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  1. G

    Autopilot jail? How about driving jail?

    Just how long from now when will it be before your car can put you in driving jail and prevent you from driving? For instance, going over 10 MPH and start using your cell phone? Jail for you buddy, car drives the rest of this trip, go ahead and sit this one out. 2am, last destination was a bar...
  2. LiteEv

    Pros & Cons of Tesla in the delivery service

    Pros: - half the cost in $/mil in package delivery vs gas car - automatic, contactless keyless open/close the car - additional security with seven cameras, including the cabin-facing camera Cons: - expensive initial investment - potential damage to the car due to vandalism while on delivery...
  3. FlyErik

    Can We Inundate this Garbage Article Ripping on AP with facts??

    Just saw this in my feed and it should make us all want to stand up and correct the paranoia of the average (idiot) drivers out there, the majority of whom are much less safe than Tesla's earliest iteration of Auto Pilot. Especially in California! Here's the article: Something Needs To Be Done...
  4. strangecosmos

    Andrej Karpathy talks at about using deep learning to make Tesla’s autonomous

    Couldn’t find a thread about this talk anywhere. Apologies if it’s already been posted.
  5. strangecosmos

    What's next for Autopilot?

    The 2018.10.4 update is getting everybody excited about Autopilot again. I'm wondering if @jimmy_d, @verygreen, or anyone else who has a deep technical understanding of how Autopilot is evolving cares to speculate on what we'll see next. For instance, I watched a 2018.10.4 test video where the...
  6. ishareit

    House passes bill in favor of self driving cars

    House Passes Bill to Speed Introduction of Self-Driving Cars I did not read the details, but it sounds very exciting! FSD capabilities seem a bit closer than before to me.
  7. N

    Autopilot available and activated

    Anyone seen this: Tesla's self-driving Autopilot feature is now officially available in the UAE Soooo, it's included and activated now?
  8. S

    Full Self Driving Option vs Autopilot?

    Based on what I understand, the full self driving option for Model 3 is a software-only thing and installs no new hardware. At the same time, because of software limitations, it doesn't currently provide actual autonomous capability. My questions: * Is my understanding accurate? * What...
  9. J

    Tesla Full Self-Driving Capabilities in California

    Hello, Like very many others on this site, I have a Model 3 reservation and I was mulling over which options to choose when the time comes. The full self driving capability is a pretty cool premise, but I know that full self driving is not allowed just yet. That being said, does anyone know...
  10. DaveM410

    Prediction: Cross-Country Self-Driving Tests Already Happening

    Electrek posted photos at the end of April of a Model 3 spotted at a Supercharger near Cincinnati, overnight, under the cover of darkness.... Link This got me thinking.... Could the much anticipated LA to NY fully self-driving trip that's planned to happen "by the end of 2017" be a massive...
  11. strangecosmos

    Tesla Leapfrogs Self-Driving Competitors With Radar That's Better Than Lidar

    Tesla has dispensed with any need for lidar by developing a radar system with superior performance to lidar, using low-cost hardware. Combining software improvements and fleet learning, Tesla upgraded its radar to a primary sensor, co-equal with cameras. Link to article: Tesla Leapfrogs...
  12. volkerbradley

    Full Self-Driving Hardware and front license plate

    My Model X has the new full self-driving hardware. Do you know if the "The Law - Tesla Model X Front License plate Bracket X7340" from Torklift will or will not obscure any of the front cameras or the radar unit?
  13. A

    V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) Communication in FSD-Ready Teslas

    As NHTSA pushes for implementation of V2V communication in new vehicle, what does this mean for the current Tesla's being marketed as hardware ready for FSD? Are any of those opting for full-FSD at purchase (as opposed to an upgrade later), concerned with this potential requirement being put in...
  14. G

    Why Legacy Car Makers Will Struggle With Ride Sharing Services

    Hi everyone, I'm writing a series of posts about Tesla, self driving, and the auto market and want to get feedback on my opinions. I just posted my third one yesterday about why legacy car manufacturers like Ford & GM will really struggle with autonomous ride sharing services, which you can...
  15. S

    Ohio Bill to Ban/Fine Self-driving Cars on Ohio Roads

    Link to Reddit thread: Ohio representative introduces bill to ban all autonomous capable Teslas from public roads. • /r/teslamotors Link to article: Tesla owners wouldn't be able to drive on most roads if this bill passes Link to Rep. Grossman's Contact Page: Representative Cheryl L. Grossman...
  16. DJ 240V

    Would you trust AP2.0 with your life?

    I'm looking for input from experienced AP1 owners . Autopilot sure does lull you into a false sense of security. Being a techie I know software will have bugs and hardware will fail. Its a matter of "when" not "if". I've just placed an order and excited about getting the new hardware. However...
  17. S

    Google Pairs With Ford To Build Self-Driving Cars

    Google Pairs With Ford To Build Self-Driving Cars