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scroll wheel

  1. SDRick

    Poll: What Does the Right Scroll Wheel Do etc?

    It seems like Tesla forgot about the full functionality of the right scroll wheel. Are the software engineers asleep at the switch (I mean wheel)?
  2. marlonetorres

    Don't know what else to do, frozen screen, unresponsive scroll wheels

    Just bought a used 2017 Model X. Everything was fine for a couple days until the screen froze up. Tried rebooting with the scroll wheels but those no longer work as well and the horn stopped working. To make it worse, since its still in the process of being registered in my name which DMV says...
  3. S

    Autosteer alert disengages with the scroll wheels

    While autosteer is engaged in my 2020 M3, I used to nudge the steering wheel with my hands to remove the alert, "Apply light force to steering wheel", on the display while autosteer is engaged. A few weeks ago, I accidentally adjusted the set speed when the alert showed up and it vanished. Ah...
  4. W

    Scrolling wheel on steering wheel easily breaks. Is the part available separately?

    Have purchased used parts on eBay to get the scroll wheel. Is Tesla planning on selling part separately?
  5. ckoval7

    What do you primarily use the right scroll wheel for?

    What do you like using your right scroll wheel for? Personally I like using it for Temp/turning the climate on and off. Since V9, using the wheel to control the sunroof has also been more handy than using the center display.
  6. GenSao

    Scroll wheels on steering wheel Ideas

    As Tesla continues to upgrade the software for the Model 3, I think there may be an opportunity for added (advanced) quick controls for the scroll wheels on the steering wheel. First, as a baseline, the current scroll wheel setting (outside of adjustments to the steering wheel and side view...
  7. JHuberman

    Best Use of the M3 Right Scroll Wheel

    We should be able to access and adjust any control in the Tesla Model-3 with the Right Scroll Wheel. Here's how! Every Control in the Control Main Viewing Area should have a Card associated with it, and when the user designates a control as a Favorite❤ its Card will be included in the...
  8. steve841

    How to reboot the screens & customize the dash

    Of course I was playing with the dash display and ... Now I lost the power stats on the right side. How the heck do I get it back? I can add it on the left side, but no option for the right side.