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  1. Orbit

    Elon Musk, Funding Secured, SEC, Summary Judgement, Jury found not liable

    This post is regarding the legal charges against Elon making tweets about taking Tesla private, and how they concluded. After seeing some very confused yet confident dialogue about this topic, I carefully searched for the below information on this forum and couldn’t find it posted anywhere, all...
  2. Cloxxki

    profitable for ‘all quarters going forward’

    Elon Musk says Tesla will be profitable for 'all quarters going forward' I know, everyone's favorite publication. It was the one that had the quote that came up first in Google. Something may have happened to make this far from reality. I don't need to drag all that up in this particular post...
  3. LargeHamCollider

    Taking Legal Action Against the SEC

    The SEC exists to protect shareholders and ensure fair markets. Instead of protecting shareholders, however, they have become a risk-factor for retail investors that needs to be planned for and mitigated. This state of affairs constitutes gross negligence on the part of the SEC. This post is...
  4. buttershrimp


    What the hell is going on in America? WTF? Seriously SEC? Seriously? Stupid for Elon to tweet that? Yes. Fine Worthy? Sure. Intentionally lying? Nope. Intentionally misleading? No, the opposite. Intentionally manipulating the stock? Nope. Does he hate short sellers? Yes, and so...
  5. dvroegop

    Parkeren bij SeC Amsterdam?

    Vanavond ben ik even een paar uurtjes met mijn vrouw in de buurt van de Arena. Nu vind ik de garages daar niet zo heel erg prettig; ik zet mijn auto liever bij Tesla neer (aan de 22kW lader: ik kom net van mijn werk af). Nu heb ik dat al een paar keer eerder gedaan en dat was nooit een probleem...