla QA not doing their job

    I have owned a Model S and a Model X, and I can share that my experiences have been vastly different so far. My Model S experience (started Nov 2015 in Southern California) was amazing. My Model X experience (December 2018 in Boston Area) has been horrific. I am only going to talk about one...
  22. X

    Scratched a Model S Loaner

    I was given a Model S P85D as loaner while my Model 3 in service, I parked the car at work on the street and someone scratched the bumper and some of the paint came off.(the driver was gone, kind of hit and run) I tried to call the SC but they're closed. There is no major damages to bumper other...
  23. J

    Refused delivery Fri 4/20 :/

    Bummed to report that I ended up refusing delivery of our white M3 at the Fremont delivery center on Friday because of a deep scratch on the front quarter panel just ahead of the passenger side door, behind the passenger front wheel well, about 12-18 inches from the ground. The scratch was very...
  24. selfbp

    How to really piss off a customer.

    So I took my 2 week old S to the local Window Tint/ audio shop today. Always heard good reviews, I’ve had good experiences with them. So I show up, want my windows tinted all around except the front windshield. He takes the car around, works on it for 4 hours, tells me it’s done, I sit in the...
  25. TSportline

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  26. TSportline

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  27. TSportline

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  28. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Wheel Touch Up Paint by T Sportline

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  29. Y

    Deep scratch - recommendations on where to repair in SoCal?

    Left my Tesla Model S in a hotel parking lot overnight and walked up to my car today to find a 2" long scratch that is very deep. I know it's just an aesthetic flaw but I have taken really good care of my car and have made it over a year without any dings by being concious of where I park my...
  30. R

    Question about rear bumper removal

    Yes, I'm an idiot. I rubbed up against a wall causing damage the to the paint in the rear as well as on the rear bumper. (See photo). I went by some highly rated body shops today to get a couple of quotes and to discuss with them. In order to fix the rear bumper they'll need to remove it...
  31. M

    3 year old took a rock and...

    ...made some art on my passenger rear quarter panel. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area (SF City specifically.) Any recommendations on a good paint shop? You can feel the scratches with your fingernail so it seems pretty deep. I want to avoid paying out the nose for this if possible and would...
  32. Woody17

    Design question: 2nd time in 5 months that someone has hit bumper

    TMC, I hope everyone here is doing well. I'm curious...has there been any discussion of a higher prevalence of other drivers misjudging the distance between their car and the Model S due to its sleak, down-sloping body design? Or am I just an unlucky victim of bad drivers in Southern...
  33. DJ 240V

    Help me decide - to wrap or not to wrap?

    First let me start by saying , im not a car guy. I never splurged on the car - until now. Buying a model S was more of supporting the idea of a clean planet and Mr Musk's initiatives in general. I love the car and everything it stands for. Now my dilemma - should I wrap the damn car ? I do plan...
  34. Airhawker

    Less Than 2wks Old And Scratched. What can I do?

    Received my car a few weeks back and a buddy of mine dropped his baseball bag while removing it from my trunk. I originally thought it was just some dirt, but after cleaning it is a much more noticeable scratch. Is there something I can do that would make it dissappear? Or do I need to repaint...
  35. Y

    Scratched My newly leased Model S. Need opinion on best approach

    Dear fellow Tesla owners, I painfully scratched my newly lease Model S. :crying:(As you can see in the pic above). The damage is mainly on the left quarter panel and some on the rear door and a little on the side of the bumper and a little on the left wheel. The car is registered in NJ and...
  36. travwill

    Ouch! Rear gouge - reference for future price fixes

    Man, never have scratched any of my cars and BAM! 2 months old and for some reason dinged the garage door like an idiot with back of car - stupid! But, for those of you that may have similar paint damage in future, this can serve as a reference hopefully. Will post repair pick in a week when...
  37. Doug_G

    Snow brush

    Word of warning for those in cold climes - make sure your snow brush has very soft bristles. After cleaning all the salt off my car I've noticed a bunch of faint scratches in odd places. Scratched my head for a bit before realizing the brush I use to remove snow from the car must be...