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  1. SanDiegoM3

    San Diego: CCA and solar install on Friday - do I stay with CCA, do I have a choice? Other noob questions

    Hi everyone! I'm getting my Tesla solar installed on Friday and I'm currently on EV-TOU-5 and I'm in the CCA instead of SDGE. Is there any practical difference between being with the CCA versus SDGE? If there is, do I have the option to swap to SDGE as part of going solar, or maybe after...
  2. mspohr

    San Diego sets up Green Energy power company

    San Diego’s Power Move: City Takes on Utility Over Green Energy San Diego’s Power Move: City Takes on Utility Over Green Energy Frustrated with SDGEs slow progress on clean energy, the city is setting up it's own power company.
  3. M

    New SDG&E rate: EV-TOU-5

    SDG&E has a new rate called EV-TOU-5. It looks like it will save me quite a bit. The way it works is you pay a fee of $16/month, and in exchange, you get a reduced super off-peak rate of about 9 cents/kWh. The other time periods are the same rates as EV-TOU-2. Note that if you are grandfathered...
  4. E

    My experience getting a dedicated EV TOU 2 electric meter with SDGE in San Diego

    I thought I’d take the time to post about my experience getting a second dedicated TOU (time of use) meter with SDGE in San Diego. I researched extensively online to try to get information about people that had gone through the process but I didn’t have much luck at all with anyone that had...