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  1. I

    Have I Messed up my ceramic coating?

    My almost brand new MY is parked close to a great big beautiful chestnut tree. However, small flowers come off and they leak sap. I read that denatured alcohol can remove sap. So I went to town with a sponge and this is the sad aftermath. Tiny scratches from the sponge and the area...
  2. terraform

    Minor Tire Leak - Sealant Repair Kit

    The front passenger side tire of my MY is losing about 1 psi per week. I can’t seem to find any puncture. My question is should I use my Tesla Tire Repair Kit to try to solve that with the sealant. Or is that overkill for such a small leak. Alternatively, I could just keep filling the tire...
  3. jusflyguy

    2021 M3 Roof Leak?

    After the first rain in SoCal in months, I just noticed my headliner and side panels with some stains on them. I've only had the car for a month so these stains really stood out. I felt them and they felt damp. I realized that the light rain the day prior may have caused a roof leak. I took...
  4. joebruin77

    Xpel Ultimate Film Maintenance: What do you use?

    I am having Xpel Ultimate PPF installed over my entire new dark blue Model 3. After it has cured, I plan on applying the Xpel sealant. I know many people prefer a ceramic coating on top of the Xpel PPF and I may do that one day, but for now I plan to try out the Xpel sealant on top. My...
  5. O

    Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All vs Car Guys Hybrid Wax Sealant

    Hi all, I bought these two to get my feet wet in taking care of my car's paint but I was wondering if people had experience with combining them, and if there's any harm in doing so. The reason I ask is although these products get very high ratings, they both seem very ambiguous in terms of...
  6. O

    Always outdoors, Bay Area care recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm a recent M3 owner and have probably one of the worst combos of all time: I'm OCD about paint quality, but I don't have a garage. The car is always outdoors, 50/50 out in the sun, and almost always near pollen. I'm still eager to keep the car in as top shape as I can so I'm curious...
  7. B

    Sealant seepage on rear of car?

    I have just noticed some black stuff in the gap above the chrome plastic on the rear of the car in the gap between the plastic and the painted trunk. The car is about 10 months old and this just appeared. At first I thought I had picked up some dirt but the stuff is really tough like a sealant...
  8. chriSharek

    DIY Coating, Polish, Sealant for new MS?

    Folks, I am the type of car owner that actually enjoys washing and detailing my own car. I don't mind "having to" wax it even once a month if it's going to look great. Having said that, I'm interested to hear what car products you have used that really give the shine/pop/mirror-like finish...