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  1. F

    Model Y neck pillow recommendations

    Finally Looking into adding a neck pillow to my new 2023 model y. Want to get some insight from the community. I have tried a few from amazon but they all basically seem the same, have you or do you know anyone that came across a neck pillow that was just amazing? Please drop links can be non...
  2. M

    Interior Upgrade / Re-Trim

    Afternoon all. I am in the fortunate position of having bought one of the first Model S Raven Performance models in November 2019, fortunate since it was the first of the next gen but it was the last quarter they ever gave away free supercharging for life. So basically I am now stuck with this...
  3. S

    Can I put Gen 4 Seats in a 2016 Model S?

    The 2016 Model S I'm about to buy currently has Gen 3 seats and I'm finding them uncomfortable around the middle of the top of my back. I sat in what I believe are the Gen 4 seats in a Raven and they felt better - I noticed they had a slightly different design around that area, so perhaps...
  4. G

    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    We are about to make our summer vacation trip with our son in the backseat of our new MYP, 40 miles out into the trip he started throwing up in the backseat. I realize that there were a couple of issues at play: my wife was getting a headache from being in the car with its rough deceleration...
  5. P

    Model S Seat Defects

    Interesting question, I purchased a used 2022 model S with 1200 miles. I was doing a deep clean of my white seats today so I can prepare for ceramic coating. I’ve come to realize all my seats have defects. I was wondering if this is covered still even though I have 2,300 miles, and the car was...
  6. trus

    Black vs white interior

    I have been planning to order a new Model S, however, I have been stuck between the black and white interior. Do the materials at all feel different, and is the black interior more practical long-term compared to the white, etc?
  7. C

    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    So, I’m a little over a week into a new (to me) Model 3 Performance. I absolutely love it, and I did a lot of reading about how great and stain resistant the white interior is. So, I went with it. Late this week, I left a black baseball hat on the back seat for a few days. The car was in a...
  8. D

    Model 3 Seats Causing Excessive Sweating, any breathable cover recommendations?

    Last month I purchased a new Model 3, and I've just picked it up this week. One thing I've noticed when getting out of the car (despite having AC on pretty chilly) is that my back and bum are quite moist from sweat. I did not have this issue in my previous car (a KIA Cerato with fabric/mesh...
  9. P

    Driver seat track/rail extensions for tall drivers?

    I'm enjoying the performance of my 2021 Model Y, but I'm 6'5", have a 36" inseam, and weigh in the upper 200's, and am finding the fit in the driver's seat a little snug. I've tried various combinations of having the seat back, lowered, raised, etc., but can't get my legs stretched out enough...
  10. S

    Model S Plaid Seat Confusion

    I’m a new Plaid owner (3rd Tesla) my Plaid has the front seats confused. I have to buckle both front seats to drive, use auto pilot, and easy access moves the passenger seat. It is almost like my car thinks it is right had drive. Has anyone had this issue?!? PLEASE HELP!!
  11. R

    Passengers complaining about seats

    I have a new M3. I have back issues but it doesnt bother me in the car while I’m driving. However my entire family complains about back pain after driving in the car for an hour or so. They don’t have an issue in the toyota that costs half as much. Is there anything that can be done or is this...
  12. C

    BO Smell Embedded In Seat

    I am at my wits' end with a smell embedded in my car seat. A couple weeks ago I gave a friend a ride on a short road trip. He apparently suffers from terrible BO. The smell from him is now stuck into the passenger seat. It is most prevalent right where his arm pits would've been when sitting. I...
  13. mbaier

    Beige seats and dirt

    I am thinking about buying a new Model X by the end of the year and am leaning towards the red multi coat with the beige interior. However I am worried about the beige seats getting dirty or "jeans stained" too quickly. What are the experiences with the beige seats from other owners ?
  14. Mm2021

    Model 3 Seat and Steering Wheel Cover/ Protectors/ Coatings Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for seat covers/ protectors, protective coatings etc basically anything to help protect the white seats? Was thinking about a steering wheel cover too, to protect the leather wheel so any suggestions would be appreciated! Also is there...
  15. M

    Driving model 3 without front passenger seat?

    Has anyone tried to drive a model 3 without a front passenger seat? I could use as much space in the car as I can get and removing the passenger seat would really help but I herd disconnecting the sensors would mess with the car and make it go into park when driving at very low speed. Is that true?
  16. ADEEL421

    Here is how you clean white Tesla Seats...Best way!!!

    I have white seats in my Model S and I have been cleaning my white seats by following this method and it works 100% of the time and is safe...no issues and no harm...your leather seats (not sure if its really pure leather) will stay the same and stay clean. My Seats stays very clean and never...
  17. M

    WTB Tesla Model 3 White Interior

    Looking to purchase a full white interior without door panels. I have a full black interior that I am willing to trade or will purchase a white interior outright (maybe your car is a total loss and you’d like to recoup funds or from a salvage car) May consider T Sportline Uber White Synthetic...
  18. helvio

    Folding Seats / Bags on Backseats = Annoying Seatbelt Notification!

    I'm pretty sure this also applies to Model 3s, not sure about S/X. When you get that notification card saying there's someone not wearing the seat belt on the rear seats, especially when you fold the rear seats for a larger trunk or some object is on the seat, I just recently discovered you can...
  19. N

    PUR seats option

    I’m about to order a new 3 Long Range, but I have an OPTION of “PUR seats”. What will I get if I do/don’t check that box, and which one is better in terms of feel and cleaning?
  20. NoMoGas

    2020 Interior Retrofit (2014 MS) + Heated wheel / Bio Weapons / Refresh

    Upgraded my 2014 Model S from this... To This... Also added heated steering wheel, and bio weapons defense mode... Thanks to the guys at EV FIXME in Costa Mesa, CA! I absolutely could not be happier with the work that has been performed.
  21. U

    Model 3 Black Gen 2 Seats (Front, Passenger & Rear) - $800

    Selling Tesla Model 3 Gen 2 black leather seats. coming off of vehicle with 15k miles. Asking for $800 for all.
  22. G

    ISO Tesla Model 3 White Seats/Interior

    Hey all! I just joined the Tesla family after years of obsessing and getting my own friends into electric vehicles. I now own a 2018 Tesla Model 3 with FSD already paid for and the many additions to the outside that makes it look really sleek thanks to the previous owner! Unfortunately, the...
  23. D

    FS: Model S Black Executive Rear Seats

    I'm selling the Black Executive Rear Seats out of my March 2015 build Model S Here it is loosely assembled on the floor... The worst blemish to the whole thing, in my opinion is on the headrest of the right seat, depending on the lighting and angle looks like this... I don't know what...
  24. P

    Weak Seat Motors

    Howdy y'all! I recently did a test drive of a Model Y. Amazing vehicle, but I was surprised and disappointed to find out that the seat motors for both driver and passenger are too weak to adjust the seat without me lifting myself off of them. I am a large dude (350). I've never had this problem...
  25. S

    Rear passenger unbuckled alert with seats folded down

    Whenever I have the rear seats folded down in the Y and have a light weight on it (like a box of books), I get frequent flashes on the MFD saying that the middle passenger (or sometimes a side passenger) is unbuckled. Its very annoying because even if I swipe the alert away, going over a bump...
  26. Triumphz28

    For Sale - Excellent Condition - Model X Black Leather Ventilated Front Driver and Front Passenger S

    For Sale - Excellent Condition - Model X Black Leather Ventilated Front Driver and Front Passenger Seats (Pair) Excellent Condition - Model X Black Leather Ventilated Front Driver and Front Passenger Seats (Pair) - Both Tested 100% and verified everything works as expected. All seat tracks...
  27. C

    Rocky driver’s seat?

    My 336k 2014 MS 85 has, not surprisingly, a bit of a rocky driver’s seat. That is, it rocks back a and forth slightly; both the seat back and seat bottom at the same time. It’s not a lot, but enough to be slightly bothersome. Has anyone experienced / fixed this? Just wondering if it could be...
  28. D

    Removing center console from executive rear seats

    I just bought a 2015 P85D with executive rear seats. When I was looking at it, I mainly just checked that the windows and doors worked and didn't even think about that there wasn't a middle seat. If I can get the center console out then I can put my child seat there and then I would still...
  29. CertLive

    Possible drivers seat issue model 3?

    The last handful of times I have been getting in the car to sit down I have felt my rear hit metal which I did not used to. At first I thought it was just a one off but on further investigation or at least it feels like it to me I can feel 2 bolts through the seat I did not used to feel when...
  30. Y

    White Seats Stain Very Easily

    I know people say its crazy to get white leather in a car, but I really wanted them and people have been saying the Tesla seats are easy to clean if you put in some effort. So I have been extremely careful. I don't wear jeans almost ever. I wipe down the seat with a baby wipe almost daily...
  31. ElectricLove

    Seat materials; Premium, Vegan or Leather...

    Does anyone know the story and rough dates for the Model X when they went from, I assume, originally Leather, then to a "Premium" (that wasn't designated as Leather and is presumable "vegan") and then finally to a "Vegan Leather" option for the Model X? Of course, now they are just saying...
  32. TexasTeslaRacing

    Westworld & Model X Seats

    Who else noticed the white Model X middle seats in the transport vehicle during season 3 Ep1?
  33. L

    Retrofitting front seats - experiences?

    Hi folks, I thought I'd ask here before I pester the nice people at my local Service/Sales center (goodness knows they have enough to do). We bought a new LRMS in Dec 2019, and I think the front seats are different than in the MS we test drove about a year before (maybe the design changed in...
  34. R

    Passenger seat doesn't recline

    I've noticed that the passenger seat in my 2020 P3D- doesn't recline. Up/down, forward/back all work fine. Before scheduling an appointment I figured I'd check with you guys to see if there was a simple fix.
  35. Gurujeff03

    Model S, Rear Facing Seats RFS, Halogen headlights, Pano Roof Sun shade, 4 Baolong TPMS

    Item 1) Rear faciing seats: $1050 includes shipping to US 48 states only. Seats are in good condition please see the pictures. (no bumper support) Comes with brackets that are attached see pictures. Item 2) Pair of Xenon Headlights for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 model S. $650 includes...
  36. N

    Seat Behavior Question for Post Oct 2019 Model X (7 seat) Owners

    Any recent Model X owners (Oct 2019+) with the 7 seat configuration that I can compare seat behavior with (Dec delivery for me)? The seating design was changed and I am trying to figure out if two aspects of the behavior are intended, or if there is a problem. 1. Significantly limited forward...
  37. P

    Want to buy: Jump Seats, rear facing child seats

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase jump seats for a 2015 model S. Does anyone have them, or know where to find them? I've watched YouTube videos to see installation, so I know it can be done. Any help is greatly appreciated! Ian
  38. KSG-P85DL+

    Tesla Model S Heated Black Premium Front Seats

    Seats are from a fully spec’d out P85D built in December 2014. I replaced my seats at around 50000 miles. Nothing wrong with these seats other than minimal wear and tear. Only selling as a pair. Asking $600 OBO Seats: Driver's Bottom: Passenger Bottom: Rear:
  39. FilmTraveler

    A solution to mystery squeak while driving

    Shortly after adopting my Model 3, I started hearing a squeaking sound. It seemed to be coming from the dash or center console, but I couldn't pin it down or reproduce it on cue. Just whenever driving it would appear for a while and then go away for a while, though it was worse on bumpy roads...
  40. K

    New front seat design now shipping!

    Tesla just listed on their site a new redesigned front seats for the model X! Looks to improve leg room for the 2nd row and also added back pockets! Hard to tell, but looks like the head rest is now a Single piece instead of the adjustable one.
  41. M

    Any way to change front seats on the Model S?

    I'm thinking seriously about buying my first Tesla and excited about the idea. However I have a bad back and pretty wide rear end and the wings on the seats cramp me and create some back pain that I can't live with. I read on a Model 3 thread that there are there are different generations of...
  42. D

    Enhanced Interior Styling

    is there any definitive documentation of what this means on Sept 1, 2019 Performance model specs. Seats the same? Lumbar adjustment? Cooling seat fan? HUD? Better lighting? Real leather? No sarcasm please.
  43. sublimejackman

    Don't Want Software Updates? Unplug your seat!

    BLUF: Unplugging the connector closest to the center console under the driver's seat will cause software updates to fail. I have been having trouble with my drivers seat not moving. I also was having problems getting software updates. Basically they would fail and I couldn't figure out why...
  44. ahirbe

    WTB Black Next Gen Seats (front pair)

    I am very tired, so is my butt, from the gen 1 seats in my 2014 MS85. Looking for a pair of front seats to replace. I really like the Recaro Next Gen seats that are in the D and P cars. Thanks!
  45. A

    Driver Seat Wear and Wrinkles after 4k miles....

    Take a look at my driver seat, a couple of wrinkles on the bottom, is this normal, or could it be premature seat wear? Will Tesla consider this a defect? or is this normal? How are your guys seats? Sept 2018 Model 3 Performance+.
  46. W

    Is this normal? Or, defect? Leathers seats wrinkle.

    I've owned the MR3 for about a month. I just noticed that the front passenger leather seat has some wrinkles in it. It doesn't get much use, especially considering the driver's seat has no such wrinkles. Is this expected? Or, yet another service appointment?
  47. N

    Next Generation Seat Swap

    I have a 2013 Model S P85 and the seats are terrible. I purchased a pair of Black front Next Generation seats from a private party but they are too new. My car can only swap for 2015 Seats from a Model S. If you have a 2015 Model S and youre interested in new Next Generation seats, lets make a...
  48. E

    When will Tesla create luxury COMFORTABLE seats?

    I love the X but come on! SO hard and narrow, even for a small female like myself. Please take a cue from Lexus and Mercedes in ergonomics!
  49. 1

    Any Recommendation on Leather Conditioner / Cleaner ?

    Hi I just got a model 3 With White seats, Does anyone has any recommendation or experience with what leather conditioner is the best and how often to condition seats to make them last a very long time ? How would you treat and clean them ? Thank You!
  50. N

    Changing seats 6 to 7

    Has any one have ideas on changing seats from a 6 seat to 7 seat config. In Australia 6 seat config seems to be the most popular. If one came up at the right price would I be able to change to 7 seat config ( I need 7 seat )

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