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selling a model s

  1. K

    Should I sell my 2015 Tesla Model S?

    Need help in deciding whether to sell my 2015 Tesla Model S (77k miles). Got a quote of $42k from driveway Pros: 1. Fun to drive 2. Unlimited supercharging 3. Still gets awe from others Cons: 1. Warranty expires in October, worried about repairs 2. Battery warranty expires in October 3...
  2. R

    Selling Model S LR After Delivery

    Hi all, I will be selling this Model S Long Range after delivery. The expected delivery date is May 11 - June 1, 2022. The price for it now for the same exact one would be $121,000. It's $128,000 with tax. I just tried to get the same car and it wasn't even available. This definitely has the...
  3. adidotcom

    Selling 2022 refreshed headlights Model S LR reservation Pre-price hike

    I already took a delivery of a Tesla Model S, so planning to sell my second Model S LR reservation which is scheduled for March delivery. Color is Midnight Silver Metallic exterior with Cream interior. Current wait time is until July, so with this reservation, you can get the car early. Please...
  4. Sanderpman12

    Selling 2013 model s P85

    Hey yall, Selling model s p85 2013 for $35k. It has mcu 1 and it has lte. Comes with unlimited supercharging and premium connectivity. In my profile picture is the car.
  5. B

    Where do I best sell a Tesla Model S?

    Hi, my dad bought a new Tesla Model S 100D Sedan 4D in September 2017. He passed away half a year ago and I am wondering how I can best sell his Tesla. It is in excellent condition, has many upgrades and was $113,000 originally. Tesla is not going to buy it back, they only do trades. CarMax and...
  6. E

    2017 Model S 90D (September Build Date)

    Hello everyone! I'm giving my dad a hand to sell his car. This is a September 2017 built 90D car. This car does have AP2.5. No crashes. Single Owner. Garage Kept at all times and hand washed. majority of miles are highway/autopilot miles. Car is located in Saint Charles, IL. Black...
  7. Vinoth

    Wanted to Sell my 2017 Tesla Model S 75

    Hi All, I wanted to sell my Tesla Model S 75 Red with only 4500 miles on it and in Mint Condition. No Auto Pilot but have premium interior with Air suspension. No vegan leather seat. Selling it due to personal reason. Looking for Atlanta Buyer. Sticker price $76200 I would take out $7500 off due...
  8. T

    Best method to sell Tesla Model S

    Looking for some advice on best place or method to list my 2013 Model S, I'm in Northern CA, I tried Craigs list SF and Sacramento, but not much interest, also any advice on value welcomed. Black, excellent condition, 85 KW, 250 Mile Battery, 21 inch premium wheels, 47K miles, Carbon SunTek...
  9. hughconn

    The "must do's" when selling a Model S

    I'm selling my 2013 Model S and taking delivery of a new Models S 75D with autonomous driver. What are the top things to do before selling my Tesla? 1. Reset to factory settings. 2. Delete Wifi network 3. Delete User Profile. 4. Remove EZ Pass 5. Clean out glovebox, trunk, etc. Other...
  10. Y

    Tesla Model S 90D for Sale/Trade - Hong Kong

    Relocating back to the US from Hong Kong . Have 2015 Model S 90D sticker price $774,000 HKD / $100,000 USD). Only 8000 km, took deliveryed Dec 23 2015. Looking to sell, or would consider a trade if there happens to be someone moving from the US to Hong Kong. Please PM me if interested. Open to...
  11. Y

    Selling Model S 90 D - Hong Kong

    Anyone looking to buy or know anyone looking to buy a Model S 90D? Only 8,000 km. Paid $774k back in Dec 2015. Need to upgrade to a bigger car. Happy to deal at $650k.
  12. J

    how to best sell my Model S

    I am an early adopter and have a 2012 Model S 85kw with 60,000 miles... I bought a new one with the auto pilot feature to be delivered in late February. Tesla did not want my car as a trade-in but lined up an "auto broker" who offered $39K... I would like to think that it is worth more like 50K...
  13. K

    Upgrading from S85 to 85D - now I need to sell my old car - any advice on how?

    Hello, I am very excited as I just ordered by 85D after a test drive yesterday. While I loved Insane mode on the P85D, I am perfectly happy with the very quick speed of the 85D and it is noticeably faster than my, already fast enough, 2.5 year old S85. Now, I need to sell my beloved old...