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  1. B

    Car wash damaged my seat.

    Just got my brand new refreshed model x washed for the first time. Took her to a reputable hand wash car wash. Exterior looked pristine! Opened the door to get in and there is a huge gouge in the driver seat. Did they have a knife in their pocket? The owner/manager owned the damaged and is using...
  2. ev_go123

    Squeaky /creaky driver's seat issue identified

    tl;dr Sharing for people with the same issue: M3 driver's seat squeak is due to misaligned/rubbing seat rails. Proper fix is properly align the rails, less ideal/maybe temporary fix is add grease. I've had an annoying creaking noise in the driver side seat that seems to come and go in my 2022...
  3. M

    Baby Car Seat compatability

    Hello all, I just wanted to post my experience with purchasing a compatible car seat for our baby to go in our Tesla model S 2020 in the UK. We decided to go for the Silver Cross 360 with ISO Fix. The manufacturer mentions in the documentation that the model S is compatible with their seats...
  4. O

    7 seater- exposed wires under rear seats

    I have a 2022 Model Y 7-seater. Below the second row seats, I see a green/white wire fully exposed and seems it can break off easily from sliding the seat or from people getting into the 3rd row. Does anyone else see these wires under their seats? Tesla Service tells me it is normal. It doesn’t...
  5. F

    Subtle drivers seat movement in Model S on braking/acceleration - Normal?

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this - I see a thread under Model X - Driver seat movement I'm seeing the same in a Model S 2020 we just picked up almost two months ago. When I am braking and then I step on the accelerator, it feels like the seat is moving back and forth a little. It...
  6. Andrew

    Changing a 2016 Model X from 6-seats to 5-seats?

    My parents have a 2016 Model X in the 6-seat configuration. They are really frustrated that the second row seats don't fold down, so the car doesn't have nearly as much storage/cargo room as they would like. Do the currently Model X's have the same issue? (or did Tesla maybe change it so the...
  7. D

    Model 3 Seats Causing Excessive Sweating, any breathable cover recommendations?

    Last month I purchased a new Model 3, and I've just picked it up this week. One thing I've noticed when getting out of the car (despite having AC on pretty chilly) is that my back and bum are quite moist from sweat. I did not have this issue in my previous car (a KIA Cerato with fabric/mesh...
  8. G

    Baby Car Seat

    Looking at ordering a tesla model 3 very soon. i currently have a hyundai i30N with my baby seat in the back. will the car seat fit nicely in the tesla? i have seen people put it in the middle seat, but it is on the left side of my i30 will it fit in the seat properly on the left? i know it...
  9. S

    Front seat after warranty replacement

    Hello! I have a question about the replacement of the seats under warranty, because my service has replaced the driver's seat. And now the driver's seat is very different from the passenger's. And that's why I am asking if I have the right to demand replacement of the passenger seat as well? My...
  10. 6

    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    Long story short, my driver's side headrest starting warping early last month (around 2500 miles) and got progressively worse. I put some headrest covers on it temporarily so I can drive comfortably in the meantime. I scheduled a Tesla service visit for this issue last month and it's been pushed...
  11. T

    Bucket seat too deep

    My wife cannot sit in the Model 3 bucket seats because they are too deep and she has a back issue. Has anyone found a way (besides the seat settings) to make the bucket seats less of a bucket?
  12. corndog

    First Australian-made Seat Covers for Model 3 - Neoprene

    I now own the first (??) Australian made seat covers for a Model 3. I got SuperTrim in Dandenong, VIC to make them for me. Details: - 2.5mm Neoprene (mine are all black, but they have options for stitching colour, embroidery, and some textured/embossed materials) - Air-bag safe - Stitching...
  13. N

    Model X Seat Wiring Scheme

    Hello! I am in big need of the wiring diagram (like my picture, but the right one). The seats are from a model X 2016 with Cooling feature. The white connector to the seat has 16 cables in total.
  14. N

    Seat crumpled after 6 days (134 miles)

    The drivers seat in my MIC SR+ appears to be crumpling/stitching puckered on the right hand side. It’s only 6 days old and I have only done 134 miles. Does this look right to other new owners or would you set up a service appointment for it?
  15. M

    White Seats Stained from Tesla Seatbelts

    Hi All, I'm a new to this forum, and excited to be here. I have owned my Tesla Model X since September 2017, and it's been great. However, my white seats are getting damaged from the seatbelts. Tesla is looking into this, but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. I...
  16. I

    Legroom Difference 6 Seat vs 7 Seat

    Hi, I just placed an order, currently for the 5 seat model. Our entire family is very tall, so we're looking at the best option for legroom for the second row, and we were wondering if the 6-seat option gives any more movement for additional legroom than the 5 seat option does? We're...
  17. M

    Do all models use the same leather interior?

    Hello, wondering if all models are having the same interior quality for the seats. Thanks
  18. Gwgan

    Seat swap new Y for old 3?

    Do Model 3 and Model Y use the same front front seats? We have an early Model 3 with the first version seats. We considered a new Model Y as a replacement but do not like the new seats. Is it possible to swap original 3 seats with latest Y seats? Anyone want to swap?
  19. E

    Seat Covers - Model X - Wet Okele

    Original Product: Seat Covers for Tesla Model X (6-Seat) Retails for $999 USD + Shipping + Duties (so CAD you are looking at $1500). I am selling a used set for $1000 CAD. They are in great condition, the middle row covers are a bit worn on the piping (no longer a bright white, but still stand...
  20. N

    Model s (facelift) Seat features/ control without Hardware unit? -> office chair

    Hi, I plan to pickup a Model S Facelift seat for a cheap price (around 230USD) to build it as a office chair. Now i maybe want to use the electric functions like the seat adjustment and maybe also the heating and cooling option. Is it working with 12v power supply (at least the adjustment) or do...
  21. D

    Removing executive rear seat back...

    I've got executive rear seats and I bought the old fashioned bench seat. I'm trying to uninstall my existing exec seats but I don't know how to unlatch the seat backs. The seat backs of the executive rear seats don't have the functionality to fold down but they still have a latch like the...
  22. Mash

    Brainstorming of race seat build for Model 3

    I was recently actively defending that for dual-use purpose Model 3 doesn't need more than Schroth Quick Fit 4 point harness. While it tremendously better keeps your ass and allows you to turn a wheel instead of holding to it, it's not really helping you to properly feel what happens with a car...
  23. R

    Cleaning white interior

    Does anyone have any recommendations for cleaning the white interior. I have a puppy who has managed to get slobber everywhere and I see some blue streaks too that I need to remove. First Tesla and would love some advice!
  24. D

    Swapping executive rear seats for bench style

    I bought a used 2015 Model S P85D with the Executive Rear seats and those seats don't really fit my needs. That is to say having 3 seats in the back is much more important than having 2 extra comfortable ones. Anyway I'm looking at this set of ebay items as it seems like everything I need to...
  25. G

    Trade seats?

    Just traded in our 2016 75 S for a 2020 LR. Loving the much better range and the power lift-gate, not liking the cruise control or the new seats. On that note, 2 questions - 1. Is it possible to swap out the "Tesla Premium" sets for the Gen 3 2015-2016 seats? 2. Anybody in the DC/NOVA area...
  26. L

    Next Gen Seat CPO - comfort for a full sized guy

    I am looking at some 2016 CPO model S options and the seat choices are all over the place but mostly are either next gen seats or the premium seats (although these models are usually more expensive). I am about 5'9 and a bit over 200 lbs and from posts I've been reading many complain that the...
  27. puritan

    Replacing middle row, Model X 7 seater

    Heavy user here. 70,000 Miles in 25 months. I've noticed that the middle row has become supremely uncomfortable for the occupants over time. I am seriously looking into getting them replaced with different seats. The issue was especially apparent when I compared them against a RAM 1500 truck...
  28. Happy Kappy

    Tesla Model S OEM Third row Seat with the hardware

    I have a third row seat that has been sitting in my garage for a year. From a 2018 Model S. It comes with seat, support, brackets, c pillar trim w/ button, and the related bolts. You can see it all in pics. Note the back has a gouge in it from something being dropped on it (oops). Best...
  29. Circci

    Protecting your white seats

    I have seen mentions here and there throughout a few threads where some people have ceramic coated their seats. But there are conflicting reports because some products say they are not meant to be used on light interiors. The main products I have seen are: 303 Protection Spray...
  30. sniperside

    New Tesla Model S 3rd Row trunk mat for Rear Facing Jumper Seat (RFS)

    I bought a rear Tesla cargo mat when i purchase my new model S. It also came with this mat that is used for model S tesla with the rear 3rd row rear facing jumper seat. Located in Raleigh, NC Tesla sells for $70 + tax Footwell 3rd row trunk Model S All-Weather 3rd Row Footwell $50 shipped
  31. M

    Model X New seats (Q4 2019)

    Hello all, Today I took the model x delivery. My understanding was that the orders placed after October 29, 2019 would come with a newer (or sleeker) seat design with seat pockets. I ordered my car at the end of November. Delivered today. But it doesn’t have seat pockets for front row seats...
  32. T

    2020 seats are different?

    Just stumbled upon this comment from MotorTrend: (MotorTrend Announces Its 2020 Awards Podium Finalists - MotorTrend Group) "The 2020 Model 3’s seats offer more bolstering, and rear passengers now enjoy a more ergonomic position, as the bench has been raised for improved comfort." Has anyone...
  33. D

    Driver seat squeaking sound

    Hi All, I’m 6 feet tall and drive with seat all the way back. From day 1 m’y seay made sounds when heading over bumps or as weight shifted in my seat. Took to SC twice. Second time around new seat approved and replaced. It was fine for a few days and now it’s back. Not as bad as first time but...
  34. McGillUSAF

    P85 Premium Seat Retrofit

    So I managed to get a Premium Gen3 seat and was going to try and use one of the guides someone else posted for the NextGen seat retrofit but this won't be possible due to the newer style wiring/ connector. Also, the seat I purchased has the ventilated option as well so there will be even more...
  35. J3ThePainless

    Interior rattles

    Hello everyone I am absiabsolu loving my new model 3 but there are a few noses that are bothering me. First when the driver seat is all the way back it makes a squeaking and popping noise when turning. I am 6'3" so I really need it to be back all the way. Second there is a rattle coming from...
  36. V

    seating comfort problem - Solutions?

    Wife and I went to showroom to just sit in a model s to see if she liked it. I currently have an A6 Audi because she didn't like the feel of the seats in the A4. She sat in the passenger seat of a new 100D and promptly stated that it was very a uncomfortable seat and she hated it. I had my...
  37. DrReid

    Upgrade Model 3 from Gen1 to Gen2 front seats?

    I'm looking at upgrading my Model 3 (early VIN) from Gen1 front seats to Gen2. I've found the Gen2 seats to be much more comfortable and I have chronic low back issues that get aggravated very easily with my Gen1 seats. I've attached a picture to show the difference - the Gen2 seats have more...
  38. M

    Model X gives 2nd row seat latched warning randomly

    My wife has been reporting getting this warning when she is driving the car. When I check the Settings->Seats, the image shows a second-row, driver-side seat pushed up all the way to the driver's seat. This must be a sensor issue, yes? So the two issues are the same: the seat does not know that...
  39. CarsonGallo

    Seat Back Organizers for Tesla Model X

    Looking for good high quality Seat Back Organizers for my 2018 Tesla Model X 5 Seater. Been through all of these threads and so far nothing good for Model X's. Anyone come across anything good since these threads. Seat back organizers for Model X? : teslamotors Where to put kiddie crap in X...
  40. S

    Possibly how they are getting the Roadster to 620 mi range

    So I noticed in the demo they gave for the Roadster that the frunk and trunk were unaccessible. That leads me to believe that that is where they shoved all the extra batteries needed to get the roadster up to 620 miles of range. But that of course will not work for the production version, so...
  41. J

    Is there seat difference btw 6 seats / 6 seats + console options?

    Hi, I just ordered one with 7 seats, but need to change to the option to 6 seats because my kids are complaining after thehy know that 2nd row seats does not recline at all. They just folding forward. I am trying to change the option to 6 seats, but I like to know the 2nd row seats are same...
  42. Byshop303

    Removing the Passenger Seat Track Cover

    I'm trying to expose the floor bolts for the passenger seat in my late 2016 Model S. The track that the seat runs on has a plastic covering that covers the bolts in the front and back on each side, but for the life of my I can't figure out how to remove these plastic covers (without just ripping...
  43. B

    I’ve seen lots of reports about stuck 3rd row, but I have a stuck 2nd row

    Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve got a new 7-seat configuration, the passenger side is stuck halfway down. It seems like it has no power, the button does nothing and the levers feel limp. All of the cables appear to be plugged in tight. Soft and hard reset do not resolve the issue. Any suggestions?
  44. M

    Seat and door material stains easily

    I am not sure what the exact material that is used on the M3 seats, and for that matter the various door panels as well. But what I have noticed is that any little oily finger or mark will leave a very obvious shiny stain on the seats. It doesn't help that the seats are black and more of a...
  45. AutobahnEV

    Install Next Gen Seats Into My 2014 Model S: Can It Be Done??

    Has anyone taken the next gen performance seats out of a 2015-2017 and replaced the first gen base seats? If so, how difficult of an undertaking am I looking at and what (besides the seats themselves) do I need to make it work? Any help from someone who has experience with this would be greatly...
  46. AutobahnEV

    Tan Leather Next Gen Seats (donor: 2016 90D)

    Have the LH + RH Front seats from a 16 90D w/ 16k miles. Leather is in great shape and the seats are fully functional $1500 for the pair PM with any questions Here is my listing: Tesla Model S (2015-2017) OEM Front Left + Right Next Gen Seats *Tan Leather* | eBay
  47. JChris

    Looking for Glossy Seat Backs

    I have a 2017 X (6 Seater) and I'm looking for 4 glossy seat backs from the 2016. Also, does anyone know if it is a simple swap out? I'm assuming so. Much appreciated,
  48. Y

    Driver's seat controls not working

    I updated to 2017.48 today and wanted to setup the entry/exit profile. I tried to move the driver's seat backwards using the controls on the side of the seat. My seat moves in every direction but backwards. It really seems to be a switch problem (not a motor problem) because if I restore my...
  49. S

    Bent back of seat - how bad is it?

    I have an MX 7 seater and always have the 3rd row folded down. I took my car into a full service car wash today after a weekend camping trip and when I got home I realized they had put the 3rd row back up while vacuuming. I folded them back down and noticed that bottom of the right back seat was...
  50. ahirbe

    Model S Interior?

    I am looking to purchase a 2014/15 Model S soon and am in a big debate about the interior...I have the exterior nailed down to these choices: Grey Metallic Paint Midnight Silver Metallic Paint Obsidian Black Metallic Paint Solid Black Paint Titanium Metallic Paint Brown Metallic Paint But I am...

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