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semi truck

  1. M

    Tesla Semi Round Trip Efficiency is 95% on Mountain Passes (Napkin Physics)

    Here is more, and this is so insane that I am still looking for the flaw :-) https://kilowatt.page/tesla-semi-regen-roundtrip-efficiency-is-95-percent/ Based on the 500 mile energy graph, the Semi regen efficiency is insane. Roundtrip efficiency is ~95%, and one way is ~97%. Battery size is...
  2. M

    Tesla Semi on Steep Grades (Napkin Physics)

    With two kids successfully launched to STEM college, I am running out of high school physics problem. So I did this https://kilowatt.page/tesla-semi-vs-eisenhower-pass/ TL;DR: The Semi can keep steady speed down any interstate at any legal speed. It can also slow down the truck on that hill...
  3. M

    Smaller Semi Pickup Truck | i.e. Mercedes Unimog

    In Elon i Trust, Tesla will have a Smaller Semi Pickup Truck, ie. Mercedes Unimog. A Smaller Semi Pickup Truck along with CyberTruck for the Win
  4. Grifon

    California trucking incentive programs

    I’ve been interested in the upcoming Semi release on December 1st. I just found this link to California programs designed to help the California fleet operator: https://static.business.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/CA-Trucking-Incentive-Guide.pdf Sure looks like a small fleet operator...
  5. Sprandt23

    Tesla Semi in print advertisement

    For some reason we get this Logistics magazine at my office, and when I flipped the current one open....
  6. buttershrimp

    Nostradamus Tesla Semi: Mind-blow-a-thon 2017

    Make your best prediction for exactly how our minds will be blown by the Tesla Semi... Rules: Use your best creepy Nostradomus voice for full effect.... e.g. Behold... Thy 18-horseless lightning cart shall allow for transport in subterranean tunnels which may be on display in Hawthorne, in...