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  1. Tam

    Stolen by CAN Injection in 90 seconds

    The video recorded how thieves were able to steal Lexus RX in 90 seconds by accessing the headlight through the wheel arch. Headlights are controlled by ECU (electronic control unit). From there, a thief can reprogram the ECU to unlock the door and drive away. Thus, it's called CAN Injection...
  2. O

    Your Tesla could be easily opened

    My Tesla car was broken into last night without breaking any windows. Seems like someone used a custom key or another electronic device because the driver's side door pillar panel(where the key transmitter is located) was severely scratched. The car was parked in front of my garage and the doors...
  3. B

    Tesla Feature Recommendation

    in some cities, like Los Angeles, a real issue for high net worth individuals is being followed home or followed and later robbed as you’re getting out of your car. it would be very neat if Tesla’s camera could alert you if it noticed a car or cars following you for a long distance when you’ve...
  4. C

    Tesla API lets people control your car?

    Hey guys! I recently ordered my first Tesla a 2022 Model 3 Performance. I'm a software dev, so naturally, I was curious to play around with Tesla's API. Turns out there is an API that has been reverse engineered. Just a heads up, turn on MFA on your Tesla.com account if you haven't...
  5. J

    Break in without breaking glass?

    I’ve been searching for reports of break-ins without a broken window but it seems like that’s the most common method. My M3 was broken into last night, including accessing the glove box, and there are no signs of how they got in and the alarm never went off (sentry mode was not on). Only thing...
  6. Celestine

    Third Party Dash Cam with Wifi for Live Viewing

    I've swept the forum/Youtube/the outer galaxy and the question still sears my soul: what is the best third party wifi dash cam to access live footage over wifi of what the car is experiencing? And to be notified of potential criminal activity? I need to stop people in the act from hurting my...
  7. E

    My Model 3 Has Been Keyed 4x in 6 Months - Help

    I'm not sure what to do at this point. It is obvious I am being targeted, as this is happening in my driveway where I live. I do have a prime suspect but sentry mode is not recording these incidents! This week's vandalism was the worst yet - 8 panels (from the hood down the side to the trunk and...
  8. K

    Does Tesla have an accessible log of events eg frunk open

    So this afternoon as I was getting into my my m3 in my driveway I noticed my driver wing mirror pushed all the way outwards which was odd...when i entered the vehicle I saw the message 'frunk open' (have not used my frunk in months). I checked and indeed the frunk was not latched down. All else...
  9. X

    Tesla API Security

    Hey folks! Long time reader, first time poster. My company, Raxis, just put together a video that showcases an attack against the Tesla API and tells you what you can do to protect yourself. It's features my 2018 Model 3, Aurora. Thought some of you might be interested in checking this out!
  10. A

    New Break In Hack?

    My car was “broken” into today at the mall. I parked at 12:05pm and I have 2020.36.11 which has the phone notifications for leaving the car doors unlocked, windows, or trunk open from update 2020.32.3. I received one notification at 1:30pm that my trunk was left open. (There is service...
  11. E

    Purchasing used M3

    I’m pulling the plug and purchasing a Model 3! Before I do so, how does the current owner check the range of the car? Is the only way to charge to 100%? Once I purchase and remove their phone from the list of keys, would they still be able to track the location of the car? Any way to...
  12. M

    Why can my doors open when the key is out of range?

    I'm sure this is a head-smack obvious issue. The other month I leaned against my '13 Model S doors and the handles presented. I figured my wife left a key in the garage. Nope. They keys were on the other side of the house, along with my phone, certainly more than 30 feet away. It's...
  13. M

    New garage door opener problems

    I've owned my Model 3 for almost a year and a half, and just decided that I would get a garage door opener. Got a Chamberlain. The car is parked in a one car garage attached to my house. Since having it installed, I park the car in the evening and when I come back in the morning there are...
  14. K

    How to disable other users with app access from viewing your location?

    Hi, I need help. My dad is getting me a Tesla to monitor my location. I don't do anything wrong or illegal, just things that he disagrees with. Like visiting friends who are different religions, going to restaurants that have pork on their menus, volunteering at a Baptist hospital. I can't let...
  15. Rshephorse

    My Door Handles are Invisible In the Dark!

    I Love the blacked out look of the car, I love the deep blue color of the car.... but as the days get shorter and the weather colder, I realize that finding the door handles is going to be a challenge, especially with gloves on! I also appreciate living and recreating in areas with little light...
  16. Rshephorse

    Where to hide or stash a key card on the outside of the vehicle.

    So I have stashed a card on the outside of my vehicle for emergencies. I'm wondering whether anyone else does this or how or where they stash the card. Doing things like skiing, swimming, kayaking, several day hiking trips especially if you've done a car shuttle, Or just going to a beach where...
  17. MichaelP90DL

    Security Video Sign

    I know not all eight cameras operate for security purposes when parked, but the bad guys probably don't. Anyhow, I just ordered this 7x10-inch plastic sign from SmartSign.com, total about $18 including shipping. When I'm parked overnight at some hotel, I'll put it under the windshield. An...
  18. upkerry14

    The Big Tesla Hack: A hacker gained control over the entire fleet, but fortunately he’s a good guy

    The Big Tesla Hack: A hacker gained control over the entire fleet, but fortunately he's a good guy - Electrek
  19. H

    Provide a sense of comfort

    I am reaching out to the Tesla community to ask for some comfort. With all the latest news going around, I’m starting to not feel comfortable owning a Tesla. I love my car, but if people start to attack/hate/badmouth those who own high end cars and lifestyles, I’ll trade it for a cheep $5,000...
  20. V

    Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS)

    My Tesla recognizes my phone using Bluetooth and unlocks. But recently researchers identified a Bluetooth vulnerability (which they call BIAS) that allows someone to impersonate a trusted device. From the abstract: The Bluetooth standard includes a legacy authentication procedure and a secure...
  21. J

    Sentry mode has slowly died on me, now won't work at all......

    So I have had some huge issues with Sentry mode. At first i thought it was down to the USB i had so i swapped it for the recommended one. But then it stopped recording at my home address even though there were no exclusions and bluetooth was off on my phone. I have tried everything...
  22. N

    2020.4.1 trying to contact an IP address in Germany ?

    Just noticed this morning that our Tesla Model X running 2020.4.1 is frantically trying to contact (apparently a web hosting company called Hetzner Online GmbH). Has anyone seen this before and knows why? I am assuming it's the latest firmware update but that's just a guess...
  23. K

    PIN to drive

    Hi all, I've recently serviced my M3 in Dartford SC. I was asked to hand over the key card and also I was asked for PIN to drive. I did not setup the pin but apparently this is a good practice to set it. If someone attempts to pick up Bluetooth signal from your phone to get access to your car...
  24. D

    Has anyone ever opted out of Tesla's OTA features?

    I've been taking an interest in saving up for a Tesla myself but I recently came across this video concerning some security and privacy risks with Tesla cars, namely its Over-The-Air features. https://invidio.us/watch?v=Qjkt3X2WLrw After listening to it twice, I tried to look up to see if...
  25. mikeB87

    What are your options if your Tesla M3 gets stolen? And features I would like to see.

    Features I would love to see: -> Remotely turn on PIN to Drive from your phone -> Force the car to park from your phone. I know their's security concerns here. Even though Tesla's are on a list of least stolen cars. I wouldn't mind having even more peace of mind with a few extra features. :)
  26. FilmTraveler

    Car broken into, no smashing, as if it had been unlocked. What happened? [from 2019]

    Hello all. I am heartbroken that my first post to this great community as a new Model 3 owner is to talk about a breakin. But last night, I came out to a parking lot after a movie and my passenger door was slightly ajar and my valuables (fortunately not much) stolen. She was in Sentry Mode and...
  27. S

    Sentry / Security incompatible?

    I did a reasonable search for this topic & didn't find anything. Why can't I enable both Sentry Mode and the Security Alarm at the same time? Anybody understand the reason? I'm at software version 2019.16.2.
  28. W

    Sentry Mode View Report

    Hi, new Tesla owner here and I have a question on Sentry Mode. I turn on sentry mode every night, since I have to park my model 3 out in an open garage lot. This morning I received a green notice sign on my dashboard saying "Sentry Mode Report available". I didn't connect a USB or a hard-drive...
  29. Unit106

    Sentry mode (safety & security package)

    Alle auto's met AP2+ hardware en later die EAP geactiveerd hebben zullen de beschikking krijgen over "sentry mode". In deze modus zal een 360 graden beeld gevormd worden rondom de auto. Bij een gebeurtenis rondom de auto zal het beeld worden opgeslagen. Elon heeft vannacht in een Tweet storm om...
  30. O

    Car Tracking Devices?

    There are plenty of 4g OBDII trackers out there, but with the MS not having an OBDII it's useless. There is also the flaw of mobile connectivity being able to be turned off (unless pin to drive enabled). Anyone found viable options for this? I have an onboard security/traffic camera in addition...
  31. V

    Account Security Risk?

    I received an error on the Tesla mobile app stating “Sign-In Failed. There are no products linked to your Tesla account.” I have 2 Teslas and they were no longer there. After speaking to a Tesla representative, they made it aware that the name on the account was no longer under my name. They’re...
  32. aikisteve

    Tesla called me to ask if I wanted to order new key fobs

    At first Tesla couldn't confirm, but now they've called me to ask whether I wanted to order new key fobs to replace my old ones that have the security flaw. But I would have to pay for them.
  33. .jg.

    "Wired" article about key fob cloning

    I found the video fairly scary and an incentive to use the new "Enter PIN to Drive" feature. The vulnerabililty seems to be with the keyless entry systems of Teslas sold before June 2018 (and in other makes of car and motorcycles using simliar keyless entry systems). HACKERS CAN STEAL A TESLA...
  34. fasteddie7

    PIN to drive is here!

    Here it is:
  35. S

    Model 3 Insurance security features

    So I'm trying to shop around for my Model 3 (coming September 1st!!!) insurance and I can't seem to find a specific answer(every answer differs) to the list of security features the car has. Right now the Geico quote page I'm on right now has the following options: - No Device - Alarm only or...

    The Best Way to Secure Your Tesla

    I'm sharing my methods for securing a Tesla using only the means that Tesla provides, no 3rd party anti-theft devices, etc. Add yours...
  37. mspohr

    Tesla to open source their security software

    Tesla will open its security code to other car manufacturers Tesla might just get into the habit of releasing source code for its in-car tech. Elon Musk has signaled his intention to post the source code for Tesla's car security software, letting any automaker roll it into their own machines...
  38. T

    Security Suggestion

    I love the valet mode that requires security code to change. I would suggest that a security option be made for the remote access off/on. That way no one could shut off the remote access button without the security code. Great for theft prevention. Am I missing anything with this idea?
  39. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: Blackvue Dash Cams - Surveillance for your Tesla *NEW*

    The BlackVue DR750S Series is the ultimate in Cloud dashcam technology, featuring remote Live View capability. The DR750S-2CH is a dual-channel (front + rear) dashcam that combines performance and elegance. Although including Wi-Fi, GPS, impact and motion detection as well as Cloud connectivity...
  40. Andrew

    Chastised by my Model 3

    While at a traffic light today, I was futzing with the center console (the hatch just in front of the cupholder, not the armrest), trying to click it closed. Apparently I was a little too aggressive (opening and closing it a bit too forcefully). Got a message on the display telling me to "Close...
  41. T

    Locking Storage Compartment

    I have looked through the Tesla aftermarket accessories vendors, and searched through the forum, but I haven't found anyone who has made a truly locking compartment for the Model S, where valuables can be stored under lock & key within the vehicle. The frunk would be absolutely ideal, but since...
  42. Maarten

    De meest veilige API voor de Tesla?

    In het draadje over het slim laden via De Bron wordt terecht gesproken over de (on)veiligheid om via een API toegang te geven tot je Tesla. Ik ben geen informaticus (anders dan algemene kennis over informatica opgedaan aan de TH Delft), maar vind dit toch wel een interessant onderwerp. De tegens...
  43. V

    Be careful where you let your car ride on wifi in the coming weeks

    It looks like as map updates are being prepared for early next year (in Europe and probably in US), people should be extra careful about their wifi and cell providers. I tried to let Tesla know about some holes in their maps infrastructure, but they never replied to me, so I guess they don't...
  44. ImEric

    How Secure is the Key Card?

    In particular, one thing has been bothering me about the key card entrance method. It's not the functionality or the actual security of the card itself. Rather, I'm wondering if there is a way to "Lock down" the card's functionality from being used on other phones. I understand that you use...
  45. T

    BMW's Connected+ access to onboard cameras

    Here's an article with a few interesting features that I hope Tesla will integrate into their cars. BMW Connected+ Brings Remote 3D Security Cam, Microsoft Email Integration, and More I certainly like the idea of being able to access the cameras, perhaps a step up would be to tie it into the...
  46. VerityZooms

    Tesla login-token generator

    Hey, thought I'd throw this out there real quick: if you're using something like TeslaLog or the My Tesla Alexa-skill, and need an authentication token, I've thrown together a little self-installing tool to generate them quickly. (It doesn't store them anywhere, or contact any servers other than...
  47. SocalMS

    Security Guards at Super Charger Stations

    Has anyone noticed security guards now being stationed at super charger stations?
  48. BizJet

    Mystery at Foxborough: a Model X Security Head-Scratcher

    I sent this to Tesla for analysis to pull the logs, and they haven't gotten back to me for ten days, so I offer this mystery to the TMC community for your consideration. Here's what happened: Monday Night Football at Gillette Stadium, with my Model X parked in the stadium lot. Walk-away lock...
  49. Bargo

    Feature Request: Enhanced autopilot 360 cameras and DVR for security

    Dash cameras are a very popular product among many Tesla owners. They can help to protect your investment. Considering the new AutoPilot self driving features. It could be the only witness in the case of an accident (your car's fault or otherwise). I have installed a single dash cam in my Model...
  50. Lump

    Car Hacking Research: Remote Attack Tesla Motors by Keen Security Lab

    Maybe @wk057 or @Ingineer might share a comment, they claim totally remote without physical contact.

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