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seat adjustment

  1. A

    Delay seat setting until actually seated?

    I am 5 foot 2" (on a good day); so the seat is adjusted to be further forward when driving than when I want to exit and enter the car. I move the seat back to get out; but, when I return the seat automatically moves forward before I get into the driver's seat. Any thoughts? I'm a new owner...
  2. S

    Second row seat error “unlatched”

    Over the past six months, I intermittently received the error message on my mid-row seat not being latched. In some cases, the seat wasn’t all the way back, but none of my controls (side of seat or touchscreen) could push it back more. The next time I turn the car, I could push it back and the...
  3. Jasian22

    Model 3 Seat Comfort

    It's been about 6-7 weeks since I picked up a Model 3 and I've not been able to find a driving seat position that's comfortable, so much so that lower back pain / sciatica has been resurfacing in these past weeks. I've tried all different levels of adjustment but cannot find one that my body...
  4. S

    Front seat after warranty replacement

    Hello! I have a question about the replacement of the seats under warranty, because my service has replaced the driver's seat. And now the driver's seat is very different from the passenger's. And that's why I am asking if I have the right to demand replacement of the passenger seat as well? My...
  5. T

    Bucket seat too deep

    My wife cannot sit in the Model 3 bucket seats because they are too deep and she has a back issue. Has anyone found a way (besides the seat settings) to make the bucket seats less of a bucket?
  6. I

    Middle row seats trigger front seats to move

    Anyone else have the issue of anytime they move the middle row seats, the corresponding front seat moves? On either the driver side or the passenger side, when I slightly adjust the location of the middle row seat it moves the front row seat in front if it. This has become especially annoying...
  7. S

    Problem with driver's seat motor in M3P

    I've had my Model 3 Performance since last May and it's been trouble free until a couple of days ago. I tried to move the driver's seat forward and when I pushed the switch forward, all I heard was a clicking but the seat didn't move. When I tried to move it backwards, it also clicked, but the...
  8. plasmo

    Seat Adjustment doesn't follow my profile sometimes

    For some reason, I have been noticing that my seat adjustment doesn't completely move to my default driver profile (from Easy Entry) when I enter the vehicle (sometimes only partially moves). I wonder if it is due to cold weather, but not really sure if it is due to this. What happens is that...
  9. X

    Driving position, steering wheel adjustment for tall people

    Got delivery of a Model 3 four days ago. This car replaced my Model S 75D. One thing I noticed (that I probably missed during test drive) is how limited the movement of the steering wheel is when is adjusted. I am 6’ 2” tall and in general I have to move the driver seat almost all the way back...
  10. M

    Model X New seats (Q4 2019)

    Hello all, Today I took the model x delivery. My understanding was that the orders placed after October 29, 2019 would come with a newer (or sleeker) seat design with seat pockets. I ordered my car at the end of November. Delivered today. But it doesn’t have seat pockets for front row seats...
  11. xxxholic

    Easy Entry not working properly on v10

    Has anyone's Easy Entry stopped working since v10? My seat used to slide back when I exited the car and would go into my preferred saved setting when I entered the car. Now my seat just stays at the preferred setting. Even after going in settings and checking Easy Entry (this was not checked)...
  12. Beta V

    Crushing Rear-Seat Passengers

    I love the automatic driver seat positioning when I shift into park--Exit Mode. Unfortunately, if I don't immediately cancel it when I have passengers, my seat crushes their legs as it moves back to accommodate my long legs. This mode should have an "exception" mode, or default to a "rear-seat...
  13. D

    Headrest shatters vanity mirror

    I was cleaning my car, and moving the driver's seat forward and up so that I could vacuum behind it. The plan was to move it as far forward and as far up as possible to get the as much access as I could to clean all the nook and crannies. Didn't expect the seat to move far enough to damage...
  14. F

    Lumbar adjustment can not be saved to My Profile

    Hi everyone, I found out my Model 3 can not save my lumbar position into my profile. It can be easily verified by adjusted the lumbar (the circle shape button that has four direction under the side of the seat) , and then tapped "Restore" button (besides my profile name) in the screen and...
  15. SturgisWaters

    Seat memory for front and second row!

    Loving our X! My wife and I play music for a living, and it's been awesome driving to all of our shows in the Model X. It holds all of our equipment and then some... I loved the update that added the Seats control to the touchscreen. It allowed me to quickly move the second row seats forward, to...
  16. boardworks

    Replacement Drivers Seat

    Hi folks – just wanted to share a quick report on a fix to an issue I've been facing with my MX driver seat since delivery (finally)! When I took delivery of the vehicle back in March 2016, I noticed a slight "wiggle" in the driver seat. It felt as if the seat would rock back-and-forth when in...
  17. Nixter

    Second row seat feature, will they be forward/backwards adjustable?

    I don't think I will be getting the third row seats, (no children – no pets), so I was wondering, will we be able to slide the second row seats back further and get more leg room or will they be permanently mounted with no forward/backwards adjustments? It would be nice if the mounting rails...