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  1. Fernand

    Spotify search to kill you

    I used to love the voice command Search on the Model 3's sound system. It might not find exactly what you wanted, but it would always find and play a plausible choice. That was in Slacker. I got Spotify for $10/mo, hoping for better audio quality, and more choices. But ... Searches are now...
  2. garey

    [Site no longer works]Got tired of using Tesla.com and EV-CPO to search inventory, so I built my own

    *Moderator Note: Thread closed as the referenced site has been taken down and no longer is accessible. I'm cross posting this from /r/TeslaLounge. https://tezz.la Before I purchased my M3 LR AWD, I was constantly shopping the existing used and new inventory on Tesla.com, hoping -like many of...
  3. Mikeyro

    Belated Greetings!

    Hey All, this is my introduction I guess. I've been hanging around for a while now and had my first Model S (100D) delivered in March (picture below). We fell in love with Tesla and my wife is having her CPO S75D delivered in a about a month... we hope. Anyway, the whole CPO process got us...
  4. R

    Estimating demand change with Google Trends

    Here are the charts from Google Trends that represent the overall search interest for Tesla Motors and the Model S, worldwide, in the US and in California. Take these measurements with a grain of salt because they track all queries related to the topics, not the exact search query for [Tesla...
  5. DITB

    Wiki Hong Kong FAQ/Index/Glossary

    Quite often you want to go back and find some previous discussion about a regular occurring problem. I was thinking it would be nice with a thread where this post #1 would be an A to Z list with links to mainly this forum, but also external links, where applicable. There is also room for short...